The Buck Vantage Select Small Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a very interesting budget piece from Buck knives, the Buck Vantage Select Small.


Howard Adderly says:

Mine has that flex lock….

kyfishslayer says:

I think the Buck Vantage Force Pro in blue is an absolutely beautiful knife. I have owned 2 of them over the years and as much as I wanted to love them I could not keep either because of the horrible horrible build quality. I have foud that with most of their pocket knives they produce. It’s so sad to see such a large well known US knife maker produce such garbage.

Danny L says:

I rather have a Z hunter

Jim M says:

☹️. I really want Buck to be good. So much potential!

max med says:

He says “ummm” way to often

Kevola says:

Is this a hollow grind blade?

bullsharkreef says:

It’s bigger sibling can be disassembled, but why? This is a cheap pocketknife that cut extremely well, use it until it get lost or broken, then it can be easily and cheaply replaced.

David R says:

I have several of the Large Vantage, which have similar issues. It’s a love/hate thing. The blades are SO good, especially the 20CV sprint run blade (with Micarta scales).

Since customizing this is a favorite EDC knife. Before that it was unpleasant. C’mon Buck – you’re so close to getting these right. Give us a competitive one in the $75-125 range with proper detent, return to screws, and get the action right.

(I’ll get that pinning the liners likely leads to far fewer warranty requests because some bozos can’t re-assemble it correctly.)

Zach’s Stuff says:

Looks like they made it a throw away knife on purpose. Nice break down!

Chuck Gilley says:

Years ago Buck’s humble brag was “Famous for holding an edge”. Today is should be, ‘Famous for not being able to center”.

Nick Shabazz says:

So, Buck just sent me a very classy and kind email, giving their reasoning for pinning:

“I did want to let you know why we changed that knife and the 345 to pinned construction from screwed together construction. The knife originally came with screwed together construction. We started getting returns for the body screws stripping out and also were experiencing some of this in our assembly process. Upon investigation we found that the .040” thick liner was not allowing enough thread engagement to keep the thread in the liner from stripping or pulling out. For a 1-72 size thread at .040” we were getting 2-3 threads of engagement. This simply was not enough threads to allow the screws to properly do their job. Thus the switch to the riveted construction. I hope this helps explain why we had to switch.”

I still don’t love it, but at least they thought about it carefully.

thomas thomas says:

I agree but, it only cost me $20. My biggest gripe is the slick scales. They required at little bit of skateboard tape. l was hoping to see the Pro version at Shot Show but, they did not have one at the show.

The4cp says:

Come on Buck step it up.

melvin sacromentoe says:

I got a select large and the QC on it was terrible. detent was to stiff, blade centering terrible, lock up bad

Nerd says:

The best thing about the buck vantage is not owning it.

OcOmega Shadow says:

Amazing best buck knife review.

Hunter wolfe says:

1:03 -1:05 finally someone else understands.. I’ve been telling my gf that for years

Litty Committee says:

I have the s30v version and am pretty unimpressed. Blade hits the barrel spacer, hard to flip, terrible fit and finish. I really love the design, blade, and pocket though. If only it were made well.

bp69 says:

Buck knives have crap quality control wouldn’t buy this honestly might look at the s30v one if you need something super cheap with good edge retention

pendulousphallus says:

I wanted to love this. It looked lovely and humble even before I heard the price. I’m not sold on the idea of a flipper tab on the rear in general but that’s down to preference. The thing that kills whatever little crush I had on it at first blush is it being locked down.

Joe Yates says:

That’s not a beautiful thing

Clarence 1 says:

Like used tires and free advice you get what you pay for. Seems like a 25 buck knife.

Bumble Troll says:

Sad. My first knife purchase was a buck. They’ll always have a spot along with case and old timer. I really would like to see more non budget bucks. 420 has been their thing for too long as well.

I'm Your Huckleberry says:

Buck this knife

Smuckers T says:

Having a knife that you cant disassemble is like having a car whose hood is permanently locked.

Nils Berg says:

So I have 3 different Buck Vantage knives; a small Avid (420hc/Wood scales), a large Pro (S30v/G10), and the SK Blades “Maverick” version (20cv/Micarta). I have to agree about the issues. They are not built that great, the action kinda sucks (with the exception of the Maverick, that one flips pretty well), and the pins are way less than ideal.

HOWEVER, the Pro version is one of the best values out there for a great cutting tool. You get Bos heat treated piece of S30V for less than $100, that is hollowed ground very thin behind the edge, and in a compact and lightweight form factor. It’s definitely not for everyone, but I think it can still be a good blade for some people.

Kyle Vanwinkle says:

I like the blade shape and grind but the weak detent makes the flipper useless.

I’ve actually owned 2 versions a select and I think a force model which was just a thumb ramp on the blade

Gary Jacobs says:

Do they still try to save you , when you buy one of their knives ?

Geno Burgess says:

I don’t like buck products at all

Lari Vasara says:

When will buck learn to modernize their models so they can be disasembeld?

lukeum jones says:

got one years ago in a box of mixed knives and am proud to say that they have improved from hunk of junk to number one hunk of junk

Brian F says:

One word ” UGLY ” .

Capt'n Aidy says:

Really Really Bad PEACE 😛

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