SOG Key Knife Review & Quick tour of the Gear Obsession Cave w/Updated Equipment

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Fancier Studio 3000 Watt Digital Video Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit 9026S3:
Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone:
Foam Windscreen for Blue Yeti:
Yeti Pop Filter:

This Versions Specs: (there are so many versions of this now – Colors, Blade Steel, etc)
Overall Length:4.00″
Blade Length:1.50″
Blade Thickness:0.05″
Blade Steel: 420J2
Hardness:52-54 RC
Blade Style:Spear
Blade Grind:Flat
Edge Type:Plain
Handle Length:2.50″
Handle Material:Stainless Steel
Weight:0.70 oz.
Knife Type:Manual
Lock Type:Lock Back
Country of Origin:Taiwan

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Mathew 2FairPlay4You says:

I also got one but it isn’t from SOG, looks pretty cool

Joel Hernandez says:

great videos bro

Silly Wabbit says:

very impressive and I cannot believe I just now heard of a key knife. I will get one asap.

legendary boy says:

I am interested in your videos and yes I am a kids so please watch my youtube videos and you are a really good. I love your videos

urbanzombie94 says:

i believe its called a pop filter


Amassing attitude and personality (subscribed)

neil brown says:

OK I give in, I want one.

Leonjid Iljić Brežnjev says:

U can make one fir 2 $

Julius Rabanal says:

I got 2..arriving today.

Pedro Quezada says:

is this legal to carry on CA?

alittleolder says:

Here in Austria it’s no problem but even if you live in one of the crazy countries… who’s really gonna check your keys? you must be a mighty suspicious looking subject for them to check your keys

Mario Monti says:

I’m surprised the manufacturer didn’t make the rivets black to make it look less obvious.

The Guerrilla says:

Survival kit give away when you like and subscribe to the Guerrilla

Dakota Hoss says:

I bought one from Amazon for 2 bucks

Raul Corona says:
xXBullets78 says:

Is this key knife legal in Canada? 

Thunder Chicken says:

I like it, have a couple. Great little things, sharp as well. I have cut myself trying to close it more than I have on any knife because it is so small and the weight wants to shift in my fingers, and i wind up with cuts occasionally. But its perfect for what it is.

coojsta69 says:

Hey Fred i was wondering if I could get your opinion on a knife that I found on ebay
Its basically a collectable thing since its based on a knife in the battlefield game its called ACB-90 and says its made out of 440 stainless steel
Im not planning on useing it much but if I was to say cut up some cardboard and a little wood will it blunt easy ?
Keep up the vids man love your channel

TheBearMan says:

Bought on Amazon for $4.77

Jeremy Graffiti says:

50 cm watch. I’m dying

Evan Pahlke says:

Like your video

Buddy L. says:

Yes price going down, probably a closeout now. I hope SOG is always looking to update. Great review!

Steven Granados says:

I got my for about $3.55

Damian Trejo says:


Mizuki says:

I have one

Nothing Here says:

I like the key knife and I am getting one on Oct.21 wednesday

Stefano Rinaldi says:

I would see this as a convenient useful tool like a multi tool so that it can be put on your key chain for small jobs like opening small boxes or cutting small pieces of string or wire or possibly zip ties

Michel Linschoten says:

Novelty item nothing more nothing less.
No decent grip, ergonomics are just not there. What did made me go o.O, is that it’s a lock back. Pretty redundant, as a friction lock would have sufficed. It’s not like you, will do any heavy EDC with that size blade. You take it really serious tho, how you review it (which i totally like)

SOG makes some really good folders, this is to me still one of those items they make. That i think to myself….why?!..

awesome321 says:

they are good bought one in welly mart about a year ago

Гаджи Мамедов says:

тупой америкос … голос противный … отходы блять общества

Joseph Bryant says:

looks like were from the same area ec here pretty cool 

From The Outside Looking In says:

You should do the snap-on triple set with the knife,multi tool,and the flashlight

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