Tac Force Tactical Folding Knife Review

Tac Force TF-723EM Tactical Assisted Opening Folding Knife Review


Dana H says:

Ok for play. Not for professional use. Get a Fox or Benchmade if you depending on your tools. 27 yr paramedic here.

Kathy Sigala says:

I have a tf 11 is that good? or do you not suggest it

Ziyan Kherani says:

from which site we can buy this for 9 dollars

Ramon Anzures says:

the problems i have with tacforce is the screws if you locktight them down its an alright knife

Alex Mendoza says:

my knife doesn’t go up really easily

Mega Knife says:


JackAssGonnaKillYou says:

Nice review. do you know how to take off the safety lock?

H Yee Poong III says:

I am also a first responder so I cannot wait to use this, Las Vegas is never a dull place for medics. #LolSadButTrue

Alexei Ziom says:

i seen these knives at a store and they sell them at a high price like 10 dollars over the orignal price

joshua ramirez says:

I’m looking at this same knife on amazon too but how good is it at retaining edge sharpness. I don’t want to have to sharpen it after every use.

Evan Toro says:

This one is better than the tac force tf-711?

*BrAiNLeSsDroid * says:

i ordered this and it never came f amazon

fishing_henry26 says:

you can buy these for $7.50 at amazon with 10 different designs. I simply use it for cleaning fish and cutting lines, Best spring pocket knife.

Master Brings The Beast says:

that’s a switch blade idiot

Hector Lucero says:


H Yee Poong III says:

Ordered mines last week, waiting on delivery. Good Vid dude. You should look into advertizing and marketing. Good demo man

Phantasmisbored Phantasmisbored says:

I collect pocket knives (and use them) but whenever I went to my local Exxon gas station I found a knife that changed the game. I got my first tac force knife, the TF-592

nick says:

im new to this and i was concidering getting a cheep knife like this my question is it concidered a switchblade because those are illegal here in California

sevan grigoryan says:

Can’t they make an easier and quicker way to put blade back into the handle?!

Google works in mysterious ways ` says:

this knife is a joke don’t be fooled. Save up and buy something better. A Kershaw Cryo 2 is a great starting knife

Kevin Matthews says:

you forgot to mention the hooked seat belt cutter

SCARP80 says:

doesnt it come with 2 ?

Anthony Cox says:

He called it a center lock it’s called a liner lock

Camlord says:

what does it mean by speedster model

ohab Riaz says:

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sir lancelittle says:

dont buy these, please the quality on these are horrible, kershaw, spyderco and benchmade make way better knives than these. these stupid knives are a joke

David Krueg says:

Please guys save your money buy an Emerson, or Spyderco.

Dank meme Dealer says:

Would you recommend this knife

Deikun Iwen says:

i have a schrade pocket knife anb it works realy well but i dont know how to sharpen the blade professionally so its sharp like i got it.

Carson Stephens says:

Would you recommend for a First Responder?

AFiercePanda says:

Just got mine today, is there a way to make the flipper not require so much force to open the blade? Maybe I just have to break in the knife/spring but it seems like my knife requires wayyy too much force to open

Wes Bishop says:

The “shark fin thing” is called the flipper. And it’s not a “center lock” it’s called a liner lock. Just thought you should know. If you’re going into the medical field, I say you need a blade with better steel. 440 won’t cut it man. At least get a blade with an AUS-8 steel. If you can save the extra cash, get a s30v. Holds a great edge

The King says:

I am in love with knives and every tac force knife I bought has broke in some way due to the fact that they are made out of cheap steel. For a starter knife I would recommend a CRKT m16-10kz it is decent priced and keeps a great edge.

Brian Yadlon says:

this knife is not spring loaded, it is spring assisted

Nick Velonis says:

The badges on their shit looks so corny especially the police ones. I sell drugs and needed a good knife for a cheap price but I had to look hard to get one that wasn’t gay looking

Uber Aesthetics says:

Schrade SCH501S EDC Folding Knife VS TAC-Force Knives what would you reccomend i dont minde the price too too much so which one is better PLs tell me help

xSyzKo says:

The logo is a Stickers ???

Project Woodworks says:

John Soukar, yes you can remove the badge. It is nothing but a big rubber sticker.

Anthony Cox says:

It’s called a thumb stud not a thumb assist

BennyCFD says:

So, what exactly is a …”Tactical”…folding knife as opposed to a regular everyday knife of the same design, size and function. Or is the knife just cooler if you can say it’s tactical.

65fuckcheapmetro 65fuckcheapmetro says:

I bought new tac force knife from local marine vet booyah for $15. It faded and fell apart in a couple of months carrying it in my pocket. He wont refund my money or give me another knife. Cheap Clinton Chinese crap.

Jared Hunter says:

thank you sir

Master Cutlery says:

thank you for your great review!!

ShadyxSakata says:

Is it good for protection?
I live in the hood with the MS-13 gang around me and i’m gonna need a pocket knife good for a battle in case they try and kill me.

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