The CRKT Drifter Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at a very interesting budget folder from CRKT, the Drifter, which is a simple knife, done well, for a very solid price.


ArrowNin says:

Looks like a great knife, it is a combo edge though so I cant say I would use it. If it has a straight edge version… then hell yeah!

Oh noes! Oh noes! says:

That just seems to be CRKT thing. They buy up lots and lots of good designs and then do a half hearted job assembling them. At least they have PB washers on this one. Perhaps they are finally learning that just a little extra effort really goes a long way.

Riley Santiago says:

Alien here! Still prefer tip up…

Iammightymeaty says:

17.25 on eBay!

Ashkan says:

Hmmm I don’t know if I agree with you on the benefits of a simple thing done right exactly.

You mention that this knife has no places where you feel that it really feels cheaped out on or like they missed an opportunity to keep it under budget and I can see the appeal in that but I think many budget knives have those cheap outs and still feel really good and function exceptionally well and to me that isn’t necessarily a knock against them. For example the Ruike P801SF is a great knife with decent steel and a satisfying flipper action but it’s heavy relatively, would it be better in milled titanium with a steel lockbar insert and overtravel stop? Yeah probably. Would it also be 3 times the cost at least? Yeah probably.

I think at a budget compromise can be something which doesn’t kill a knife for me and for me the Ruike would be much more appealing than this knife. Your mileage may vary obviously.

Peter says:

I am over serrated blades I don’t like them

Average Joe says:

My problem with serrations is that they put them right where I like to use the blade for certain types of cutting/carving. The serrations make that carving impossible.

Armed Optics says:

I love mine, it has served me well for years. I had no issues, it’s easy to maintain, the 8cr13mov is easy to sharpen and offers amazing value. The tip down carry is the only downside, but I still have it in my rotation. Imho, it’s a low budget gem. Thanks for the review, Nick. By the way, the coating is Titanium Nitride.

Systrex says:

I’ve had the steel handle version for years now. It’s an ok beater knife. The clip sucks.

OcOmega Shadow says:

Amazing reviews!!!

jojojaykay says:

Thanks for another good review knife daddy ❤️. Classic budget blade.

Tom Conlogue says:

Thanks for the review, haven’t seen that one before

Vlad Yakubets says:

Hey Nick, are you going to check out the ZT 0022? Its the smallest ZT yet, perfect for you.

Anthony Sarris says:

I agree always tip-up!

pendulousphallus says:

If they offer this in a full flat I might actually buy it.

Valentin Plotnichenko says:

I am not alien (anymore, I finally got my US passport), and I do prefer tip-down carry of cause, but I can clearly see that if you carry your knife in the pocket, tip-down is better. If you carry it on your west, you actually reverse the knife/handle grip and tip down is better. The problem is that “cheap knifes” makers don’t think about it, they just put a clip where they can attach it easier. Here we go. I have few “cheap” knives similar to this one, I keep using those here and there, I would never carry any of them as an EDC, and you know what, on all of those I just have a clip removed. Problem solved, would not ever put it into my pocket.. As for this specific one, good to see CRKT doing both mass-market affordable knives and better quality knives recently. Will buy few more.

David R says:

Recommend budget folder by your pal Tony. I prefer the non-serated version, which has a little recurve. Agree the RAT is a better knife.

michael meissner says:

It’s still a crkt. Maybe it’s the uninspiring designs or the low end steel, or maybe just the overall cheap materials. The only thing I can say for crkt, it was a “gateway” knife company for my higher end knife collecting.

koala bear says:

Reminds me of the paraframe

ApexEDC 88 says:

I love my socom 2018 and it’s tip down. If it’s done right, I don’t mind either way.

HereInTheLionsDen says:

Front flipper protrusion on the front?

Fidel Cashflow says:

For 3 dollars more I got D2, ceramic bearings, and nice G10.
I can’t justify buying a knife like this again when I know you can get better for the same price.

Not a horrible knife tho… Well, the serrations are horrible… Lol

Jo N says:

Lord jesus CRKT stop using teflon washers all together those phos bronze washers cost a few cents

zero 4U says:

Hahaha!! I forgot about that one. I’m glad you still have it.

JockOfAges says:

Serrations are on the wrong side of all knives IMHO, all that are ground on the show/left side of the blade anyway. If they were ground on the right hand side, you could even make feather sticks, at a push. For right handed ppl it would just be better all around if the serrations were ground on the right.

paul greenwood says:

Really nice to see you reviewing knives that everyone can afford. Thanks.. 🙂

knightofavalon86 says:

Not worth putting up with tip down only when there are so many other compelling options on this price range.

Angler406 says:

The only real advantage I’ve found with a combo edge is that the serrated portion makes very short work of zip ties if you have to deal with that on the regular. I tend to prefer a straight edge most of the time but on the days I’m having to pop a ton of zip ties the combo edge mini Grip is in the pocket.

Allan Hirsch says:

Great review. A few years ago, I wound up buying both a CRKT Drifter and a Sanrenmu 707. Both with straight edge. They are virtually the same knife. One costing $20 and the other about half of that. Both deliver a day to day usability that is simply amazing at that price. I realize that 8CR13MOV is not a great steel, but, as you said in the review, for $10 who cares. It’s easy to sharpen and if I ever break a tip or lose one, the cost of replacement is not an issue. BTW…Love the channel.

gone rydin says:

Rebadged Sanrenmu 7007. $7 for mine.

Clinton Lewis says:

Not a big fan of serrated knives, but not bad for the price, looks decent to!

DontBotherNone says:

Isn’t sanrenmu the OEM for this or do they just make the clone?

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