The Benchmade Bugout Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to review a very lightweight knife, with a surprisingly hefty pricetag, the Benchmade Bugout.


Nick G says:

When that knife hits 80$ I’m Buggin in

Hard Rock says:

the k bar dozier is a better pocketknife

chris helvie says:

Compared to the Al Mar Ultra light with Aus8, isame price point and blows that out of the water.

Mikael Andersson says:

S30V? Hellooo… this is 2017 so dammit Benchmade use S35VN instead and this is a $75 knife at best so don’t pay Benchmades inflated prices.

paul greenwood says:

The biggest ‘ugly’ about any Benchmade are the piss-weak lock springs. My 940 has now failed on that score for the second and last time. Definately won’t be buying any more of their folders.

Burkinater 48 says:

I don’t see how the price bothers people at all. this on bladehq is $115 bucks made in the USA, s-30v steel and it’s about as much as a full sized Grip..

Shaked Tollman says:

The clickbait review that took an appropriate amount of time for a person to actually review

Xavier says:

What are people doing that requires a sub 2oz knife as opposed to a 3-5oz knife?

Serious question. I’ve never payed attention to knife weight except for one Greyman Satu, which was way bigger than I was expecting. Other than that, the knife’s profile has always been way more important to me. I don’t mind something being heavy as long as I can get into my pocket. Am I just weird?

If someone that has a specific need for something like this could chime in and educate me it’d be greatly appreciated.

Sour says:

Guy was buttoning small branches with this. Not that I’d ever own one unless a grate deal came my way. Nice your disassembly review was your funniest yet imo

Ondal1 says:

The price is absolutely nuts. If you’re talking bugout nuttery, I guess those making the perfect bag for the zombie coming, it’ll sell. You’d be way better off in the situation, with just about any Victorinox, but we were talking nuts stuff.

Eric Schipper says:

It occured to me that a digital caliper would be a nice addition for quick size comparisons.

Tactical Center says:

my question would be, how well would it survive a bug out bag emergency situation. is any channel willing to take it off the grid for a few days and try and use it as a primary knife (with whatever other knives and tools that you would also include in the bag, but try and use the bug out primarily if possible). what survival channels would do something like that?

i wonder if prying would be better due to the extra flex. the flex may allow a certain level of better prying so not to snap the blade sooner, well within reason anyways.

anyways, will you need tools or sharpening stones in a survival situation. how brittle is the steel. will it be better if the edge keeps sharp longer vs having to sharpen it, and how hard is it to sharpen on rocks (is that good enough for s30v)?
will the pivot need to be adjusted. will an omega spring snap and will that effect my knife in the wild.

i would assume most would just have this for camping or long backpacking trips, white water rafting, canoeing, all sorts of out doors stuff. rather than a survival bug out bag knife. or just super light weight EDC.

Joe Sax says:

CS Hold out III w/ xhp @$75, is a better choice, IMO . The pocket clip is the only drawback .

cuddlesdapeaceman357 says:

I’ll take the Spyderco Manix 2 lightweight any day of the week over this knife. Xhp, s90v, s110v; yeah . Sorry Benchmade: not interested

Gadnuk Breaker Of Worlds says:

Hey guys I need help, I’m wanting a new EDC work knife, I’m just stumped on what to get, I think I’ve narrowed it down to the kizer sunburst, the steel will cutjack c22m, the ZT 0450 and the lion steel tre, any input would be appreciated 🙂

MrGeerbear says:

Nick- I can’t believe the price of this knife. If there is a bugout situation, I’m reaching for my fixed blades, not some toy knife that can’t be a heavy user. This is an overpriced EDC, not a bugout knife. If I need a bugout folder, I have dozens of knives I’d choose over this. Good review.

jacob manalang says:

i never liked how thick the handles on the griptilians were so the delica and endura always was perfection to me. handles were also too thick for my tastes on the cold steel voyager series.

the 530 is a cool slim design also but im really liking this 535 bugout aesthetically.

my manix 2lw doesnt have liners are all, the action is way harder to close, leaf shaped blade makes it pretty big in pocket so this 535 is really catching my eye….but i think when i do buy a benchmade im just going to go with the 940.

mountainhobo says:

Having watched the disassembly video, I almost feel like I cheated since I know how this one will turn out.

Matt Finish says:

Thanks for reviewing this knife. I was wondering about this one after seeing it on Blade HQ.

SollerS says:

“Small tiny plastic folding knife for camping and survival” … Ahahahaha… I think, Benchmade’s engineers are camping in kindergarten. =))))

Alec Raimond says:

Great review, can’t wait for the Steel Will Cutjack review. Just got mine but in M390, ball bearings, and blue G10

Zach Almanza says:

They need to drop the price a little bit and offer it in multiple colors

Jameson Cross says:

I have a salt 1 and Pacific for the price of this knife. Both those knives are better than this piece of junk. Benchmade is ridiculous in their pricing.

Advanced Knife Bro says:

Great review…. I also. The Delica isn’t a bad alternative if you want to save a bit of dough either. Kepp on keeping on!

JOSEPH says:

I ‘ll trade my Bugout knife for 80 CANS of SPAM for… my actual Bugout.

Tmankiller72 says:

If it was carbon fiber instead of plastic and the price was close to what it is now, I would own it.

Jean-Baptiste Cardamone says:

Is it thinner than the Medford?

Brogan Marcotte says:

Can anybody confirm if this clip will fit a 940?

Matt Szymanski says:

Be would call this a budget Bug out knife.

Shaked Tollman says:

In all honesty, my jaw DROPPED when I saw that mini-grip, I did not see that coming haha

Griffin Volk says:

I know you’ve reviewed the 940-1, but can u review the 940-2 next? It’d be great

William Burke says:

“Best Lanyard Hole (BLO) EVER!” 🙂

William Burke says:

“Aesthetics”? It’s a BLUE BLOB with a BLADE (BBwB)… I don’t understand this effusion of Praise Be….

Rodrigo Teresa says:

I got one of those two-handed-operation-or-crazy-blade-play Benchmades recently. Very ugly. I even checked for play in the store and it wasn’t there but developped later. Will be sending it back.

Micah Knepper says:

A good knife and an Altoids survival tin is all I need to die in the woods.

azraelsblade says:

“Too many knives on my table”. Ah, to have such problems…

TheKillerKlok says:

Kind of hard justifying 120$ when you could pick up a Coldsteel holdout 3 for 75$, You would have to really hate a tri-ad lock or coldsteel as a company.

but that is pretty much my feelings on everything benchmade. The Value isn’t there.

toadstkr says:

I agree with you that for what they were trying to achieve they hit the target pretty well for me though plastic handles drive me crazy. I mean I like my Delica but I would love it in g10 or CF but the rest of the knife makes me not mind the crappy feeling handle. I think this knife would fall into that same category. The blade is nice enough to make you look past the cheap feeling. That said I highly doubt it will ever make it into my hands.

John Bowen says:

I’d rather have a Cold Steel Hold Out 3. Better steel, roughly the same weight, far greater durability, roughly $35 cheaper. Also, nearly one hojillion times cooler and most likely built to far better tolerances.

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