The Benchmade Anthem Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to review the Benchmade Anthem, which is their first integral and the first knife to feature a new pole-based axis lock. Although it’s far from perfect, it’s absolutely exceptional, and enough of a Gem to find a home in my collection (at least for a little while!)


Cavedog says:

This is exactly the type of knife I would expect for the price of a 940-1. The biggest problem I have with the 940 is that it’s designed to be a user knife, and they’ve priced it out of the realm where I would feel comfortable abusing it.

Thomas Landers says:

It’s a great looking knife and the lock appears to be a big improvement over the omega springs… I wonder what the percentage is of omega spring failure ?
Benchmades QC might be getting a little better but still problems..I see many of them in person..I’ve seen 4-G10 940s (including an REI) with missing G10 pattern in same area of scale…
I love BM designs and I’m rooting for them too.. But, some things really bother me.. The axis lock and Anthem lock have weak detents.. Many BMs (940s etc) have the pivot screw loosen up.. Some claim lock tite doesn’t fix it.. Maybe it’s not being applied properly…The Omega springs are always in the back of my mind but so far no problems with about 12…Again, I’d guess BM will try and replace axis lock with new lock on the Anthem… Still need to straighten out detent, screws backing out and QC…
I wonder if BM has a friggin clue about cos like Kizer, WE, Reate, Real Steel etc…

EDC with Aaron says:

I’ve been looking forward to this review forever. Pretty sure I’m going to pick one up, just hope that I can find somewhere within an hour or two drive that I can handle a few and pick the best one. Amazing review as always… And STILL need an amazon link to your disassembly mat!!

Rodrigo Teresa says:

ApurvisBlades on instagram makes really sweet timascus clips for this guy.

PkwyDrive13 says:

I love the anthems design, but it’s ridiculously over priced

fx sniper says:

Both omega springs on my mini-grip broke just a few months after buying the knife (not at the same time). Took the knife to a watch repair business and they fitted it with “springs” (they are just wires) and they have lasted for years.

UrbanGear says:

Integral design is great and all, but this is maybe a $175 knife tops. $400+ for this shoddy level of detail is just outrageous. No one should be buying ANY Benchmade, at any price point, until they get the message that they need some serious changes. Most overpriced and frankly poorest quality out of all major brand names.

ExF1Guy says:

My ZT 0452 had dividing right out of the box. I’m not sure if it’s the blade, or the handle scales. When freshly lubed, it has a really gritty, stepped feeling to the blade. It gets much better as the knife gets carried for a couple days, and then gets worse again after a week or so. I don’t know if someone overtightened the pivot before I got it, or used it as a prybar, but this is how it’s been ever since I bought it. When it is running well, the action is beautiful though.

Matthew McLean says:

Still lamenting the fact that this knife is only available to residents of the USA.

BirdShot IV says:

Loved this one after having handled it a couple times, nearly bought it. Got a loaner on the way, looking forward to it. Great review Nick

GrumpLord says:

Thoughts on the spyderco stretch 2? (more your size)

J T says:

Knife looks good and seems to operate very smoothly. But the ONLY way I would consider getting one is if Nick accompanied me to several brick and mortars to help me pick out the gem of the bunch. Now that would be a fun excursion! Unfortunately, this will likely never happen, alas, no Anthem for me.
On a side note, my 551-1 was flawless right out of the box, the way it should be. A great working knife. But until Benchmade squares away their QC issues, I’ll have to pass on them.

TheKillerKlok says:

handle thickness.

Benchmade Anthem 0.43

Cold steel holdout 3 0.34

You gave the anthem a title it doesn’t deserve, but thin is good.

Daniel Kompolt says:

You pronounced Oregon “ore-eh-gone.” Shame on you Nick!

Dr. Tautology says:

Anyone know where you can find an after market clip for this thing?

jojojaykay says:

Nice review, dad.

Cro Van says:

Nick, didn’t you have a custom blue anthem? Or am I just an insane person?

Dean Lawrence says:

I have a benchmade mini grip in 20 CV and it’s a great knife and is mostly perfect except for the magical unscrewing pivot I just added more blue lock tight

Maui Harward says:

Thanks for the vid Nick. This was a knife I had on my radar since I’ve seen it. After seeing the price I was excited about getting my hands on it. We’ll gladly pony up and pay this kind of cash for a knife, but this is simply over priced. You touched on many of the “Nick-picks, that I found myself. So… conclusion, very nice knife in my opinion, but way over priced as usual for benchmade.

Iammightymeaty says:

Butterflown sounds like a dead butterfly

HaesslichG says:

The Bugout also had a similarly high grind while having a great edge.

Also, the box label should have a date code and initials for the QC person. You might want to send that to Benchmade.

Tmankiller72 says:

That Bugout clip won’t fit on the Anthem?

Troy Pierce says:

good looking knife other than the bronze color.  and not loving the chevrons on the clip

The4cp says:

I want a 940-2 but not paying for it and afraid it will come messed up.

Shrabsters says:

Hard to argue with a prettier 943 with better geometry.

Pennywise The Dancing Clown says:

Hey Nick, this is kinda unrelated to the video, but if one of your favorite knives is the Spyderco Delica, then why not the Delica-Wave? It seems like a straight upgrade, though I’m fairly new to collecting.

Mikael Andersson says:

Charging $425 for a $275 knife is absolutely laughable.

string twister says:

Very nice knife Nick, great review.. When are you going to do a review on band-aid’s? I can tell from all your videos that you have lots of experience with them! Lol

Chuck Beef says:

I am only attracted to this and the 940 series from Benchmade, i cant seem to find an Anthem in Canada though, even on amazon.

stainlessfour5 says:

They’re not back unfortunately. They sent me a cracked 550-1. I like some of their knives just can’t see myself buying them again

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