The Benchmade Mini Crooked River Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at the ‘Mini’ (regular size) Crooked River from Benchmade knives, which is a great design at a size which is much better suited for your pocket.


Moshe Rogoff says:

Nick, take a look at the Buck 110 and 112, both of which I believe use Dymondwood. Somehow Buck seems to have a MUCH higher level of consistent appearance. IMHO, if Buck can do it BM ‘should’ be able to do it also!

D C says:

Hey I’m first!

FoxSolomon says:

*wishes I could’ve complained loudly in the comments*

Matthew Grulke says:

If the aluminium parts don’t come off there is no way to repair it when the AXIS lock breaks? Just down to warranty service at that point?

Bob Mc big mac says:

I want to get this so bad, but I already have the full size version.

I can’t justify buying both sizes

tolga1cool says:

One of my favorite knives honestly

Matt Baker says:

Nick I have a question? I’m about to step my knife game up to a Spyderco manix 2 or a BM Griptilian. I’m leaning towards manix bc I like g10 and bm with g10 price hike is at least 50$.

Megalomouth Radio says:

Been itching for months about this knife…. regular/mini…. custom, standard gray etc. soon.

Dylan Workman says:

The original crooked river is probably so big because it’s meant to be a modern version of a buck 110

Andrew K says:

I love this knife, but “crooked” is certainly an apt description​ of how the blade alignment came.

Zeblox says:

Everyone hates on the orange until theyre up to their elbow in a deer carcass looking for their brown knife in the leaves.

Brian F says:

I Love all my Benchmades , and Iam really glad they never switched over to bearings, a true hard use knife should have washers period….

Yannick Bislin says:

orange and the wood just doesn‘t work for me. i got myself the full size with g10 scales and i love it 🙂

GutiTheJ says:

usually with you nick, but this one sounded a lil nit-picky. particularly with the name, the handle material variance, and disassembly

TheMawsJawz TM says:

Benchmade designs have been very appealing lately.

Fallingout EMS says:

Bought this yesterday and today the review comes out lmao.

Kim Justice says:

As a lefty, I’m glad they done that, too, Nick. (Needs more commas…)

hehoff33 says:

This happens to be what’s in my pocket today. I did get to handle it in store first, but the action was solid out of the box.

Blackwood Blades says:

2nd! Thanks so for the video!

garyfrombuffalo says:

Benchmade is too expensive

Jason Levine says:

Benchmade QC is actually a COA.

If you get a Benchmade that’s centered, has no blade play, and is ground properly chances are it’s a fake because the Chinese can get those aspects right almost every time.

Matt Finish says:

Great review! I will add this one to my wish list.

Joe D says:

I picked one up a few months ago. I love it but it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns for me. I had to send the knife into benchmade weeks after purchase for a broken Omega Spring. Also the edge is ground high in one spot on the blade. It is still functional but not as pretty. I was unfortunate to purchase one before benchmade released it in the custom shop.

mph seti says:

I was thinking $140…including the butterfly fee.

DSNugent91 says:

I was lucky enough to purchase Dr Frunkeys full sized crooked. It is most certainly a beast.

Fawkes & Hound says:

It’s ridiculous that this doesn’t come standard with 20CV at this price.
Sure you could run it custom but now add minimum $40 to get it how it should have come and after tax you’re looking at an unjustifiable price for what you get.

Andy Richardson says:

Great review. Is lunchroom acceptability rating a 10 point scale or something else? (btw, I get it. I’ve been told at work that my Dragonfly was too threatening looking.)

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