The 8 Best Knives of 2018 | Knife Banter Ep. 75

Zac and Kurt talk about the top eight knives of 2018 according to sales at Blade HQ. Top eight knives here:

Knives in order of appearance:

Kershaw Copper Natrix:

Boker Strike:

Boker Kalashnikov:

Buck 112 Auto:

Buck 110 Auto:

Kershaw Emerson CQC-4KXL:

Benchmade Bugout:

Spyderco PM2:

Benchmade Blue Lube:

Continue Mission Leather Tag:

Lynch Northwest Clips:

Blade HQ Knife Roll:
Spyderco Baliyo:

Kershaw Launch 4:

Guardian Tactical Recon-035:

Chaves Ultramar Redencion:

GiantMouse Ace Biblio:

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is chemic says:

Folding knives of unlimited length are legal if they’re manual and have a detent

Benjimen Franklin says:

My favorite are Hen & Rooster .

Aerofire says:

Why aren’t they talking about steel material which is a key point for a good knife

Rylan Trigg says:

FYI the buck 110,112 are about $50-60

Hector Cruz says:

It’s prolly spider co the one they tested in salt water.

Therka Marka says:

This is stupid list.. Non of these low end crap is not best or even good at anything.. This is best of the worst list at best!!!

Seth Toohey says:

#1 is benchmade big gout

Matthew Petrie says:


1 Hitter says:

I purchased a Tanto Blur, (black partially serrated blade) by Ken Onion, in 2000. Carried it for 9 years before someone stole it. I purchased another one just like it. Carry it every day. The times I left without it, I go back for it.

Rens van Engelenburg says:

Spyderco delica 4 i think

Jason Stockworthy says:

Best knive is the one you use the most

Stoked Spokes MTB says:

#1= bm mini grip

Big Daddy says:

I love the buck110. Super sharp but slippery when cutting with it in rain

Ger Engelen says:

Great video guys. The problem we have here in the Netherlands is that most of the knives you showed are either automatic or there is a spring involved. Last year the police checked me when i wanted to go to work on an airfield, and i was charged by them for illigal procession of a weapon. The buck knife was confiscated, one day in jail, not allowed to work on the airfield for 5 years and a ticket for 450 dollars. But still it is a great video and there are some beautiful knifes that you showed us.

Robert Bridgman says:

It’s not new, but for my money, #1 is the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 with the DLC black blade!

Ahorse Withnoname says:

Does anyone know if there is a UK equivalent to the continue mission tag?

tank2449 says:

the best and only perfect box cutter and way better than that tiny knife is the gerber eab best edc knife in my opinion

Theodore Bear says:

The Kershaw CQC-4XL is my carry knife… and you didn’t mention the most important feature of it

That hook on the blade? When you pull it out of your pocket, if you pull back, you can deploy the blade AS IT COMES OUT OF YOUR POCKET

This Kershaw knife literally deploys faster than a switchblade, with no springs

H.I. Mcdunuogh says:

Ranger green?
More like FDE.

Eric Hollaway says:

Best knife of 2018: Butter knife

mr_sendit7 says:

Coming Up Next:
Best knives to sleep with.
Best knives to lick peanut butter off of.
Best knives to bring to a gun fight.
Worst knives that are actually best knives.
Best knives to be best knives.

Carlos Bravo says:

Sir Francis of the Filth, lives in hell.

jeff deathrage says:

Its legal in vt. I have 2(so far)…

Cerberus says:

I bought the Spyderco PM probably back when it first came out and i’m always happy to carry it for weeks at a time before rotating to something else.. like one of Chris Reeve’s Sebenzas. Not sure what exactly is going on but the Paramilitary was always so incredibly easy to sharpen fast.

Andre williams says:

Employee of the year goes to the editor

Dr. Mark says:

The most popular knife doesn’t necessarily make for the best knife. There are much better/nicer knives I’d own if I had the expendable cash. However, I am a believer in the best “X” is the “one” YOU like the most. This was a very nice enjoyable presentation though!

Frank Weber says:

Its called böker,not bOker.have seen a lot of english knive vids,no ones able to say ö

JB Yuppiefish76 says:

I want that Natrix

Phil Meup says:

2018 must have been a shitty year for knives.

lametube says:

What are the knife carry laws in California?

Raymond Rumpf says:

Have you considered changing how you determine what are your top knives? It might be better to go with total money spent on a product (price * quantity sold) than just number of knives purchased. For example, if 50 people bought a BM 940 and 100 people bought a OKC Rat 1, I would rank the BM 940 higher on your “top knives” scale because people spent more money in total on that product. Just a thought. Great videos!

Bruce Hunt says:

The Natrix is slip joint

Theycall mehunter says:

Screw California the laws suck here

Ayrton Senna Fan says:

Why almost feature folding knives? Can we get more fixed blades, full tang survival etc… Thanks

nukem bear says:

Californians should not be able to buy knives, guns or rocks. Let them eat cake!

Moh Janneh says:

hécaté ll

rjcass33 says:

Buck 110

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