The Boker/Serge Panchenko Lancer Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at the Boker/Serge Panchenko Lancer. It’s a fun little design, with an interesting set of opening options. But ultimately, there’s a lot of price here, and not all that much knife, which leave the Lancer a bit low on value, and low on interest.


J.W. Greenbaum says:

Looking at some of the comments, I’d say I got one with good lockup (no lock rock, and a LITTLE later than your example, Nick) for what I thought was a good price: $60. But in hindsight…I’d probably not buy it again. Not only did I have to sharpen a new knife, but as you point out, the detent really proved frustrating for a knife I wanted to front flip (typically, I thumb-flick it). The real motive for buying this knife, at least for me, was getting a front-flipper with a convenient secondary opening technique. Well, you can probably count me in for a Boker Exskelibur I (another knife with teflon washers I don’t mind) or a new gen Kizer Feist (although it’s pretty tiny). I like the Lancer overall, and I like it enough to actually keep it as a beater knife, but not only would I not buy it again, but because I was looking at it as a “front flipper with an extra opening option”, it wouldn’t really be just because of the blade steel (although $60-$70 for S35VN and a Serge Panchenko design would be awfully tempting…). It would, I think, be mostly because I don’t think they got the front flipper aspect quite right.

cafn8ed74 says:

Serge Lancer-lot, haha! Thanks for making me smile a little bit.

Jay Ingle says:

The way I see it, Boker is the equivalent of CRKT but European, sure they use a little better materials, but by and large they waste great designs. Imagine if Serge commissioned this to We knives or someone who would do the design justice? Or a burnley Kwaiken made by someone else

Brian Knudsen says:

I love my lancer in cf/s35vn It was 80 and worth it to me.I will say the lock stick hasn’t gone away but that is just a minor problem for me.

plejaren giants says:

Oh dude. That knife is sweet! I love the rectangle shape. It kinda has a simplicity look to it. Good upload!

Remove Kebab says:

Are you going to check out the brouwer from spyderco?

Riley Bracelin says:

Happy shabazzapalooza week everybody!

William Spears says:

I like Boker generaly but this one is just ugly boxy icky looking and i don’t like the blade shape

Hard city Raindrops says:

I wonder if anybody got that knife in S35

Bryce Parker says:

Yea that price isnt justified at all

Brandon Boelter says:

what does boker make, that is good to begin with? aww thats right, nothing.

Tactical Center says:

Friends dont let friends by Bokers.

Micah Knepper says:

Sorry you got kicked in the nuts.

Mátyás Türk says:

I had one of the first production version in S35VN. It developed some serious lock rock in a few hours. I just had to sell it, because it drove me crazy, especially since i loved everything else about it. It was the only knife with teflon washers that had action i didn’t hate.
If you can get one even in 440C that doesn’t have issues, i’d say it’s more than comparable to a Delica. Comparable steel, G10 instead of FRN, interesting design, inset titanium liner and titanium clip…

Stahlwerk88 says:

The Serge Lancerlot, eh? Would’ve been able to forgive a lot of the negatives with the knife if they’d only gotten the name right!

Nicholas Wilson says:

Let me put it this way, I don’t care enough about this knife to complain it’s right handed only. 😀

Landon Blazer says:

I feel like I’ve seen this before…

The4cp says:

Not a big fan of Boker. The only one I actually like and own is the Wildcat but it’s not exactly a useful tool.

Kiwi Comanche says:


charles manning says:

I had mine for an hour before I started the return process. he lock stick was overwhelming and I couldn’t get the action tuned to open smoothly and be void of blade play at the same time. Everything about it felt cheap. Just wasn’t for me.

Danny Bushaw (wormsdroid) says:

I love mine , I paid 60 for s35 on the secondary market though.

Clinton Lewis says:

Good job

Jorge Velilla says:

This is unfortunate, the design is pretty much great for me but that price… for this? I think I prefer a Tangram Santa Fe or a Civivi Praxis… they’re even cheaper.

thistubeisfucked says:

Love the design. Don’t love the 440C, G10 and teflon. Make it out of M390, titanium and run it on bearings and I’d already own one.

Wrecky61 says:

So the knife is ugly and it doesn’t cut very well.
The design does have a Bauhaus quality to it . . .

Knife_Man_Zack says:

They should’ve done S35vn and D2. Or S35vn and VG10. I’d be much happier at that price point. 440C? Come on man. What is this 1996?

Dorachagi1 says:

I considered a few Boker knives, I dig some of their designs very much, but every single review video of them has unacceptably audible lock stick which makes them a no go for me.

Chad Gearing says:

Nick I don’t know what company you went through. But I picked up one in s35v and one in 440c through a retailer exclusive nearly a year ago. The s35 was in carbon fiber for around $70-80 and the 440c was in black g10 and about $35. I understand your disappointment considering the price but I think if you give the knife a chance you might be pleasantly surprised with Boker’s 440c heat treatment. I have several knives in their 440c and they are quite decent. Of course I enjoy sharpening my knives to different edge angles to find the optimal combination for the steel and geometry.

Mohamed Shwesh says:

nick please if you want a real böker buy the original german made böker like the böker solingen Kalashnikov 47

and also like other americans you butcher the name böker

Dan Sharpe says:

For those people who are really, really fond of rectangles this might be a good option.

BornIn1500 says:

440c and G10… so just like a $15-$20 Ganzo. Love my Ganzo G729. Got it on sale for a whole $12.99 shipped!

ciderandthorazine says:

i think the Nick’s actually been too lenient on this product. the idea of Panchenko involvement is the only positive notion to be had about it (i don’t even agree that 440C>VG10). so yeah, f**k this thing and the horse it rode in on, far as i’m concerned.

Sarpe says:

just buy the black version, if you dont like the acid wash.

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