The Brad Southard Avo Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll talk about a nice little midtech EDC pocketknife from Brad Southard knives. It’s smallish, thinnish, well made, and with a nice action, and aside from a high pricetag, some clip issues, and a pretty rough area at the base of the blade, it feels like a great little tool, and the next iteration is definitely one to consider.


jumpkeys says:

I’m with you on this one … and would love to hear Brad’s comments on his reasoning for the choil area design and other elements.

Great Avo’cacy Nick!

William Burke says:

If that knife has grown on you, could you give me that one and grow another one for yourself?

Bo cain says:

another fantastic video. this channel is a real gem! as for my opinion on the knife, $425 is ugly. i’d rather have the ZT 0452CF AND Kizer Isham Megatherium for just $30 more.

William Burke says:

Avo (as in -cado), for Avo Cigars, owned by the late jazz composer/cigar company owner Avo Uvezian (Dominican Republic). He passed away near the beginning of summer – not from cigars, but at an advanced age and a very full life. RIP.

A Pedestrianist says:

Sorry lefties.

William Mowery says:

Hey nick, whatever happened to your Anthony griffin custom?

wallyshling says:

i bought a Kershaw Freefall strictly on the fact that there is no thumb stud or nail nick. I like this one for the same reason.

Mikael Andersson says:

The Brad Southard Avocado – just another overpriced knife for the iPhone crowd.

EDC with Aaron says:

I love simple, attractive designs like this. Definitely agree that those issues need to be fixed though, especially the pocket clip. A good tool needs to be easy to get in and out of the pocket or I’m probably not going to bother carrying it. Awesome review as always!

Nazgoroth says:

It all made sense, then came the ComParamilitary 2.

I take no credit for this or any other bad puns.

Josh W says:

1:43 Never change Nick. We need your eye for detail. Youtube already has enough people spending 20 minutes gushing about their latest unboxing. Nobody likes hear bad things about their favorite toys or the latest product on the hype train but we all need to a little balance to bring us back to reality so we can make wiser purchases. Seeing the bad in good items and the good in bad items is a beautiful thing.

Wishkah_outdoors says:

I’ve always said that if Chris Reeves were to make a flipper it would be the AVO


A suggestion for an addition to the category of ugly… the knife is ugly.

John 47 says:

Nick, as a widely known and followed knife expert I have to ask you your thoughts on the use of VALYRIAN steel for fixed blade and folders? Thank you in advance for your usual expert opinions.

Brad Griffin says:

You’ll have to go avo that knife again in a future run Nick.

kerryrwac says:

Nick Shabazz the shouty vegetarian Viking lol .

William Burke says:

And yeah, I’d get that reprofiled pronto. That gouge would drive me nuts in my sleep. If I weren’t such an insomniac.

Leon says:

I thought he stopped making Avo’s pretty much ever since the Tolk came out..then only hope of getting something in Avo size was just waiting for the mini-Tolk…

kurt grates says:

Nick, Whats the noise Vikings make again…   great bid

Brian Taylor says:

I agree absolutely 100% on the ugliness of that poorly executed grind at the heel of the blade.

keifer225948 says:

Nice video!!! I still love my benchmade 531 for the price

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