Steel Will F15 Resident Pocket Knife Review. Carbon Fiber, D2, Titanium for $85 ?!

You have to pay $400 for a Chris Reeve Large Sebenza to get most of what the Steel Will Resident F15 offers. I mean there’s the Chinese D2, but look at that carbon fiber, and titanium fam. I know. In this review I compare the Resident to the CRK Sebenza 21, the Spyderco Para Military 2, and the Benchmade 940-1.

Journey Wind Junks Review:
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Dan F. says:

I enjoyed this, and your beer reviews.

Patrick Richard says:

Stonyfield Organic, because it’s the right thing to do…

Proud Tex says:

You mention Wilford Brimley and come up with “The Thing”? “Cocoon” man, Cocoon!
I keep looking at Steel Will, but just can’t seem to do it. Not sure why. We disagree about the Sebenza, but hey…we all bleed when our blade bites us.

Richard wolf says:

You speak the truth.

Charles Collier says:

“In communications with Mr. Shabazz, we discussed mainly adoptions.” You dropped that in so smoothly I did the YouTube video version of a double take. Seriously, you need to do a straight satire piece. Or make a career of it.

David Coats says:

That Steel Will Resident is the right thing to do, and a tasty way to do it. I like this one and the Cut Jack.

sngx1304 says:

You may not be calling Nick a liar, but you are definitely calling him a pussy.

At least that is what I heard during this video.

Geopoliticus Child says:

@3:16 will this knife break my pant pocket? #bluejeansmatter

mbm2355 says:

“But it has a Sebenza quality” LOL I could hear your smirk over my desk speakers. And yea dude, Shebazz needs to use a little *LESS* lotion, you need to use a little bit *MORE* Knowhaddimean?

Dan says:

When did people stop thinking D2 wasn’t a fantastic steel? I have I been under a rock?

Eric B says:

Now I want oatmeal! More beer reviews!

Emanuel B says:

It was 83 degrees in Michigan today. Thanks for posting.

zachary graf says:

“i order my diabetes testing supplies from liberty medical.” put it on my headstone. and yeah bring back the beer! what they said! VV

Nick Kaz says:

Great review and talking points! Thanks for sharing, I always enjoy your videos.

Proud Conservative says:

Can someone answer my question?
Why are knife blades not made with titanium?

Matt K says:

Meh. I liked the beer reviews better.

Josh Johnson says:

I think ill have some oreos now….

Sheeple4thePeople ! says:

Who are you to say I shouldn’t be whacking it???

friendly_CasPeR says:

If only this knife had a normal thumb stud instead of that thumb ramp disc thing it would be a lot better imo, also an addition of a larger choil at the rear edge for sharpening and this would’ve looked 10x classier, which seems to be what they went for with this knife. There’s a lot of high end knives that I really liked but we’re completely ruined by those ugly thumb ramps/discs, and I would have bought them if they only had a standard stud or even a flipper. I hate seeing good looking blades ruined by those obnoxious things. Anyway thanks for the review bro!

FilkMarionson says:

I was hoping the beer reviews would segue into sizzurp.

Joe Szabo says:

I got one word for you beerkifereview , I don’t know if you’d break the internet but there will be blood .

nik barer nik baret says:

Not for me but keep the reviews coming

Luís Silva says:

Wilford Brimley was in a lot of things but, come on, we’re on the internet. Diabeetus

Ringing Steel says:

You and Nick Shabazz are the only two knife channels I watch.

Lance Sharpens says:

I look forward to your videos, whether it’s knives, beer, flashlights, or whatever. They’re all hilarious. I really enjoyed the video about your recording equipment as well.

Randall Kelley says:

You B sick, 485 $ for a CRK. Ya well join the crowd, me had at one time 7 CRK round single piece knives. But I did make buku bucks on them when I sold them. Now just one old 2009 Umnumzan, hell ya!

ThisIsAPrettyLongUserNameWhyTheFuckWouldHeDoThatSoThatEveryoneWouldThumbsUpIt says:

No cardboard batoning test, fucking unsubbed mannnnnn.

Joseph Kasperek says:

Once again bro made my night…..fucking awesome !!!

Troy Wheatley says:

Beer & D2 ….psshhht…i need the hard stuff! how bout whisky & elmax reviews? You can chase it with a beer if ya realy need to….sissy. Thanks AKB, till next time , Cheers

Rodrigo Teresa says:

HAHAHHA Gotta love that CedricAda impression

Glen Williams says:

When you say soft S35 do you mean it needs work after 2 feet of cardboard? If so I couldn’t agree with you more. I can’t find a way to sharpen it that doesn’t require stroping that day. Probably my fault though.

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