Testing The Cheapest Knife On AMAZON

Testing the cheapest EDC tactical folder pocket knife on Amazon.

Get your $6 knife here: https://goo.gl/q5REsc

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Cocaine Hernandez says:

You talked that this k up way to much I got it for 10 bucks at a ace hardware because I needed a knife quick and the blade is hard to sharpen with any persision stones unless they are small the handle feels terible in the hand when it is cold outside and is cheap feeling all around also the blade dulls extremely fast and after some.stabbig my knife has blade.play from side to side for literally like 2-3 centimeters at the top also a few drops and the glass breaker wiggles the liner lock sometimes goes over to far and the liner lock takes about 10 pounds of pressure to return it to it correct position you have taken great care of this knife over 6 days I must say that you must have walked around with a baby carage wrapped in bubble wrap


That isn’t the cheapest knife on Amazon.

Bucky Roberts says:

Why did you act surprised that the blade was wobbly after you popped it out of place?

AlexTranTheGreat - Minecraft and More says:

Who would bend a knife like that anyways????

Wranglerstar says:

GET YOUR $6 EDC KNIFE HERE: Get your $6 knife here: https://goo.gl/q5REsc

Anthony Petrillo says:

This is basically every Chinese knife ever. These things are all over the place in different colors. Haha

Nova Flare says:

i have had a boat load of master knives over the years and every one of them has had the detent ball . I had one really fantastic one that was from them with aus 8 and used milled aluminum scales and a big beefy liner for the lock loved that thing. Buck for buck you can not beat one period, They have them from sub 10 us to 60 us and all are good.

shinobi1kenobi75 says:

I missed the testing. I only saw the destroying part.

Tyler Steffen says:

Ok, so you comprised the knife before testing… bummer.

Brady Becker says:

You should test the cheapest knife sharpener on amazon

Isaac Hershberger says:

I’d be better off going to Lowes and getting a 15$ knife with a lifetime warranty

J Alvarez says:

Muy chula!

ANaLYsE says:

Oooh AMA -ZONE!!!!

Travis Ford says:

Where did you get your little knife tool?

TheBathing8pe says:

I wouldn’t be caught dead with that pos in my pocket, and I’m guessing it was $6 seeing as how it says it in the thumbnail.

Onii-Moe-Sht 420 says:

Oof, I mean I love your videos but wow. Please calm down with the blatant sort of racism at the beginning. I’m going to thumbs down this video man, I’m sorry.

Fuk You says:

Nobody asked u to take the bitch apart just test the shit u extra motherfucker.

Mikey Kincaid says:

Get an AWT scales for a griptillian. Sold aluminum scales. A bit pricey at ~$80 though.

David Silva says:

You can buy “pillars” (stand offs) for your Benchmade…
and many companies use nylon washers over phosphor-bronze under the idea it will function better if it gets dirt and pocket lint and grime in the pivot, but the bronze offer a smoother action. I have a $450 dollar Rick Hinderer XM-18 that uses nylon washers because it’s meant to be a work knife. But I also have a $350 dollar Chris Reeves Small Sebenza that uses specialized phosphor-bronze washers that’s also meant to be a work horse. Both knives are titanium frame locks and highly recommend by me if you can afford them.
Also, if you like the design of a Griptilian, go look at them again. They don’t use injection molded scales anymore, they’re made from g10 which is an excellent scale material.
Personally I don’t like Benchmade, over priced in comparison with other brands knives. I have a Zero Tolerance that’s the same price as your 940, but my ZT is a titanium frame lock with a carbon fiber scale and m390 blade steel which is an incredible steel.
That being said, as a self proclaimed knife-nut I enjoyed this video. I think this knife would be a great gift for a young boy (or girl) who is interested in knives.

Chris KatSon says:

Are these banned in Australia?? The whole assisted opening part

Capitalism More Like Crapitalism says:

1:13 Jesus dude

catdogfishcake says:

you can buy similar or better knifes(micarta scales etc) for the same money from exduct or alibaba I have a couple that were around $6-7… although I did get carried a few times & ended up splurging on a few that were 9,10 & even 11 dollars(oh.. the humanity!).. been luckier than you, none of my cheapo wonders have loose pivot pins/movement in the blade & some of these knives I’ve had for 5-6 years.

MrEqp123 says:

Great review

Jonathan Jacob says:

How Much did it cost i wonder IT’S IN THE THUMBNAIL

Jake B says:

Plastic and thin bushings

Dave Gergely says:

I would never spend more than $50 for a knife regardless.

SkyHound says:

I’d rather have 6 mcdoubles

Marcus Daisy says:

Do you have a pocket knife collection

Unboxing God says:

This guy is super racist

Xavier Ko says:

So are you racist?

Vapen Skated says:

I’m actually impressed. I’ve had 60 and 80 dollar knives… Honestly these days I keep them under 20. My edc rn was 7.99 from Amazon and it works, is assisted, quick release, and has no plastic externals.

fizwan hussain says:

What watch are u wearing?

Toby Quach says:

In a tactical situation I would rather take an opinel knife for $10, clearly superior in terms of speed of deployment and high speed low drag tactical combat.

Stephen barone says:

Liked that you did this series of vids.

SuperNova PG3D says:

“Yeah, we got some serious problems…”

McDuble says:

what screw driver were you using

Its Apollo says:

“That’s why I don’t like the benchmade griptillian”
Me to my griptillian: don’t worry little guy,he dosnt mean it

Fish Pursuit says:

Shows you how cheap the labor is in communist countries like china

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