The Boker Nano Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

The Boker Nano is a weird little knife. Although it’s solid, it’s also thick, a bit tacticool, and not terribly good for cutting anything. So, the Nano is a Nono.


Rodrigo Teresa says:

Everyone is saying it’s ugly. I kinda dig the aesthetics.

M Sharmall says:

I hate metal on one side and plastic or g10 on the other, ugly as hell I think. Don’t like how it feels either. I am actually fine with the blade shape, but the handle shape is… too much

Daniel Kompolt says:

I so wish this knife had been done differently. I love the lines (anybody know of anything similar? CRKT Pilar maybe?) but I’ve handled one in person and they’re pretty unimpressive. Shame.

Julie Klanke says:

Do you think I should get a delica or a kizer dukes vanguard

mrjoeyzaza says:

“High speed, low drag-queen…..”, lmao at that one. Didn’t see it coming. Love your reviews Nick.

Andy Richardson says:

“…shouldn’t be overbuild in that stupid sense. But that’s just my opinion.” Not sure if this is intentional or not. I like to think it is, and that there’s a pretty good stand-up comedian hiding behind the knife reviewer/scientist.

This reminds me of one of my favorite Rodney Dangerfield jokes: “My psychiatrist told me I was crazy. I told him I wanted a second opinion. He said ‘ok, you’re ugly too.'”

Charles Alberti says:

Great review man! Any chance on seeing a real steel e77 review soon?

Alan murray says:

Style over substance. I still think it looks a fun little knife even if it aint good for purpose .

zero 4U says:

All ugly, no good or bad on this one.

Matt Szymanski says:

The cilantro Chopper!!

Micah Knepper says:

It’s poop.

Emmanuel Albert says:

Get a Pilar instead 😛 or 2!

Javitruck 1 says:

Nick!!! Where is the rat 2 d2 video!???

Julie Klanke says:

We’re did you order your rat 2 in d2 steel and how much did it cost I couldn’t find it anywhere

Nathan Thurman says:

I had this on my to-get list for awhile, but always talked myself out of it. Interesting, but not enough.

Rexczi Cex says:

Sometimes we hear that you dont like some knives alot!

Chuck Beef says:

Nick, can you try to get a grip on a Bestech Imp or Goblin tiny knife if any of your friends own one? Just bought a budget folder from Bestech and i am very impressed overall.

davidpyper82 says:

It’s nice

Alex F says:

I don’t get it what makes this knife “tactical”.

BirdShot IV says:

I don’t even remember sending this to you! -Frankie

- - says:

I suspect Boker is targeting a niche market with the Nano and that explains the high price. No poop knife collection will be complete without one.

alex b. says:

Boker missing out on a whole marketing scheme to cooks who need portable cutting utensils. You know, for when you have that unplanned moment you are visiting someone and they scream out in frustration, how the hell am I going to cut my cilantro!? Heres your opportunity to shine, and laugh at those who ever questioned your choice to EDC, and procede to put that cilantro into submission and enjoy a fine meal because of it. I think I’ll stick with my Onion cutters….

stainlessfour5 says:

I had that little knife and used the hell out of it. They come in different colors. The thumb opening was very easy so that one may not be broken in or it may be too tight. It would actually flick open.

Mitchell Delmar says:

It’s that wide so you can skip it across the water when you inevitably throw it into the lake.

zero 4U says:

oh yeah. Keep it up Sal and Eric and Spyderco will go down like Queen Cutlery!

Chris says:

ugh Boker! 😛 Ty for the review though dude!.

Dean Mclean says:

Drinking game for this video. Everytime Nick says sharpening choil take a drink.

ciderandthorazine says:

can’t decide if it looks more like sumthin’ pooped by a galapagos tortoise, or an octogenarian’s gouty pinky-toe with a black infected nail about to pop off.

Bryan Stone says:

Way better choices for much less cash. Cold Steel Tuff Lite and or CRKT Drifter

A Ray says:

Boker Nono…

Philip England says:

On the “tacticool” complaint, mine is a polished finish with bright green scale.

Volk Bri says:

Opinions on the boker automat kalashnikov 74? I know you don’t really do reviews of autos but maybe you’ve handled it before

Le Lemon says:

How i imagine this knife came to be: Ok guys, i have a great idea for a knife: lets make a non cutting knife that feels bad in your hand, make it wider than a Medford marauder in the pocket, use cheap steel and plastic and ship them all out without quality control!
Boss: I assume well make it dirt cheap, like a “great for €10” type of knife?
Designer: nope, we’ll charge fifty bucks for it!
Boss: No, were not doing that Johnson, get back to the drawing board.
Designer: i already ordered for them to be made and shipped. I forged your signature because i was sure you would love it!
Boss: Johnson..
Designer: yes?
Boss: you’re fired

Dean Albertson says:

If you want a small knife, get a Spyderco Dragonfly.

Old Fart says:

Nick, what is your opinion of the Spyderco dragon fly you showed ? I tried to see if you had a review.

Stutterin` Bob says:

The handle looks like an old man’s penis hahaha

mph seti says:

There is almost no art you can touch and use. Most art is sequestered to walls and beautiful rooms in museums. I’m OK with that. I love museums.
People ask me why I like (and am slightly obsessed with) pocket knives. Here’s what I say: A quality knife is art you CAN touch. In fact, touching it is a part of the experience. It’s also a functional tool that you CAN use. Use it! That’s a pivotal part of its existence. Open boxes and slice cucumbers! Life without a knife would suck.
A knife is the first human-made tool. There’s something sacred about that.
My grandfather taught me how to use a pocket knife. I guess that makes it tradition.
In twelve thousand years, no one is going to ask about your phone. Your phone will not work. A knife will still be useful; just like it was twelve thousand years ago.

The oldest and most useful tool in human history should not be banned.
Locking blades are SAFER for the user.
Respecting advancements in technology is GOOD.
Traditional knives are beautiful.
Knives for EDC should be 3” or less.
When I was in high school (pre Columbine massacre) carrying a Victorinox was ALLOWED.
Boy Scouts. I don’t know if the Girl Scouts taught bushcraft and knife safety…But they fucking SHOULD.
End rant.

Stoney Lonsome says:

You can get nanos in many different colors- you don’t have to go with coyote brown and a black blade if you don’t want to. And I think it’s so wide when closed precisely because of the ergoes that allow you to get the entire cutting edge onto a surface, I guess some attributes come at a cost. Not one of my favorite smaller blades to be honest- I’ve always had an issue with knives that have that curve in the handle- my hands are too large and feel cramped trying to fit into that shape. The Protech Cambria is like that- otherwise a really cool knife but that curve in the handle ruins it for me and me Herman Munster hands. I could palm a basketball at 12 years old, can’t find gloves that fit me hardly- it sux having big hands.

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