The 7 Best Knives of 2017 | Knife Banter Ep. 38

The year has come to a close and we’ve got our countdown for the 7 bestselling knives from Blade HQ… can you guess number 1?
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Spoilers below!

The Best Knives of 2017:









Billie Pineda says:

Doller knife at the flea market

Jose Reyes says:

Bench made bug out

Caleb Clark says:

I think 3” blades are just right for carry.

nspeedyg1 says:

It’s a kershaw

Caleb Clark says:

Spiderco Delica stainless serrated is still my all time favorite

Justin DellaRocco says:

I’d say Kershaw Skyline.

GaeasBlessing says:

Honestly, fuck this list and fuck this shitty video. These are just the best selling knives, not critically acclaimed or best reviewed. Also, stop editing in unfunny clips of random bullshit.

Ziv Soskin says:

Kershaw injection

Jace Wolff says:

free knife! I hope is as sharp as my bois gravity switch


or spyderco delica

randy evans ** says:


Keith Hinojosa says:

Bench made “bug out”

Hamza Nu'Man says:

i don’t know i’m a new subscriber

Southern Stacker says:

Rambo first blood knife?

mike thomulka says:

Griptilian 556-1

Mark Tong says:

Don’t worry guys. If u don’t want to have a Kershaw as the top, maybye u could put a benchmade on sale at 10 dollars *hint hint*

Anonymous Justice says:


Juan's Videos and Vlogs says:

It is the kershaw injection i know you guys so well I have been watching you for 2 years

Fortnite King says:

gerber paraframe its a good starter knife its cheap too

Annita Cowdrey says:

The number one knife is number one knife

tchiletz says:


woodsy12_ says:

Try the mora companion

Addison Smith says:

Benchmade bugout

Kenneth Wyss says:

Spyderco Delica

Paul Camacho says:

Spyderco Para 3

Geri Lainson says:




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