The Cold Steel Ultimate Hunter Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Although it’s a bit thick in the blade, and it’s not for everybody, the Cold Steel Ultimate Hunter is ultimately a pretty damned good knife, and although it’s not my style, strictly speaking, it’s a gem.


IrishDevil78 says:

$90 isn’t high at all, you’re completely off base there.

Cat Naps33 says:

Underrated strong and beauty… I love this knife.

Nathen Wallis says:

what’s sad is I really like the looks of this knife. it has a lot of resemblance to Andrew demko’s AD-10 series which is one of my grail knives. also, as a hunter, this looks like it would be a great knife for skinning ( the name ultimate hunter has nothing to do with that opinion, but the blade shape looks well suited to that task). I would even be able to look past the price tag, because I just like the way it looks so much. However, the fact that it’s a cold steel means I won’t be buying one. after the way Lynn has basically given the middle finger to the whole knife community, I won’t even put any of my money in his pocket. Before the drama, I owned a few cold steel knives, and was impressed by what you get for the money, but none of the designs really “spoke to me” if that makes any sense. After the drama, there hasn’t been any issue with me not buying a cold steel, because I didn’t see anything that he liked…..but than they came out with this one, and now I keep thinking “damnit Lynn, why did you have to go and make something that I want!”, lol, oh well

Josh W says:

06:39 “This is just ugly; I’m sorry.” So it’s ugly, but not ugly enough to be ugly? 😉

Mike E says:

Good looking knife, and the $90 price tag is a fair price for the material you get and higher end blade steel. I might get this down the road…

Richard Davis says:

…And the triad lock is the strongest locking mechanism available in a folding knife. Your dislike of the owner of Cold Steel does not change that certain fact. If this is not the strongest mechanism, you will be able to mention one that is stronger. This you cannot do. So hush.

The4cp says:

I agree I’m a big cold steel fan and the blade writing must go! You review so many different knives it’s hard to be a snob. You really opened me up to what’s out there.

Frank Heinrich says:

Have you seen the cold steel Khan? It’s actually pretty good for $35

Richard Davis says:

The “Bowl shaped groove” at the butt of the knife is for the thumb in the reverse position,Nick.

GunTotinMinnesotan says:

I have an orange coloration video up if anyone wants to see it in orange CTS XHP

Toadstkr says:

Bad slicer great cutting tool? Paradox

Jadon Ingalls says:

I see nicks point about this price. By no means a rip off, but a broken skull with same materials is at 60ish.

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Nick, Why wouldn’t you buy it ? .,,. p

P Hanley says:

Nick, man I adore your reviews. BTW, I think they provided a solid compromise with the thick blade but such a high grind. Great hard use knife, camping, etc. Great stuff for the price, I love this along with a Delica for slicing all day long. That Olamic is excellent though… 🙂

Adam Smythe says:

Wish they’d get rid of all the writing in those cheesy fonts

Hooper45 says:

Douchey writing

Brian F says:

$90 for XHP is great . if you put XHP on a Spyderco Tenacious it would be about $150. Also , it’s a hunting/skinning knife , so you need the blade to be stout , in case you hit bone or you put it in the dirt by accident while skinnig .

Упсарин Ц says:

Cold steel build knives for which most of us normal people have no use. But i still like them anyway

zero 4U says:

Price? If is was a Spyderco, it would be 150 bucks? I am stumped! I was stoked about the price!! 90? I think it  is a great value! The PM 2 is well over a hundred bucks.

The4cp says:

I never believed you about people freaking out over knife shape. My girlfriend works in a nursing home and anything not shaped like a spyderco tenacious makes the residents think she’s a serial killer.

Murat Başcı says:

My mom said, ‘how a beautiful knife this is!’ while watching your review. It looks like our traditional general using knives(skinning knife looking blades) in Turkey, Gaziantep.

Kenneth Robson says:

spyderco has sued other knife company too. cold steel guilty of it too but there not alone. the problem is they all have to much money and time.

JimmyRnj says:

I ground a finger choil in mine, it makes all the difference.

Yannick Bislin says:

you speak german?

Charles Collier says:

I was pretty surprised when I saw the disassembly video, as I couldn’t envision you buying this knife, and I wondered how you would assess it. I agree with your good and great points, but have a somewhat different view of one of your main dings against it – the handle thickness. I definitely agree that for EDC carry, it’s bulky, but I don’t see that as a negative, because this knife is purpose built for hunting and related outdoors tasks, not EDC. It says so, in large, gaudy, and utterly unnecessary lettering on the blade. In fact, the thick handle is a boon if you’re skinning and dressing a wild boar, or carving a spoon on a bushcrafting campout, because it reduces the risk of hand fatigue. It brings to mind another excellent, purpose-built outdoorsman’s folder, the Steel Will Druid 290, the handle of which is so thick that the makers include a sheath to carry it, because they quite reasonably surmised that nobody would want to clip it into their pocket. Taking that perspective then, this is one of Cold Steel’s gems, marred only by its association to Cold Steel.

205 JAB says:

You say that about every cold steel. “I wouldn’t buy it” we all know you hate cold steel.

Brad Griffin says:

You could dress small game with this knife. Nice blade curve.

Heretobenosey says:

If you think $90 is expensive, try the uk price. Currently works out to $205!

Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Nick, I think your missing the boat. I like doing Afternoon Delight’s. Sometimes I just go with a Basic Trio. A Belt Knife, a Hatchet and Saw. I even have some Lite Trio’s like my Mora 2000, the Mora Hatchet and my Bacho Laplander. Then I just go with my Cold Steel Kukuri Plus in O1 and my San Mai 3 Master Hunter, plus a Saw. That’s where my C. S. Ultimate Hunter comes on. This way all I need is my Gerber Multi Tool to take hot pots off the fire, open a can of Beans or what ever. Actually I like to carry my Ultimate Hunter with a Basic Trio for instance my Modified Rodent 6 with my 17″ Hultafors Bruks Agdor Hatchet and my Wicked Tough Saw. I also sometimes carry my Mora 510 as my Neck Knife instead of the folder. But I also have a Cold Steel Black Rhino that I like alot. One more thing. the blade profile on my Ultimate Hunter reminds me of my Benchmade Bushcrafter #162. So yeah, I definitely use it in the bush.,,.p

Eric Bowling says:

>cold steel

DogOnMountain says:

If you can’t tell flat or hollow, hold a ruler against the bevel and see if light shines through.

JS Krawz says:

I’m not a hunter expert but I would want a fixed blade, relatively small, thin, sharp, with a good rounded belly for skinning/processing. I think this knife would be OK… Just a little too thick…

StoråsStudio says:

I like how the G10 resembles wood grain to a certain extent, that makes it look a lot nicer up close.
Some of the ugliest contouring of G10 comes from Cold Steel. I absolutely hate the cross pattern on my Voyager scales, it’s not going anywhere, but man is it ugly, and combined with the clip it can eat any pocket!

alittleolder says:

Their Videos were the reason I didn’t buy one of their knives and rather went with an unnamed knife that cost 4 times as much. Well done Cold Steel. You could see it in his face that he was embarassed himself for that video.

joe bob says:

I think the bowl on the end is for reverse grip

sniperhat1 says:

I’ll stick with my old master hunter in carbon v. It has gotten quite a patina to it over the years having carved up many,many deer.

Roy Fernbach says:

I would love to see your review of a Cold Steel Frenzy… I love mine. It is, for all intents and purposes, a pocket sword.

Clap Forboobies says:

This is the folder I take on my outdoor expeditions along with a fixed blade. It really excels in cutting and tool related tasks outside

Eric Shan says:

With this review, I’m pretty sure you’d like the American Lawman more.

Dapper Dan says:

I really like your review here! You really seem to understand knives.

I bought this knife about 6 months ago and I’ve really loved it.

MetalsForBrunch says:

i murdered tons of boxes with that cold steel, something I wouldnt do with my chris reeves knives.

cravingofasolemnsoul says:

I’m always conflicted with the ‘hunter’ or ‘hunting’ style pocket knives. I always find that they just ooze class with the nice curves and (usually) the wood or micartha handles. I live in the Netherlands, and carrying a pocket knive is fairly uncommon, so looking like a man child/mall ninja happens al little quicker than in countries where carrying a knife is much more common. Not with SAK’s or classic hunter styled knives though. Unfortunatly compared do Spyderco’s and the other dedicated EDC brands, they’re just not as effective as everyday carry. Usually a little heavier, the handles are a little thicker, hollow grinds and thick blade stock.


Men are seldom offended by a knife. Most true knife people would select a knife that is suitable to the environment it will be used in. I try to imagine you in a work environment other than an office. I know you have a lot to offer. I prefer your more serious side

Kevola says:

Can you open this knife one handed?

CSLFiero says:

xhp rusts pretty unacceptably for food or outdoor tasks.

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