The Benchmade Crooked River Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to look at a big, beautiful, and kind of unwieldy blade, the Benchmade Crooked River.


Bart says:

The regular Crooked River is too big for me. But I have the mini (which is about the size of a full size), and I absolutely LOVE it!

Randy F. says:

The mini is awesome. My fiance got me a custom for my birthday.

Bob Mc big mac says:

I have had this knife for 2 years, and I have always felt the exact same way.

SoonerBorn says:

Other than and what are some other good online store to buy from?

Frank Andre Holmestrand says:

S30V has a tendency to chip, not tested BM S30V, but Spyderco S30V chips way too easily, my personal subjective opinion, of course.

hcnuptoir 27 says:

I love your reviews Nick! Ive bought more than one knife based on your recommendation alone. Just one question though. Do you ever review fixed blades? Not full custom, mortgage my house, art knives, but production edc fixed blades. Im eyeballing some spyderco fixed blades like the temperance 2, the proficient, sustain, and the mule team blanks because id like to try my hand at making some scales. I would love to see what you think about it. (Not just the spydercos, but fixed blades in general.) Either way, keep up the good work!

Kiwi Comanche says:

Great review Nick. Now I want one even more. Have a great weekend brother!!

Blackwood Blades says:

ты говоришь по-русски, отличное видео, кстати

Joe D says:

Love my mini crooked river.

James Barisitz says:

Do you buy shoes in the kids department Nick?

B L says:

The pocket clip is really unimpressive. It looks like it should be on a gas station knife.

cloudcleaver23 says:

The handle looks all right, but the blade looks like a 110’s to me, and I’ve never liked that clip-point-saber-grind thing.

SPECTRE 21 says:

Great looking knife. Although I wish they used real wood for the handle, not that processed laminated diamondwood stuff.

Vlad Yakubets says:

Nick, when is the review of the mini crooked river coming?

Tackleberry says:

I like this knife so much I have three of them. I just wish it had the deep carry clip instead of the penis clip. I think the back spacer pokes out the way they designed it because it’s a hunt knife. If you’re using it to process game, your hands can get slippery, and the pokey outy characteristic of the back spacer helps maintain a solid grip. I’ve carried this knife for about a year, and my only gripe is the back spacer material is rather porous, and stains easily. Otherwise, I’m my eyes it’s an absolute gem.

Benjamin Poirier says:

The bolsters are made of aluminium, I believe. You mentioned that they were titanium when discussing the price. No biggie, just letting you know!

The4cp says:

Love this knife definitely going to get one. Size matters . I’m just on the other side of the aisle Nick. I love the lager knives.

sniperhat1 says:

I never buy a sofa before first lookin at the squirrel reviews. I thought thats what everybody did.

Markus Klostermann says:

Hehe He said he’s a sucker for wood…. #bechildish

Troy Wheatley says:

Definitely your issues are a small hands case 😉
Because my CR fits my hands properly
#lbh 😉

The Gentleman's Den says:

Can somebody send Nick a pair of man-hands ?!


I would take the freek over this knife

Matt Finish says:


wyatt breymeymeyer says:

how about the mini crooked river? do you think it would compete in that 2.5 to 3’ category

Dire says:

Why is it bad that its huge? It obviously wasn’t made for somebody who wants a small knife, or legally cant have a big knife. Isn’t variety a good thing?

Kane Cassidy says:

A knife review that I waited for so long.

Brad Griffin says:

It’s like a blast from the past.

mph seti says:

I usually agree with you on the “thumb stud in the slicing path” issue, but not with this knife. Bear in mind I haven’t handled it, so take this as just a theory. It looks to me like if you pierce/cut something deeply, the thumb studs will actually keep the material being cut from hanging up on the sharpening choil by acting as a stop. Kind of like how boar spears were designed in medieval times.
Anyway, great review as always, Nick. I also like Benchmade’s ‘hunt’ line, and I’m not even a hunter. They do blend modern and traditional really well. I’m seriously considering getting a North Fork in Dymondwood as my first Benchmade. I want a 940…But, $170+ is just too much for what you get, IMO.

Doc Milersky says:

#Shabazzapalooza has returned! …four days after the last one

Megalomouth Radio says:

Been itching for one of these for months

Jameson Cross says:

S35VN is a better steel and I’m not sure why Spyderco and Benchmade aren’t using it more.

denvar hawks says:

Could you review la police gear tfbk s35vn

thewholeyearinn says:

Never thought I’d see the day when Benchmade had an issue with quality control.

David Childers says:

I handled one and I didn’t like the way it felt in the hand. It was too top heavy. There were other Benchmade knives I liked better.

DtD PitchWhite says:

Thank you so much for this review! I’ve been looking at this things mini brother. Sounding like the mini is absolutely worth a pick up.

Christina Poehler says:

One of the best knives ever , the redhead in the dress!

Torsten Sparv says:

It came down to this one, the Loco and the Vallation. I went with the Vallation and am glad I did.

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