The Benchmade Proper Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at a Properly interesting knife, the very first Slipjoint knife from Benchmade, the Benchmade Proper.


Night Raptor says:

i don’t consider the s30v being a “super-steel”

however, i think s110v is truly a “super-steel”

perrytrucker says:

The qc is awesome. I have the micarta verison. And it never leaves my watch pocket. Fruit and food knife goodness.

yogililly1 says:

At this price I will choose my Fantoni Dweller every time….

Italian made, modified warncliffe blade, bolt instead of pin construction, choice of wood scales, finger guard and a leather sheath for $125.

- - says:

Agree all around and I love this blade shape. Sheepsfoot is the way to go. I never understood clip points on slip joints. The price and lack of a finger stop make this one a no go, but I’ve been gravitating more towards slip joints and back locks lately. It’s a good design, great balance of modern and traditional. Benchmade did good here.

Paneerdog says:

Hey Nick! Just discovered your channel and really enjoying your videos. You are such a Spyderco fan, I’m surprised I couldn’t find a review of my favorite EDC Spyderco knife, the Harpy. No Harpy?

Bob Savoldi says:

A slipjoint that comes loose with little pressure. That’s a deal breaker for me.

mozezfreek777 says:

for that price you can get yourself a viper dan or a ukpk for an actual modern slip joint. The enzo pk70 has a better blade shape for slicing and a pocket clip

Charles Collier says:

“It’s pricey.” Well, it’s Benchmade, so…..yah.

Rusty Shackleford says:

Nick’s a sheep!!!! O.o

Mee Hung Lowe says:

If you want a lockback with S30V and wood handles, then:

EDC with Aaron says:

I felt that this video was severely lacking and desperately needed far more proper and slip joint puns.

Gerardo Pietrantoni says:

You nailed the review with the good and the bad. I like the Micarta better than the G10 version. As you mentioned it needs a stiffer back spring because the pull is to soft (like a 4). Great review.

keifer225948 says:

Nice review..

Andy Richardson says:

Grew up with slip joints. The were perpetually dull, banging around on my pocket, hard to open, and closed on your fingers. Having been there as a kid I can’t see going back. I get that some people like them and that legally it may be the only option in some places.

Vlka Fenryka78 says:

Can’t wait for the viper tear drop jack knives in 390 for about the same money

FlamQ Dbltap says:

It’s actually a pretty poor excuse for a traditional type knife. The only thing it’s got going for it is decent steel for the blade. And the fact that it can be disassembled and serviced. Basically no walk and talk, which is something that is very important in a traditional slip joint. I like half stops, but if you’re going to give it a half stop, give it a good one. Good review Nick. I think you let Benchmade off the hook pretty easy. You’re an awfully nice man.

MrTotesmcgoats says:

i love this knife. I would like it less with a pocket clip

Lothar VonPittinsberg says:

“I would love to see one of these guys in Dymondwood, as well as a back-lock” sounds like you are coming real close to describing the Big Summit Lake.

Grayson Varchetto says:

I know it would make it less traditional and all but if they made a version of this with a clip I’d be all over it

Caden D. says:

My proper is great, my only issue is that the swedge goes to the tip on one side, but not on the other. Very uneven on mine

Mopar HEMI says:

It’s not as nice as the Benchmade but I’ll stick with my S110V UKPK. I’m glad to see that Benchmade puts out some compelling stuff again. This one also has potential in the 20CV class. A Proper with blue anodized Ti-liners and grey G-10 would be pretty awesome.
Great review, Nick!

ratride1 says:

Good review and I agree with all the good, bad and ugly points. Another good point is replacement of the blade if for some reason you should drop or misuse the knife and break the tip. Hope they improve the model as time goes on.

Stoney Lonsome says:

O.k.- I’ma’ try and make this short, my posts are getting to long winded. – Like what BM is trying to do here, I think is the new trend for 2018- mixing traditional with modern. That said- this is a pitiful slip joint by traditional standards as is the PITS- which is more forgivable as it’s trying out a whole new design. Here’s a few of the things they got wrong- 1. Fit and finish- back springs should be absolutely flush and seams should be hard to notice- 2. They put too weak of a spring on it trying to make it easier to open and close. 3. They didn’t grind the tang of the blade to interact properly with the back spring- which is why you can barely open the knife and it stays that way- comes from trying to put the kick on the back spring instead of the blade. That is also why the blade doesn’t have that “unsharpened portion” Nick was referring to- that’s the kick on a traditional slip joint. They ended up with a cool looking, somewhat dangerous, slip joint- much like the PITS. The PITS is forgivable though because they are trying something totally new and it still worked for the most part- just needs a few tweaks and it’s not really that dangerous. All you have to watch for is it partially opening and staying there. This knife closes far too easily and there is nothing to save your hand- no strong half stop, no kick, no choil, nothing.

Innocentchip says:

Plz do a review on the viper Dan1 carbon fiber. It’s a better UK leagal knife than the benchmade. 🙂

Mike Oconnor says:

hey nick im a long time viewer and I never usually make comments but i need a favor, ive been looking at a budget knife called the buck vantage avid large. I currently have the kershaw cryo but im not loving the speedsafe and the heavy weight of it. I feel the vantage is the right size and evrything for my edc but i need a professional opinion

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