The Benchmade 484-1 Nakamura Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we review one of the greatest knives that I can’t recommend, the Benchmade 484-1 Nakamura. It’s a very nice small EDC option, with a great blade, great materials, good ergonomics, and a decent little bit of style. Unfortunately, though, it’s got Benchmade’s Quality Control issues, and the pricing on it is completely out of touch with reality.

So, if you can get a good one at the (much better) secondary market prices. you absolutely should, and you might consider the vanilla 484, which is priced a bit more reasonably. But at the retail price, there’s no way in heck the 484-1 is finding its way into my pocket.


Powerful K9 says:

I think you got a poor example of that knife, Nick. I’ve never seen an axis lock bottom out like that. It could be the way the back of the blade is ground or perhaps its owner took it apart and didn’t get it back together 100%. I agree with your advice on picking it out in a brick and mortar store though. I looked around on BladeHQ for knives with s90v steel and carbon fiber scales and $267 seems normal. The manix2 cf is $240 and the 940-1 is $267. The Spyderco Tighe Stick does seem like a better deal, and I find its design more interesting than the Nakamura. Any experience with the Tighe Stick?

MrGeerbear says:

Nick- agreed totally with your review. However, I wish you would stop using the word “murdery” when describing knives. Knives are tools, as are hammers, screwdrivers and saws. I never hear those items described as “murdery” even though they can kill. This self-villainization of the knife community is hurting the cause. Our idiotic, socialist governor, Andrew Cuomo in NY, just vetoed knife reform laws brought by Knife Rights. Last year he said he’d like to see some changes after his first veto. All of his concerns were addressed and he still vetoed the bill. He said knife crime is up (without citing any sources) and that law enforcement was against it (again, no sources). We shouldn’t feed his delusions as he positions himself to run for President. He was already behind some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. I’d like to live in freedom someday. It is one catch-phrase you should stop using. Stick to pocket pecker.

blitzbbffl says:

“Ward, I feel that you were a little rough on the Beaver last night” — June Cleaver

Frank Andre Holmestrand says:

Got the 484 and paid 225€ for it here on the correct side of the pond. But it had side to side blade play and an uneven bevel, so had to tune the pivot screw and add some blue Loctite, as well as reprofiling the edge. Sending it back to BM was not an option as it would take forever and at that price point, it should come perfect from the factory. But I love the design and the performance of the knife after doing those adjustments. But it shouldn’t be necessary, I have handled two Ganzo knives in my life and they had better QC even though I don’t agree with their philosophy of making knives.

Jabraulter Braulter says:

Looks like an overpriced logo

JCB 67 says:

This is an excellent knife…I prefer the m390 in g10, which has a whole different feel and look.I think it’s nicer than the -1…too each his own…one of the smoothest running knives I have…c’ya, have a great day….

FlamQ Dbltap says:

I don’t know what you’re on but I want some of it. That’s funny Nick. Altered states are called for in this life we live now and then. I can see where a formulation resulting in not giving a damn about anything could result in a high consumer demand situation. I would buy stock in a company that brings it to market.

MrRPM110 says:

benchmades are soo boring. this knife looks like something Ozark trail might make for walmart. take out axis lock and knife steel for a liner lock and 420 steel and you got a 3.87 special

Polyfusia says:

This knife is over $400 Canadian on Amazon right now. Take a moment to process that.

Stoney Lonsome says:

I thought I wanted this knife at one time- kind of still do-but that weak detent ruins it for me, along with the insane pricing- which is becoming par for the course with BM. The new gold class grips cost way too much for what they are- way, way too much. They want 400+ for a griptilian with titanium scales, 20cv steel, and pakka wood inlays. I assume they use the same axis spring system as the integral they make but- they aren’t worth 400+.

JS Krawz says:

I was looking at getting a Benchmade but settled on a Spyderco Manix 2… Glad I did… Love that knife! i abuse the crap out of it and it’s a tank…

jojojaykay says:

I think it’s a cool knife, but it seems like me and both Dad agree that benchmade keeps shooting themselves in the foot in all the same ways they have the past few years

Peter Cass says:

Holy crap, February? You must have enough videos on the back burner to wake me from a coma with jackassery therapy

toxic flipper says:

isn’t m390 better than s90v?

Brad Griffin says:

I agree, Nick. Benchmades are way, way overpriced. Nice knives, but not at that price. The 555HG Mini Griptilian is around AUD150. The 484 Nakamura is $320 and the S1 is over $400. There is no way I could justify spending that much. Of course, if it woke me up and made me a coffee in the morning, I might think about it. Oh, and just saying (I edit while I watch), my Silky Bigboy flips open as easy as that 🙂

Jeff Liss says:

Sadly, I have given up on Benchmade. There are too many makers that do a much better job.

Troy Mckee says:

Great video I’m lookin for a carbon fiber gentlemens knife with the blue accents like this do u have any different recommendation around 200 or less?

John 47 says:

“A fool and his money are soon parted.” Thanks Nick for keeping us from foolish choices.

Nicholas Kerns says:

Haha did you misplace this video Nick? It’s no longer February 2017. Also was that spyderco cat disassembly old as well? Or did spyderco change their warranty on you?

The4cp says:

Still way over priced. Have you heard anything about Contener knives?

st0neageman says:

Not a fan of any Benchmade, doesn’t seem like a good value compared to Spyderco.

boface187 says:


bewerdse Beeerdse says:

Blue aluminum

marrenmiller says:

I don’t think vertical blade play on most benchmades have anything to do with the axis bar and locking geometry. Benchmade seems to have issues with their pivots, where the blade actually rocks around due to sloppy tolerances between the pivot hole and the pivot itself. Try taking a benchmade with vertical blade play and disengaging the lock so that the knife is partway open, then testing the blade for play towards and away from the pivot. On all of my benchmades with vertical play, the problem has actually been the pivot and not the axis lock system itself.

Max Archer says:

I own one of these. Mine is a “good” example, without the action or blade play issues of the review examples, but I generally agree with the review. There are a couple of issues you didn’t touch on that I think are worthy of note, though. First of all is that the liners are solid slabs of steel, which makes the knife much heavier than it needs to be. Secondly, and more annoyingly, the thumbstuds are too long and catch on the inside of jeans pockets. My 484-1 is a more effective “wave” opener than any actual wave-equipped knife I’ve ever tried, and it tears the hell out of your pockets where it catches on them.

Castle Incorporated says:

I’d love a “first production”.

Dr. Tautology says:

This knife is a gem. I don’t care what you say about it Nick. I’ve carried it for months and it is great. As far as price, the 940-1 is way more ridiculous at $270. I returned the 940-1 because it felt flimsy and the action was horrific. The 484-1 feels solid and has the smoothest action for a benchmade, not including the Anthem. Mine has perfect lockup on all dimensions, so I know it is possible to get one that doesn’t suffer from BMs shit QC.

Andrius K says:

Thanks Nick for review. I was dreaming about this knife for along time, but the price … . Now then i saw this video, i dont want it anymore. Thank you very much.

DownzyTheBear says:

i wish this knife had a thumbhole opener and was $75 cheaper.

keifer225948 says:

February 2017???? Wake up your dreaming

Stoney Lonsome says:

Ha- I clicked over to eBay to price this thing and the very first one I found was- you got it-180 bucks. It’s used but I just thought it was pretty cool that they priced it right at what Nick said it was really worth. For the record I agree- that’s about what I thought it costed myself- until I looked into it. If anyone is interested it looked like a good blade- no scratches or anything. It’s an auction though- may end up much higher before it’s over but, if you could snag it for the starting price, that’s a good deal. It’s going new for 245 off eBay- not sure how they’re getting away with that since BM generally makes you sell at Map prices but- they are.

Ferozius says:

But is it made by Hiro Nakamura?

stuart myers says:

nice video. on the price thing i own a 940 -1 have to say love the knife (got at brick mortar store) let my impluse take over and so glad i did in the end . but deff passed on the knife on line due to the price and it it is something Benchmade should consider, but they do produce cheaper versions so poss they have

Wishkah_outdoors says:

I’m unclear on your thoughts lol

bewerdse Beeerdse says:

Most benchmades start with vertical blade play. Once the lock wears in it goes away.

Today's Grail Tomorrow's Beater says:

Oh boy what a treat

stainlessfour5 says:

I won’t buy benchmade. Purchased the new 550 and thought they would of done better but it was sent with a freakin cracked blade. Like wow

Xavier says:

So please correct me if I’m just being ignorant here, but in my experience M390 actually takes a better edge and is just as corrosion resistant as S90V. Is this really an upgrade from the vanilla version? Obviously the CF is nicer than G10, but not $80 nicer. What am I missing here

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