Spyderco Lil Lionspy Pocket Knife Review, Collaboration with Lion Steel (Elmax)

I needed an expensive knife like I needed a hole in the head. Which is why I bought the Spyderco Lil Lion Spy- a collaboration between Spyderco and Lion Steel. It has elmax steel, a Reeve Integral Lock, A rotoblock, some G10 scale, and titanium. So that’s cool. I figured looking into the camera like I had a problem was the best way to represent the views and opinions contained in this review. This knife is perfect for spending money, every day carry, and putting in your purse. It’s probably not best for survival, people with budgets, people who hate knives, preppers, urban explorers, hunting, fishing, phising, urban dictionary, or children. Please do not do anything you see in this video. It’s the best pocket knife of 2016 that was released in 2014. Please subscribe to my channel because I’m poor. One person once called this the best channel on YouTube, I’m pretty sure they’ll change their mind after this one.


Nothing says:

durarex steel….wait a minute

davemz999 says:

Man. Too much!  In a good way.

igloo2 says:

Good review as per usual

Jer emy says:

At 1:20 the spyderco looks like a baby gator. Haha.

noname1022 says:

Thats expensive man, we need more Chinese rubber dogshit, stuff guys actually use.

Ronnie Durbin says:

Sometimes you have to scratch that high-end knife itch.

WayBeyondGone says:

OMG, this video was awesome. Your sense of humor is perfect. There are so many jokes in there that many will miss 🙂

Hue Janus says:

Always entertaining:-)) keep up the great reviews.

lee rodgers says:

Another damned good job, boss. From $17 Ganzos to $250 Spydercos, huh? Somebody got a raise.
And I caught that bit of movie magic during the width measurement shot. Nice. Unless you bought two of these just for that shot. In which case…baller.
Seems a solid knife. I’d get one, but that’d buy a few vintage lenses. Plus, hookers and whiskey don’t pay for themselves. Being an adult is hard.

Nate c says:

I love your subtle and witty humor

gstrader73 says:

Like your reviews and sense of humor. You made me get up and fix toast.

alfwok says:

I know why the hole is a larger diameter than the endura. After a knife fucks your wallet that hard the hole stretches out a bit.

paul greenwood says:

I’m sure I must be mistaken, but did you say Durex steel? My advanced years (I’m 55) may have given me the wrong idea but I have a vague recollection of Durex being those funny rubber things you put on your dick prior to a ‘posh wank’….

Loric1347 says:

Cant breath… too funny… the writing… dear god the writing lol

The only thing you need to do for the impressionable on Youtube is teach everyone to write like this.

jacob manalang says:

damn i want one but im cant afford it at the moment. i did have the ganzo 720 but gifted it to my cousin. looks like ill be buying another one

Ronnie Durbin says:

They all start off with good intentions, reviewing knives we commoners can afford. But then Lion Steel, Sebenzas, Shirogorovs…
Strop: stropping.

Fernando X says:

good job!greetz from germany!

Adamz72 says:

Dude u deserve at least 1 million subscribers…keep up the good work.

kessler003 says:

Are u an actual comedian? …Youre so funny dude, I like ur humor.

d toad says:

very nice vid. highres, great quality v and audio, and humor. well done.

marshalllaw123 says:

Whew! For a minute there I thought you were NOT gonna baton with it, but you never let me down. Bonus points for the impromptu nunchuck wailing before the wood finally split!!

vuileasbak says:

what the hell are you doing with a mans fashion magazine????

paddys potato peelers says:

No….comment I’m also insane and hate white coats with those tie back sleeves.atb paddy. Ps. There coming

Tylor G says:

Always like your reviews and narrative. Keep them coming.

Alex Tissot says:

I actually loved your dialogue! Good review!

2dividedby3 says:

The review was awesome but those moves at the end… That is how you do it, real ninja skills!!!

edrooney1967 says:

Another very entertaining video combining cold steel and laugther. Well done. And like that Elmax blade your humor is still sharp. BTW: Apart from the Ganzo pseudo clones there is an actual clone of the Spyderco LionSpy (look on dhgate.com: Spyderco Lionsteel). Disregarding all aspects of moral and ethics it is IMHO well made, although I doubt they used Elmax for the blade, I guess it’s D2. The price: around 65 Dollar including shipping.

therealeightabove says:

Great video!

Oxblood Knives says:

I’m really glad I found your channel. Knife reviews can be unbearable, but yours are terrific. Thanks man.

Jeff Tallon says:

Damn, now that was both informative & entertaining… I literally had no choice but to subscribe, well done bro

mikedifeo says:

Great Vid. Treating the knife like a tool and not a beauty queen. You are right on with the pricing. You paid an extra $130 just because it is Italian. It has the Ferrari syndrome.

justen10 says:

more knife reviews please. thank god someone is doing something different with review vids.

Eddie King says:

Man that’s one sharp knife. It went through that butter like it was…well…like it was butta. Of course I can’t complain. I just spent a hundred dollars on the Kershaw launch 6.

Camporama says:

Nooooo! Don’t baton with it locked!!

Keep the great reviews coming.

Blue Mountain Bushcraft and Outdoors says:

“Durex steel??” Says the self proclaimed knife geek. I’m a solid 7 on the knife geek scale and I’ve never heard of this steel. (Smell of smoke as brain slowly engages…) ohhhhh…….Durex steel!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!
That is a seriously beautiful blade. Elmax is some tough stuff. Ganzo blades are awesome for the $ but they aren’t replacements for the blades they are inspired from.

Bruce McIntyre says:

I will give you $130 for that knife.

Jonathan Nazari says:

Man I really like your whit and your humor and your videos.

Everett Garcia says:

2:08 shots fired lmao

wolf11 says:

if u are looking for very small but razor sharp knife than check out this one Maserin Schembo Knife, Orange 565A it small but thing is amazing and will cut just about anything

God of Thunder says:

I liked your Grandpa’s comment, At my Grandpa’s funeral, Grandma told me you can’t go wrong opening with a Dick or Fart joke.
I make knives and one day I hope to be able to sell knives for $400 but $400 for factory made knives? No Es Bueno! clearly its a nice knife, but Spyderco has a bad habit of this. A few years ago they sold a Puukko knife designed by Pekka Tuominen. It was manufactured in Taiwan and the pricing was such that you could have Pekka Tuominen make you a hand made custom cheaper than buying the Spyderco. And when are they going to get rid of that stupid hole!!!!!!! I like the quality of their knives but I despise the designs for the most part. Oh, and the pricing sucks. I remember when knives like this were reasonably priced. Back around 2000 Spyderco made a limited edition Civilian with a non serrated edge and carbon fiber scales. They only made 500. I think I paid $109 for mine. People are paying $650 for them now. BTW, My civilian would never stand up to your stump testing.

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