The A Purvis Blades Primordial Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to have a look at a neat, strange little knife that winds up being weirdly compelling: The A Purvis Blades Primordial.


D4md Cykey says:

Props to Andy for the donation toward charity; a class act, dude. I really like this style and the aesthetics. Definitely going on my list.

James T Smirk says:

Nick’s butt-spacers and pocket-peckers

James Hewitt says:

To be fair if anyone has a use-gase for a thicker stock it’s a firefighter

Justin Schweigert says:

Hey nick you should check out the brs Apache

chip Lape says:

It’s got a really great flow to it

Metal Effort says:

The recurve is my deal breaker. I could shallow the pill for the stock thickness and price.

Stanley Clayton says:

I want one real bad, but they just seem like the might be a but small for me.

John Bowen says:

Nick, have you considered boycotting knives with overly thick stock? Given modern steel strength, there is exactly zero excuse for these nimrod makers to continue defrauding the consumer with folding knives with stock exceeding .10. Even .12, long an industry standard, is excessive. When that is coupled with makers who are only vaguely familiar with the concept of edge geometry (Gerber, I have one of your Fastballs and I am looking at YOU), there are a whole lot of people who only think they have a functional tool to hand.

drameday says:

Those cutouts in the show side scale would be a pain to keep clean of pocket lint and debris.
Nice looking knife, but too expensive for a rebranded WE.

Elijs Dima says:

This is a pretty “murdery” knife.

Bruce McIntyre says:


Ryan M says:

His second design he went with bestech and it looks like a great value at 199.

Brad Hutchison says:

These huge stock thicknesses need to go. My favorite camp knife of all time is my bark river kephart, which has a. 09 spine. Everything else cuts like shit.

dale carpenter says:

Not bad looking how many hundreds is it ?

Ordinary Average Guy says:

Goddamn it I have wanted one for a long time. Just can’t justify $300 on a non ambi knife as a lefty.

Paul Helm says:

Heh heh…buttspacer…

Junior V says:

$285.00 on BladeHQ & it’s in stock.
Its a nice knife, but I’m not killin’ T1000’s for a living.

Kyle Ralph says:

I hate recurve blades just because to hard to sharpen

hehoff33 says:

Butt spacers sound like tools of proctologists.

robert searson says:

It looks like Adam Purvis is addressing some of these “issues” (getting rid of the recurve, and adding a flipper tab). Personally, I love the look and materials of this knife, and I’m looking forward to buying version 2. You can check out the new version of this knife, Primordial Mk2, on his instagram page: @apurvisblades

azhawk516 says:

Almost bought this knife, but was not wanting to deal with the recurve. I went with the Progeny instead, and have been really happy with that knife, also M390 and I prefer the blade shape. I believe the Progeny is made by Bestech.

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