The Benchmade 940-2 Pocketknife: A Quick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a quick look at a lower-cost variant of a high-excellence knife, the Benchmade 940-2.


jacob manalang says:

the original aluminum is very chalky!

i wanted this 940-2 but i got a great deal on the green aluminum handled one on the secondary market.

i LOVE the axis lock. very left hand friendly.

i have the zt0450 but ive had it for a while and i just got the 940 so thats what i want to carry. i generally prefer left hand cutting so the 940 is friendly in that aspect.both are great knives especially when accompanied by a larger blade. great users

i havent sharpened my 940 yet but it seems fairly easy with the kme. i got a pretty good edge on my 0450 with the kme.

i think the pm2 is more appropriatly priced than the 940 and 0450. the 940 is the coolest though

Anonymous2012 says:

New knife steels review??

mdmorton16 says:

I paid $120 for The grey benchmade 535, which has the best blade benchmade has out right now, still in s30v. Y’all can’t tell me g10 is $50 more than frn

Peter Pavlovic says:

I think the Anthem usurped the 940…

mph seti says:

The 940 model that’s $100 more (carbon fiber scales) has the blue barrel spacers. I do agree 100% on the pricing. IMO, this should be a $90-$130 (90 for the G-10, 130 for the carbon) dollar knife. If it were, I’d own one.

Adam Johnson says:

Hey Nick. So I’ve been watching for a while but never really commented. And just recently subscribed. Love your content. And I was wondering where I could buy a used slylz bowie because it it was obviously discontinued I don’t want to be spending 500 dollars on the bowie

Zach Fontes says:

I’ve been watching tons of reviews on this knife and you absolutely nail it. I was hoping you would do a review on the -2! Great job as usual Nick


Excellent amazing knife designed right here in USA

Vincent Grueter says:

Ive had my benchmade knives for years, never had a problem with the omega springs breaking. And i take mine apart about once a month. No idea what everyone is talking about

Ian Falk says:

I like the green anno standoffs. A 940-1 with the green would be cool. I think you got Z-Hunter on the brain lol

Munashiimaru says:

What’s the deal with the horrible gaudy looking green things anyway? Is that supposed to be punishment for picking the cheaper materials or something?

Paul Hughes says:

The 940 has never appealed to me because of the price. Benchmade is a very big company and I think they could lower the prices. Spyderco para 2 is a way better option.

mr manatee says:

is benchmades quality control still crap anybody???

Bruce McIntyre says:

I’m surprised that you didn’t mention the very excellent balance on the 940-2. I think it has the best balance of the 940 lineup and, in fact, probably the best balance of any folding knife I’ve handled… As always, well done, Nick.

Mental Effort says:

I like the 940-1501 a little better. 20CV is baller. Also, blue > green imo.

michael meissner says:

I’ve had problems with the omega springs breaking on this knife. I’ve had to send it back three times to get one or the other replaced. I’ve owned several Benchmade knives and never had this problem. It’s a great knife for what it is, $170 is too pricey, in my opinion, but I got mine for $159, still a little high. I just got a ferrum forge crux, and I’m carrying that more and more (thanks to your review, I had to have the crux), and I’m hesitant to carry my 940-2 because I’m afraid of a spring breaking again. And it’s not like I flip it open and closed incessantly, like my griptillian 551-1. Now that knife has had a lot of pocket time and relentless flicking open and closed and no problems. It’s very strange that it’s this particular knife. I brought the issue to their attention, that this was the third time, and they said they’d give it a closer look. Honestly, if it happens again, I may just sell it so I don’t end up spending a small fortune in shipping fees, and the inconvenience of not having my knife for weeks at a time.

Tony Tan says:

When are we gonna get the iq flipper review Nick?

NewZona Rides says:

Come on Nick, how is this knife on the nipples? You are going to need a suit jacket and test some knives for nipple irritation.

John Waddington says:

Pointy tip ?? Good luck digging out a splinter or a thorn, with this overpriced pos,,, PM2 is ten times better (imho) ,

AR-MD says:

“Butterfly tax” I love it!!!

Chris Bridgmon says:

Hmmm, stabbing the counter……… has someone been tipping the bottle! Haha, just kidding, i love mine!

Matt Mork says:

When you pay so much for a Benchmade you’re paying for lifesharp.

usrvprogram says:

I really don’t understand the obsession people have with this knife.

shotgunbowen says:

An awesome knife made by a not so awesome company. It blows me away though that they got this much blade into a knife that’s only 2.6 oz.

John Dewitt says:

That’s why wrangler star loves the 940 cause the tip is really strong for prying and screwing and stuff like that

Panzer Faust says:

Had one.Felt to wimpy.Makes a great blade for a lady.PM2 is my edc and probably always will be.Nice review Nick.

Anthony P says:

This is a shame. When I 1st wanted and worked towards my chance at a worthy folder that all reviews pointed to I seen the griptilian as the way2go. Then after just under a yr I had one in hand at a local show and dam was I left questioning everything. So some time passed and figured ok, the 940 series would be the ticket and once again I’m left dry(although I haven’t had one in hand)
Being in NYC,laws aren’t allowing pretty much any folders so I’m going bk to traditional walk&talks.
I will achieve my ultimate which for awhile is Cris Reeve Inkosi with Insingo blade sporting micarta even if I never carry it.
Also because production folders are so hit and miss,I give my coin to a handful of custom fixed blade makers over the yrs.
it’s way more rewarding taking my fixed blades on day hikes and carving and practicing survival skills. The sheath game has been stepped up by leaps&bounds weather your into leather or kydex and my favorite the hybrid sheath systems.
My daily pocket carry is Leatherman Skeletool CX. Don’t use clip cause it doesn’t allow for rt pocket tip up. It happened to me,I reached in pocket with it being tip down and the blade opened and sliced my finger.

Rafael Reig says:

For an extra $30 bucks or $20 more than the aluminum you get 20CV steel and blue spacers and details on the G10 scales on the 940-1501, that’s probably the best value for a Benchmade considering their prices. And it looks fantastic!
Also, it would be comparable sizewise and less expensive than the ZT0609 which is another beautiful knife with 20CV

Kenny Kumar says:

Nick, I know you hate Victorinox. But you always get the tiny ones like the SD, Midnight Manager or some other. Those are really too small to be practical. And yes they’re just really dull.

Why don’t you step it up and give the Victorinox One-Handed Trekker a shot??? Or the Sentinel, which only gives you a knife, excluding all the “useless” tools.

I’m telling you. The steel on their larger knives is crazy. I’ve used my Super Tinker for two years.

I haven’t resharpened it and it still is razor sharp. The factory edge came insanely sharp. They don’t mess around with quality when it comes to larger ones.

Victorys knives says:

Thanx Nick.

William Spears says:

Would never temp me to switch from my Boker Plus

Christopher Varner says:

Quality is an issue, I literally just bought one a couple weeks ago. And right from the factory there were multiple small Knicks across both sides of the spine. For the $183(including tax) that is ridiculous that they would even let that out of the factory. I like the knife but their quality better start improving or they just might lose a customer.

jaxxsun says:

I had one and loved it. Sadly it is not office friendly. And sold it. The Giantmouse 4 is now my edc.

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