The CKF Ratata Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll review another nice knife from CKF. Great action, nice design, some annoying flipper geometry, and a terrible clip. If you like the look, you’ll like the knife.


Dan Sharpe says:

Ratata? This should be called the Uruk-hai. However good or bad this is, it takes ugly to a whole new level!

Jay Ingle says:

Part of me wants to see a video of Nick pronouncing all of the Pokémons now

Le Lemon says:

Why does a blackWASH make a knife look dirty?

James Hewitt says:

Honest question about the lil bish hands… Are the wife’s hands bigger than yours Nick?

magic says:

Cool collectors piece; would put it in a case never to be used.

Marco Ramirez says:

Got to catch them all

Riley Bracelin says:

Woah this video’s old!

Ondal1 says:

Ratata is Lucky Luke’s dog, not a Pokémon.

EDC with Aaron says:

You forgot to mention how CKF usually includes tons of extra hardware with their knives; screws, milled pocket clips, bearings, etc! And the detent clearing thing is definitely a big deal to me and many others, if a knife doesn’t overcome the detent by the time the flipper hits your finger it is poorly designed.

toxic flipper says:

I also hate when knives have the flipper tab / detent issue. I had a we knife that had that problem and I sold it because it bothered me a lot. I think 0808 is like that too

Daniel Dupuis says:

Wait… do you have your old Norseman back??

paul greenwood says:

Surprised you didn’t use the word ‘crud-catcher’ in reference to the handle………;)

Chris Harris says:

No delica. I’m rioting

Spoit says:

Great spit job at 15:01!

SkyKnifer says:

fyi, to the best of my knowledge the clip isn’t timascus but fauxmascus. Just plain old ti with a pretty pattern

Robert Allcorn says:

Where was the Delica?

nathanael edwards says:

Holy moly! How big is your backlog of pre recorded videos?

Frank Andre Holmestrand says:

Ratata is used in Norwegian as a polite irony form to say “butt” or “behind”

Xavier says:

We all must know… does it front flip?

Nicholas Di Vito says:

In glad your channel is growing nick!

Barry Hemmy says:

This looks like a knife that Bam Bam from The Flintstones would carry

mrjoeyzaza says:

The appearance of your Grimsmo reveals an older recording. Could the Ratata be front flipped too? Another great video all the same.

f22shift says:

Every knife should have a detent ball ramp or proper designs
I totally understand what you mean. Shiro is also a good closer because of the same reason of proper design.
I also am annoyed at this. Point it out all the time so brands will listen.
Also sometimes ckf will have these awesome prices like during Black Friday so don’t get rip off on the secondary market. I think some sellers will not be honest of their purchase price.

Hadi Farah says:

guys let’s sign a petition to Oxford English dictionary to change “nitpick” to “nickpick”

Bacon SlayerCM says:

3:17 why did you say they rested on their yannys?

TFSpider says:

the flipper tab/lack of detent ramp thing is a pet peeve of mine and the reason I sold my Ratata, my Mako, and my Olamic 247 (among anything else I’ve owned with this “issue”).

Alex Gonzalez says:

Looks like you can use the top of the blade to do some front flipping action?

Jason Levine says:

Compound grinds are a lot like vomiting. -Shabazz 2018

Mad Man says:

I love mine despite a few similarly small gripes, good review

The_Mighty_Snorlax says:

It’s a Pokemon!

subroc says:

They should have called it the Geodude

shotgunbowen says:

Old school grimsmo, hehe.

Matt Finish says:

Nick, Have you ever thought of designing your own knife?

William Spears says:

Peudo transformer aesthetic?

Daumier says:

Nick “Smaller-hands-than-most” Shabazz

Leon says:

oh ffs, You should start with a disclaimer about knives that aren’t available anymore! I wasted 13 mins of precious time lol

Sharp_Ed says:

I adore my Ratata. The look was designed to be an EDC Decepticon companion. Super slicey and no pocket pecker.

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