The Bade Modern Design Wolverine Pocketknife: A Quick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a quick look at an interesting Prototype, the Bade Modern Design Wolverine Integral Pocketknife. It’s being funded on IndieGoGo, so if you want to see it happen, you’ll have to pledge below:


David Berndt says:

“Wolverine scratches rarrr,” still a better roar than Katy Perry

Dan Sharpe says:

Yikes, that is ugly.

Tony A says:

Hey Nick, next time you’re asked to do a stealth review, suggest they change it from a titanium framelock flipper on bearings to … anything else. So sick of these types of “me too” knives.

jacob daus says:

Nick, I’m suprised that you would attach your name to this project. If this turns out bad in ANY WAY it could ruin the reputation you’ve built for yourself over these past few years. I would hate to see good people get ripped off and your name being attached to it.

Pocket_Tank.45 says:

Hey nick quick question hopefully you see this. What do you use to lubricate bearing? Nano oil or grease?

FlamQ Dbltap says:

That is a beauty. Snazzy. If you like modernist goods. And Nick is a gem.

vahit dinçman says:

Thank you for the beautiful review Nick! 🙂

BirdShot IV says:

We missed it as soon as we boxed it back up 🙁
Great review as always Nick!

NitrousFox says:

Some men have unreasonable expectations of women. Me? I have unreasonable expectations for action. If I can’t put in hours of tuning and manipulating trying to get that Grimsmo fall-shut I’m not sure I can put the money down

D E says:

Falcon v2

i says:

Nick would you call that a sharpening choil? Or a finger choil? I’d call it a finger choil just off of the size of it, but that’s just me.

Cloud says:

What a god among men

Clinton Lewis says:

Cool looking knife, I like spear point better.

Aaron Stevens says:

It’s just kinda boring. Looks like it’s done well and is fairly practical, but there are 1000 other knives that are done well and fairly practical or better in that price neighborhood. The market is officially oversaturated.

Rabbit says:

Way to tacti-cool looking for my tastes.

Gary Mercer says:

As usual, a very good review!

Dean Albertson says:

Too thick for every day carry.

Alpha Male says:

Looks like a good knife but LionSteel is doing integral knives for less money. I remember that you were not a huge fan of them, but still it’s a thing. : )

Isaac Ott says:

What do you think of the WE 704 in damasteel?

J Herberger says:

The pocket knife has reached its final form, I’m not sure there is anywhere else these designers can go. They are all starting to look like copies of knives that have been built already.

Sean Mangan says:

Just yesterday I was thinking all knives are looking alike, but I like the looks of this one!

MrJohn714 says:

Good looking knife but if its a prototype take the pocket clip a step farther! I would love to see a pocket clip that recesses into a pocket milled into the handle and lies flush with the handle when not it use and then when you want to use it simply press on it rear, it pops out and you slip it over your pocket, could be done!

Dean Bridwell says:

Should make it more affordable if makers don’t float the note from drawing board to store shelf. Great review Nick appreciate the info!

ibsrpage says:

I really like the looks of this knife. I could see myself purchasing one of those. I really like your reviews.

Valaki 757 says:

Any update on the disassembly issue? Because if that’ll be fixed I’m buying one (…or pre-ordering I suppose) right away!

Pocket_Tank.45 says:

Great job in the review Nick.

B L says:

Well, its 150$ cheaper than I expected. Not too bad at all, if they fix the issues it could be a good deal for a lot of people.

Anthony Soccer says:

Nick, why are talking so fast these days… I get that you want to get more content crammed into less time, but it is MUCH less enjoyable to watch. It is rushed and seems like you are selling something and just going through the motions.

tommyd3jr says:

It looks too much like the Aries.. I understand that no design can be “original” but come on

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