The CRKT Folding Razel Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

The CRKT Folding Razel has a great design for an EDC knife. Unfortunately, it’s not very well built, like many CRKT knives, and so although it’s a fine functional tool, it’s not going to satisfy the snobbier collectors, and it’s a sad reminder that Jon Graham really needs to shop his designs around a bit more.


Jameson Cross says:

If they just made it lighter and thinner, and made it a flipper, I think it would be a great onife, if you like that sort of thing. I own chisels so I don’t need this kind of silly knife.

KamakazeTaco says:

Amazon and BladeHQ do NOT have these. This knife has been out of production for like 5 years.

Stoney Lonsome says:

The Ki4508 Matthew Christensen Critical Flipper by Kizer should’ve been a razel- it’s close now but doesn’t quite have the blade shape- it’s a wharncliffe but it’s missing the chisel tip. Looks a lot like your midtech Razel.

The4cp says:

Going to be getting this soon.

Dead mouse One says:

I want it bad good vid nick

TheUncleSpoons says:

“Cricket, they make great designs poorly.” – Nick

That is CRKT perfectly described in one sentence

J Simons says:

The CRKT seems to have a bit of blade curve. Are most razels straight edge?

Nolan Kleppan says:

how did you not make the size comparison between this and the midtech? perfect opportunity to be a jackass

chris brand says:

Loving the Razel blade shape, I bought one to use as my go-to box cutter. It arrived with the blade out of center like most, and I dislike how the scale is flush with the liner lock. Overall though, a sturdy tool with style for a cheap price.

kerryrwac says:

You could install the tip down clip as a filler tab after you cut it to size with a Dremel .

Herpetology 101 says:

the CRKT SPEW or small pocket every day wharcliff is a decent little fix blade but yeah I hear yeah low end all the way I don’t think there an is high end edc like ZT

Rodrigo Teresa says:

ZT razel now!!!

Today's Grail Tomorrow's Beater says:

Nick, as usual you hit it right on the head with your final conclusion. We need more Razel availability. I consider myself monumentally lucky to own a custom Razel and I owe that to you, my friend.

TheKillerKlok says:

/sigh the dream was affordable production razels that are not made as cheaply as passable. crkt makes me sad with there complete lack of quality.

and let me edit in another note, Can I have an overbuilt coldsteel in razel please? that is a dream tool. (designed by demko with no stupidity please) Maybe I’m insane but thats a dream of mine.

Mt. Baldwin says:

I seen it listed on crkt’s site in the discontinued list at the beginning of the year, February or something (months ago anyway) when I was trying to find the ringed razel.

slidetek says:

Heck, Kizer could do a great job with his designs, even Kershaw. The CRKT FR’s do seem to be gone now.

Leon says:

There we go with the Frankie and Bird again…just 15 fkn seconds in lol
For gods about this, we will assume you thank them and love them, unless said about that? lol

Rodrigo Teresa says:

Hey Nick I’ve had a problem recently and I’d like to know what you’d recommend. Here’s the short version, if you want details I’ll email you.
-Own a Dragonfly 2, Endura 4, and Manix 2
-Endura 4 had vertical play and loose clip, Manix 2 had horizontal play, both unfixable through cleaning and disassembly
-Sent both to Spyderco
Despite acknowledgement of issues, only Endura clip was fixed, both came back with botched sharpening jobs that were not asked for
-Sent back again
-After negotiation Spyderco agreed to send two new knives
-Endura is perfect (near mirror polished edge even)
-Manix 2 came with the same amount of blade play, a way rougher action out of box than my previous Manix, and small chips toward the tip
What should I do? I’ve already emailed but do you think they’ll replace it again or deem me a waste of time and money? Anyone else with experience please chip in.

toadstkr says:

A Viper Razel has a nice ring to it

Ondal1 says:

It is really such a shame. CRKT does make some amazing designs and collaborations, but they’re always let down by crappy materials. Just think about this with simple G10 and S30VN and perhaps three times the price? It would be a steal, or steel, making Nick jokes.

G. Graham says:

I agree that ZT or Spyderco could make a great Razel. I can see the handle mod to fit the spydie hole…

RaptorofSouls says:

Someone explain why I can’t find this knife anywhere please?

Bill Call says:

When I purchased my first CRKT razel I knew very little about knives and had no idea who Graham was. There was no instructions in the box for the tail clip and I had no idea what the tail clip was and it didn’t come attached to the knife so I left it in the box and used the tip down clip. I would venture a guess that most of them got used this way because CRKT failed to include any information regarding its use. Mine have both been good knives with decent centering, no problems in disassembly, and do not require any wrist flick to get them deployed. I do think I am going to try and replace the washers with bronze ones though just because I prefer them.

That said, I knew from first look that I wanted this knife design to carry daily at work and I love it enough I bought a second one. Mine are both OK in build, and I am completely happy with them at the $25 I paid for each of them. I couldn’t bring myself to pay for one of his mid tech knives and quite frankly would be uncomfortable abusing it at the price they command. But if CRKT or someone would make this knife as a flipper, in at least CTS-BD1 steel(or better), with thinner scales,(although with XXL+ sized hands I really don’t mind the size or weight), and keep the price at $100 or less, I would stand in line to buy two of them. Best work knife I’ve ever had. of course, before buying this knife and discovering the knife “world”, my previous knives were more like the snap on knife, so comparisons could be hard to quantify.

John Smith says:

Review more watches, please. Knives are as interesting as a crumb on the floor, IMO.

FlamQ Dbltap says:

I am actually headed to my iPod while saying out loud: Time for some Nick. Don’t get a fat head or anything Nick.. but we love you man. Thanks for the video

Timmy Two says:

Blade shape and grid don’t look functional

royce priest says:

One of the best purchases of a$35 knife you can make. I love mine

Peter Galione says:

I feel like the suffix on the word “asymmetrical” is redundant. Asymmetric is already an adjective. I googled it, and really couldn’t find a decent answer. Sorry for the tangent, but I never thought about it before.

That EDC Freak says:

Did you ever figure out that magnetized blade?

ARKognition 119 says:

Reate and We Knives have both missed the boat, BIG TIME, by not not doing a version of the very, very hard to acquire Graham Razel. They could not make enough of them IMHO.

1okanaganguy says:

these days design trumps build

Brandon Slayden says:

Could you review the kizer vanguard v3 vigor? I wanna pick one up but they’re aren’t a lot of reviews on it and I would like to know your opinion of it before I jump the gun

maram Ovidiu says:

it’s my most carryed out of the curent collection, love the design and crkt

TFSpider says:

I’ve bought and sold this knife twice. Just didn’t do it for me.

Kakashi Hatake says:

The US qtr must be feeling left out

zero 4U says:

Rwview better knives. CRKT makes junk!

Zelrick says:

I’ve had this knife on the “to review” shelf for months, thanks for saving me the the trouble. my opinion is that it’s a shop/workbench knife not anything to carry around.

John Bowen says:

CRKT and Kershaw both suffer from the same disease: They spend so much buying outstanding designs from stellar designers that they haven’t any money left over to execute those designs in a fashion any sane man would be proud of. Or they’re blowing all their operating capital on hookers and blow and therefore can’t afford to make a knife any sane man would want.

darkironsides says:

say what you will about crkt, but they do love putting on new gimmicks and taking risks.

Alexandre Aubrey says:

Bought one after watching BirdShot IV’s video on it, and yeah… when I got it my first thought was “yup, that’s why I stopped buying cheap knives.” The fit and finish issues you mentioned kept this knife from being an item I yearn to hold. I have no lust for it.

I also wish the blade was a bit longer, there’s some unused space in the handle when the knife is closed.

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