The CRKT Homefront Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we look at the CRKT Homefront. It’s a pocketknife with a great idea and a great design, but which misses the mark in execution, materials, and price.


Traveling Trails Wagging Tails says:

Since the blade is one of the three prices why not have aftermarket blade options full seriations, different grinds etc… would make the blade much more useful and interesting.

Deckard Shaw says:

In short: its junk.


The only problem I have had with my Homefront is when I let someone else use the knife. The first time anyone tries to close the blade they always use the disassembly level at the star. I always get back a knife falling apart. lol

Detroit vs Everybody says:

The blood grove is the coolest part, ive had my homefront for almost a year now and its preformed flawlessly. They make a version without a blood groove for about $20 cheaper.

KnifeTex says:

Finally, a CRKT pocket clip that doesn’t look like fried catfish diarrhea.

Elias Cervantez says:

You nailed the exact reason why I haven’t bought it. $100 for aus8? And all other issues you just poi yes out. Not today satan.

Justin Wang says:

I’m fairly sure you can turn the screw on the clip side and adjust the blade play out

Matt Tripp says:

This knife seems like a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. If you need to be able to service your knife when you’re out and about you should probably just be carrying a fixed blade. So many compromises being made that are just unacceptable. Yet another good design let down by the incompetent people at CRKT.

RED S7VN says:

The reason knives haven’t been made this way is because it’s weaker and less safe. Take this knife and flip the lever during use which actually happens and feel just how horrible the blade flops around. There is ZERO reason to disassemble a folder. Slipjoints are a prime example.

R J says:

This is one of those knives that screams “On sale for only $29.99”  While it’s new and unique it’s going to sell for any price to “collectors” and the ill-informed based on it’s novelty. Then it’s going to go on sale…. until it reaches a price point around $35.00. It still isn’t going to be the best knife for the price, but with it’s novel features it’s going to sell just fine.  And everyone will be happy to say they got a bargain on a “$100.00 knife”.All in all, CRKT is charging as much as they can for the design, before Ganzo produces something similar with better fit and finish and sells it for under $20.00.

Matt Ashe says:

Great review. Still trying to decide whether to buy this or if it’s an overpriced gimmick.

flythesky3000 says:

“It’s very grabby which is great in the Vaseline Factory …” Lol.

bullsharkreef says:

Great review, great and interesting knife design, poor choice of steel; at that price they should have used at least s30v, and that is what is preventing me from pulling the trigger on this piece. I can live with teflon washers, but a steel normally used on 20 buck knives? A steel I need to sharpen just about every day?Just no.

ShelterMe says:

Haven’t read through all the 200+ comments, did CRKT ever address any of these issues with a 2.0 revision? I. E. Blade hitting the back spacer, poorly done sharpening choil area, blade-play, materials vs price point? The field-strip is a neat, useful but albeit nonessential gimmick, but the other issues are a complete deal breaker, the blade hitting alone would be even on a $30 knife…

B Bhatt says:

Seriously, if you think whatever activity you’re engaged in will cause a need to clean your knife “in the field”, you probably should just use a fixed blade. This folder makes no sense to me.

trainer andrew c says:

Is it U.S made or chinese? And would you perfer a spyderco paramilitary 2 over it? Thanks!

Yidris says:

$54 on Amazon right now

throne breaker says:

I like it alot I go fishing on the fly and use my knife to clean them and it’s nice u can field strip it and wash it before you put it back in your pocket right then and there

D BT says:

Nick, you missed the biggest problem with this knife honestly. When you said, “If you really need to be able to clean your knife in the back of a moving truck with a bucket of water…” get a friggin fixedblade knife at that point. This fiddly nonsense is just ridiculous.

Jameson Cross says:

If you regrind the blade it would eliminate a lot of problems. It would get rid of the writing, fix the grind, get a sharpening choil and make it a better slicer.

Bruce McIntyre says:

It looks like Capt America’s knife. CRKT Minimalist is the only one worth owning. CRKT folder = No. Fixed blade only.

Professor Edge 86 says:

You can get these for $70-$80 all day maybe this video was made a while ago before uploaded but price has come down. Either way $70 is still a lot for AUS-8

Brian Follett says:

Finally , CRKT up-graded their steels , TO AUS8 ! ! Nitwits ….
But seriously , AUS8 is probably a good choice for this knife, because its a decent field steel, but CRKT really needs to upgrade their steels . I know that in 2018 , I personally will not be buying any knives with 8CR , 9CR , AUS8 , Chinese 440 , ect , the knife will have to have at least 14C28N or D2 , these companies just aren’t getting the hint , WE WANT BETTER STEEL , PERIOD. ..

M H says:

Crkt needs to get off the aus8 train

Yak1B says:

This knife sucks so much that even the C.B.S.A. doesn’t want it.

Matt Whedon says:

I don’t know if anyone already mentioned this, but I think the fuller is in imitation of a K-bar fixed blade.

Jeff Sherrod says:

Would love to see a review of the CRKT Raikiri, a wharnie flipper with quick take down and 4116 steel. And the M16 has been upgraded with better steel.

Anthony P says:

My thoughts and then some on this company and this knife

Brian Miller says:

I would own one of these, if Ken Onion liked lefties.

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