The CRKT Klecker Graphite Pocketknife: The Sufficient Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to look at something that CRKT actually wants money for, the CRKT Klecker Graphite


Greg Walker says:

great review! this is the perfect knife thing to prevent undue fidgeting, and rather than reaching for it in an emergency, one might prefer just to break a beer bottle to open correspondence….

Daniel McAndrews says:

A knife that puts you in a pinch

safe space says:

Worth buying….it’s a collectors dream.


Great blade stock, the blade type is also fine. Perfect for resharpening out in the field.

michael meissner says:

This is very different than any knife… by anybody, for a very good reason. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Crkt has some, and I emphasize some, reasonable designs, this isn’t one of them. The problem I have is the good designs are few and far between, and are made from cheap material. I’ve had a few of their offerings in the past, but the low end material doesn’t hold up very well.

Slicey Dicey says:

The actual Klecker is a very nice looking knife. How did CRKT mess this up so much?

Randall Wessar says:

Looks like they strapped on all the used parts to make a knife in the factory,bad CRKT!

ApexEDC 88 says:

Sooooo, it not a Jem?

sniperhat1 says:

That is one ugly knife. I threw up in my mouth a little.

Kakashi Hatake says:

Am I the only one who thought this knife was huge from the thumbnail?

blitzbbffl says:

Steampunk Special!

Taylor Fiolek says:

Lol and this just going to be a quick review….cuz yeah…

Clinton Lewis says:

I like the look of it, not the construction of it.

Comrade Mae says:

Hoh boy that’s an ugly knife. You’re doing God’s work, using the terrible so we don’t have to.

Drewdimus Maximus says:

Well you can tell he’s not a salesman

Dannon S says:

Quite the busy looking turd that knife is.

Mark Schue says:

Nick, this is the knife that made me search for a better knife and led me to your channel. Now I have a Norseman and two specters. Thank you.

keifer225948 says:

So. You’re not recommending this ???

Gary Mercer says:

Plus it’s pug ugly. Review the Ganzo FH 11 absolutely beautomous and under 40 skoots

Diskourage says:

As expected form CRKT i guess, interesting concept, horrible execution

SurvivalAustria says:

Great video, love that knife.


Average Joe says:

What a chaotic looking blade. It is like looks like a design M.C. Escher would like.

Vlka Fenryka78 says:

i dont think i’ve seen Nick struggle this much outside of the Zhunter smorgasbord

Mitchell Delmar says:

That thing belongs on the Island of Misfit Knives.

Dan Sharpe says:

It’s like a knife, Almost.

The Batch says:

Now you should review the original Klecker Cordovan. It’s very similar by not as C H E A P

Nekrotics says:

I swear this is a joke

Woody Balto says:

I thought Frankie and Bird were your friends.

Gadget yoyo says:

I’ve watched the CRKT video.
The reason for this folder is that we can have a flipper with a back lock.
There is a serrated version. The serrations look like some bead knife.
The thumb studs are not for opening. You are to hold on to the studs when closing the knife. Like press the back lock, grip the studs, fingers move out of the way as you glide the knife in. And yes, it’s a slicer. Cause it’s hollow grind. Annnnnd. I still dun like it.

Iammightymeaty says:

It’s only 40 because they charge by the pound.

D E says:

How to make the zhunter look like a gem

TheMartialist says:


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