The Cold Steel AD-15 Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at the Cold Steel and Andrew Demko AD-15, a production version of a very unusual custom Gem.


Micah Knepper says:

Dude, you’re four to five years away from becoming a huge Cold Steel fan. Resistance is futile.

rasher bilbo says:

“The simple fact…” just a bit overused here, Nick. Nyquil overdose?

MrAdvantage1 says:

“Mind the gap”

A thigh man can always spot another thigh man

Oh noes! Oh noes! says:

Nick recommending a Coldsteel blade as a gem? Next you know he be carrying around the Espada XL everyday.

Frank Salem says:

You made me buy the original custom and now I have to buy one of these. Great review. Great sense of humor.

Dj May says:

Why are all the cool locks on 3.5 inch blades? They should make some under 3

Carl Stanland says:

Feels big in the pocket and even bigger in the hand. Insert Birdshot IV pun here.

Steve Welborn says:

I took the clip off and sanded just under where the clip grabs your pants. It not hurting my jeans. That’s really the only part that matters. Great review.

wanna_sleep says:

Thanks for the video, Nick! Good as usual!

pendulousphallus says:

I hope that locking feature isn’t patented. That looks super safe especially when closing with your fingers totally out of the travel path. That’s a big plus to wusses like me.

The4cp says:

Did Nick just call a Cold Steel a gem?! I fainted!

MrAdvantage1 says:

Is the AD-10 the same but bigger? It seems like I’ve seen some in back lock, and some in the scorpion. What’s the deal there? Am I misremembering?

fanofactionflicks says:

just as good and maybe better with the phosphor bronze washers eh?

Bravo whiskey says:

I got mine when they first came out; and after some use and excessively gratuitous fidgeting it actually is drop shut smooth

paul greenwood says:

I’m surprised you didn’t mention the thumb stud being in the way of the cutting edge…

Ryan Yoon says:

Does the tang of the blade protrude into the grip area? Having it flush would be good attention to detail but it looks like it protrudes and I can’t think of any knife that does that.

Raymond Yadusky says:

No offense, but that knife looks like s**t.

Jeremy two says:

Nick . Can you do best gem by company either historically or recently? Like cold steels greatest gem is so and so. Like Sogs greatest gem ever was so and so. This year Buck’s gem is so and so.

Tmankiller72 says:

Who would down vote this video?

Fidel Cashflow says:

Yknow Nick, I don’t think there is an item that exists where you couldn’t find something you didn’t like about it.

Most of your complaints are legit.
Tho you are definitely nitpicky at times. That’s a good thing tho, a lot of people get stuck on the good. To the point where they just don’t see any bad. Or they willfully ignore it. The review loses credibility because of that…

Im sure there are a few perfect items, that even you would have trouble finding flaws with. Still, I have faith you could, lol.

Barry Hemmy says:

Again CS makes the mistake of over-aggressive G10( especially under the clip). When will they learn?

Kire EDC says:

When you started coughing I fully expected you to transform into “modern art nick”

The4cp says:

I just got an SR1 from Cold Steel. Damn is the stock thick. I do like it though it’s a tank.

b ach says:

I thought for sure he would mention the thumb studs being in the slicing path.

jacob manalang says:

i pretty much knew this was the knife i was gonna buy after the first demko review. well there goes another 150 bucks

Paul F. says:

Nick always reversing the Rats

Graham Bliley says:

The simple fact is… it is called a leitmotif, and it will look great over a picture of a gem on the next round of shirts. Keep up the great work, these reviews are a bright shiny distraction during the doldrum week for a lot of folks.

sean lowry says:

The spyderco Q has a lock that is somewhat similar in concept

Leon says:

I dislike the g10 color almost as much as the texturing…

Slayeroffoes says:

3:22 That’s what she said! eheheheheh…

colt cat says:

I’ll just wait for them to pump out a full GFN handle, aluminum lock bar, 4116 clip point version for $79.99

Bruce McIntyre says:

If they ever release the Parata, I will be curious to see how the “new” Stop-Lock will work. I’ve seen toggle locks before. I hope Spyderco does it well… Sage 6?

J Dunk says:

Great review as always ! Thank you

FlamQ Dbltap says:

A good rendition of the original at less than 1/3 the cost. That knife is going to sell real well. Thanks Nick

Hiker Marapese says:

After the 10th “The simple fact is” only half way through the vid I couldn’t take it anymore.

Patrick Guignot says:

Great review but when you said it’s 90% as good as the custom you should have said it’s aluminum lock an steel liners compared to titanium lock and liners on the custom.

MrRPM110 says:

Cold steel to me is tremendous value.

ApexEDC 88 says:

What can take more abuse? AD15 or Hinderer Full Track

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