The Boker A2 Mini Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at a knife that’s brilliantly designed, then brutally under-done: The Boker A2 Mini.


zero2three1 says:

Are there any Bokers one can recommend? They have some of the coolest designs.

D4md Cykey says:

The vast majority of Boker knives have never appealed to me on several levels. One major exception is ‘The Boker Automatic 110703 with Thuya Wood’. That thing is stunning, hard to find, and has never left my memory, a truly gorgeous knife.

Chronovore says:

I have no problem with the VG-10. The problem seems to be getting an unfinished product for around a hundred bucks. There are much better and properly finished knives in VG-10 for $30-40 less. There are much better and properly finished knives in D2, 14C28N, etc. for half the price. That’s the issue. There is no excuse for this.

dlrmon1 says:

After watching your review of the Boker Excalibur 1 Titan I wanted one. By the time I warmed up to the $130 price tag…they have raised the price upwards to $175. At this price I’ve lost all interest.

OspreyBravo18 says:

There’s a reason I don’t buy Boker… If they can clean up their act then I’ll buy something from them but until then it would be better if people avoided feeding into lazy practices like the ones exhibited in this knife.

Peter says:

Boker disappoints me often

OcOmega Shadow says:

Really nice looking knife!!!

Quinn Warman says:

Boker is over all over priced

Christian Williams says:

Wow makes me appreciate my buck vantage pro… that’s not good

#1 Nye says:

is boker still making their screws out of wet spaghetti? I stripped two of the screw on my exskelibur swapping the position of the pocket clip.

FA-Tre says:

Looks like they blew their production cost budget on g10 machining.

Fidel Cashflow says:

It ain’t bad, not worth 100 bucks tho.

Danny L says:

not a fan of Boker but great review

Leiffer says:

I’ve pretty much given up on Böker alltogether, I’ve never gotten one that has not had that overall case of laziness and obvious quality control issues. Which sucks, because being in Europe myself I could actually get these for a much better price point, but even then they’re completely beaten in quality by every possible company selling similar stuff at the same price area. So sad that Böker keeps ruining so many good designs with their poor overall quality, otherwise they could be a serious competitor on the knife market.

Joe Yates says:

Over 100 bucks for too many bads, that’s not a beautiful thing

Rusty Scab says:

I want more Casio reviews

Christian Williams says:

Can you remove the clip?

Dante Martin says:

Actually a great review! Usually one or two things i disagree on but this one was superb. The design of this knife is very appealing though.
I wish they did a secret “send to Nick” thing first so they could make it great.
I know you said that you love the milling on the g10, but a smooth g10, I feel would be better. Replace the cruddy g10 clip for a simple loop over steel clip, add a decent sharpening choil (similar to the skaha II)
Then the knife would nearly be perfect. I don’t mind the flipper how it is. I can understand that it can be better, but at least its not in the way and it helps the knife to be nice and slim.

Also a couple of things. How are the ergos? The thumb ramp jimping looks a little sharp… is it?

SurvivalAustria says:

What a great video, really love that. Hope to see more soon.


Le Lemon says:

Some of your complaints are really dumb imo: the flipper tab works perfectly with your index finger, but you complain you cant open it with your thumb… So just use your index finger? Thats like saying you love the handling of a car when you use the steering wheel but complaining it cant be turned using only the handbrake.
Not saying this is a gem or even a good knife, but please be reasonable at least.

Michael Keim says:

Love your reviews Nick…honesty is in short supply these days (if you know what I mean) and I like your scientist point of view when looking at quality points that might otherwise go unnoticed. My only complaint (but, yea, I understand) is I would like to see more from you. I’m haven’t yet come to terms with the fact that I have become addicted to EDC type folders, but also a few the reviewers that I favor. It is difficult for me to get through the day without a few great reviews and/ or the purchase of a knife. I am not to the point of searching for a recovery group for addiction to YouTube knife reviews but those reviews might make the difference between buying another knife or …. thinking about it for a bit. Thanks for all your contribution to the world of EDC carry, even though my main interests are knives. I have never worn a watch, and I will flip a Bic any day…lol….Mick

Andy Richardson says:

I keep trying Boker knives and I keep getting disappointed.

Slick Slicers says:

I’ve a few Böker’s and most of them are fine budget knives. However, most of mine are half this price or a lot less. I might buy this at half the price, but, as I’m in the UK, I generally need a pretty compelling reason to buy anything that fails to meet the UK rules. E.g. the Benchmade 940 and Robert David L’Epicurian won me over, this won’t. It’s not worth going to jail for!

Lemon hoko says:

another great honest review…thanks!

ratride1 says:

Boker: the how to take good custom collaborations and cheapen them down to terrible offerings.

jake legg says:

VG10 – No thank you

Twelve Thirty says:

I wish more reviewers were this honest.

Caleb Turner says:

reminds me of my urban tracker from boker, beautiful knife just gorgeous but not great flipping rough edges everywhere and horrible lockstick just so bad it couldnt be gotten over.

Paul Tibbals says:

I’m an old fart that is used to carrying older style knives, and even I think that grind is just piss poor. With that alone I wouldn’t trust that knife at any price.

Steve Baisden says:

Nick: You should give “Nick’s Take” on customizing production knives (anodizing scales, backspace swaps, clip swaps, etc.) and what it does to value. Just an idea.

Paul E says:

C’mon Nick, A2 designed knives are hideous + Boker is not known for quality. Please post another terrible knife of the month vid. I need some laughs in my life.

Lari Vasara says:

There doesnt seem to be much quality or value on bökers knives D;

tcdahn7 says:

That lock bar issue is a deal breaker for me.

Jorge Velilla says:

What a shame…

Tony Hutton says:

There’s another one to Avoid.. !!

Dean Albertson says:

I still like the Delica as the #1 EDC.

kerryrwac says:

A2 Brutus ?

Toby Quach says:

I always liked boker’s tree brand slipjoints more than their boker plus line.

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