Spyderco Caribbean Rust Free Pocket Knife Review. OMG A PARA MILITARY 2 KILLA?

The brand new for 2018 Spyderco Caribbean Knife is part of the Salt line of rust free knives using LC200N corrosion proof steel. It has a compression lock like the Para Military 2, but with a larger blade and handle. Is it the Para Military killer we’ve all been waiting for? The milled G10 handle has raised and recessed texture to help it stay in your hand in wet or slimy conditions. In this video I compare it to some ofter Spydercos and Benchmades- like the Paramilitary 2, the Benchmade Fact, and the Endura 4. This might be one of Spydercos coolest offerings this year- and one of my favorites. If you’d like to support this channel buy the Caribbean from a link below:
Serrated Leaf:https://amzn.to/2tLFZlV
Serrated Sheepsfoot: https://amzn.to/2Ipp3Xz

Compression Lock vs. Liner Lock: https://www.spyderco.com/forumII/viewtopic.php?t=52000

Edit: Update on makeup of liners and screws from Spyderco: “The liner in this model is made from LC200N, the screws are stainless and as you noted the clip is titanium. “


Andre Sabio says:

Zapp LC 200 N Knife Steel Composition: C-0.30, CR-15, Mo-0.95, M-50, N-50, Ni-50, Mn-1.00.

Jeff Heilgeist says:

Nice Blade Excellent review keep it up.

- - says:

OMG The Shaman really didn’t excite me either. The Manix XL is another huge Spydie that looks better than it does on paper. It also costs a lot less. OMG

wallyshling says:

will it cut spaghetti ?

workingclassless84 says:

I’d fux wit dat. The looks really Intrigue my wiener……

TheSandreth says:

Seems like it’s a little chunky? Blocky? Is it bulky in the pocket? I don’t leave my knives in the ocean so rust free doesn’t matter as much so I’ll probably opt for the PM2 when I jump on the Spyderco train.

nikb47 says:

Wait…. horse semen

Ethan Blake says:

Those particular fluids are probably more common in a luciferian death cult than a satanic death cult.

Being Outside Rocks says:

Bro’ this one had me giggling quite a lot, and without having one I can seem to agree with you on many things about this folder. Not in the UK yet but may pull the trigger ..and shoot the piggy bank. Keep um’ coming my knife bro’.

SpyderHeel says:

Awesome Review! Wouldn’t want to piss off Baphmoet with a rusty choil!

Ben Galvin says:

Is The Shametrain like a follow up to The Human Centipede?

Lone Stranger says:

I think I read from Sal over on Bladeforums  “Its not where your knife is made, but by who!”

Mitchell Delmar says:

Looks like a great knife for Summer Vacation. A “Don’t worry, be happy” knife. A knife that doesn’t take itself too seriously, until you insult its stainlessness.

_aaaa says:

Those scales are hideous but I would probably buy this over a PM2 if I didn’t have one already. Based on how much people love Spydiechef the steel sounds great. Please more tactical voice.

Being Outside Rocks says:

Well they have arrived in the UK, I did pull the trigger and went for the Sheepfoot Serrated version. Arrives tomorrow 😉

Chuxonja says:

Advanced Satan Bro. Hail!

Ryan Born says:

Hey wait! Doesn’t your PM2 have a 1/2 inch choil?

David Bonner says:

Have a sheepsfoot and is a great food prepper.
The handle scales are cool, just did not like the shiney on the black. A little 600 grit wet sand killed the shine and gives a bit better feel.
One of my favs.

marcvought says:

Billy O’Schian

keyboard builder says:

Brad Hall? Is that you reviewing knifes?

Charles Collier says:

Had my eye on these. Which is painful, let me tell you. Eyes are fragile things.

friendly_CasPeR says:

You’re a genius aren’t you. Seriously I’m convinced you are

alisha rivera says:

Um you showed a Byrd blade with your spydercos not cool bro lmao some ppl care bout things like that

The Avid Picker says:

I love my Caribbean sheepfoot.

Alex G. says:

hahahaha 10:51 m/

Brad Griffin says:

Ooooo, nice.

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