The CRKT LCK Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at a shockingly good little knife from CRKT, the Ruger-branded LCK.


Kyle Vanwinkle says:

Bring the blade steel up to s30v and keep the price at about 50ish. I might buy it. Put s30v blade steel and bring production to the USA and I’d pay 80-100 for this knife

crmplex1 says:

The jimping/gripitude looks very similar to that of the Ruger LCP. I like that they did that. Great review as always!

Innt It says:

If you like this, get the Crossbones on loan from F&B. Another gem.

TheMawsJawz TM says:

Glad I saw this review. Liked the design but wrote it off because it’s CRKT. Glad this channel gives me a reason to spend more money.

MGladwell says:


Maxx Anker says:

Day 2: I have successfully reviewed two Chinese budget knives and deemed them gems. Subjects still believe I am the Nick. Initiating phase two.

Adam Smith says:

I’d never want to see the Shabazz’s face or anything but maybe we could hear him shave with it? It has that straight razor vibe

Demiweeb says:

The Caligo is also excellent

Mixed Martial Anime says:

crkt is known as cricket?

loyal poehler says:

just ordered it with the drop point blade !thank you Nick , knife #504!

Mountain Man Watch Reviews says:

No voyager xl comparison?

knightmarex13 says:

that deep carry clip is very sog-esque

keifer225948 says:

Nice review..

KamakazeTaco says:

A little bit of thicc-ness is always a good thing

CV Murillo says:

I agree that it should come in different colors, at least for the handle. Black blade color is fine with me

Harry Wright says:

Ok Nick , which do We buy first the atmos or crkt?

Steve Yoshinaga says:

Blade similar to a higo konami

Javitruck 1 says:

You forgot to mention the good sharpening choil. They make it easy to sharpen this softer steel..this is a very nice buy… Great video AGAIN, Mr. Shabazz

Knife Culture USA says:

There is an LCK with a silver blade , but it has a different shape. I think I like the shape of this one better.

Ray Ericsson says:

Most of my deep carry clips have screws in the pocket path. Kudos to CRKT for addressing this annoying issue. This is a great EDC that you won’t hesitate to loan out to others and can beat on without the worry of damaging a more expensive blade. Also glad to see that tiger isn’t billboarded all over the blade and handle. Nice job CRKT!

CSharp says:

Clip can’t be switched to the other side. There. The universe makes sense again. Heh.

BornIn1500 says:

So with this prime example, what is Spyderco’s excuse for pricing the Delica at $75??? VG10, plastic, and a backlock does not cost 50 more dollars.

Buzzby1949 says:

I just checked a seller and verified that this is a right-hand-only knife. The world is unkind to southpaws! I really wanted one.

BirdShot IV says:

Agreed Nick, this one is a standout for 2018, thanks for the shoutout as well!
Frankie and Bird

Wacky Tabacy says:

I have the Fossil with the shark teeth, it is exxxelent. It looks like they made another winner!

Ondal1 says:

If the low end is doing this well, it’ll bold well for the high end too. When $25 offers as much as the $50, the $50 needs to lose the laurels and get better. If they don’t I’m looking forward to buying ZT comparable knives at a quarter the price, just like everyone else I guess.

Average Joe says:

Strange how the sheepsfoot/wharncliffe/reverse tanto/seax blade is getting some popularity. I always like the cutting power of this shape but they were pretty hard to find in the past.
I like this blade because the tip aggressively leans into the cut instead of sweeping away. BTW if you go to buy it, its under Ruger, not CRKT.

Jack Paris says:

Great, another bargain knife good enough to keep me from ending up with a drawer full of knives if only if had been on the market a couple of years ago. What’s next? A bargain Citizen Eco-Drive that makes me feel like a fool for getting into watches???

Jimmy B says:

Nick, after such a good pun to end the Atmos video the other day, I was truly disappointed by this video’s ending pun. Good LuCK next time.

CV Murillo says:

Hi Nick, thanks for the review. Been looking for a small, nice, inexpensive pocket knife for me.

Markstervideo says:

Ok now I must have one. Bye bye $25

mph seti says:

Wow, first the Kershaw Atmos and now this…two under $35 knives that you don’t think suck. Either you’re slipping, or the manufacturers are listening. 🙂

sammlund says:

The Cricket Lick, Blacker than a gothkid’s sock drawer


Great assessment of the LCK Wharncliffe Nick. I agree with you on all points. If they did this with G10 and stonewash Sandvik steel it would be a serious contender for top 10 2018. I can see why they leave the flipper long for people with beefier digits but with as well as the LCK flips I think they could have gotten away with slimming it down. Still, for the $$ it’s a great knife.

trey Wintyr says:

Someone needs to send nick a timber rattler western outlaw
His reactions are priceless

Harmsy says:

This knife really seems like it should be a front flipper. The tab looks like it doesn’t belong.

TheRealKnifeJunkie says:

Blacker than a gothkid’s sock drawer … nice!

The50011 says:

lck vs atmos which has better action?

Christopher Bristol says:

What’s interesting to me is the increase in quality of knives on general but I guess all kinds of products. I can only think its due to the free and full exchange of ideas and feedback on social media and competition due to small companies being able to sell products online directly to consumers. Call it a craft resurgence or capitalism at it’s best we all can benefit for better knives.

bbnguyen92 says:

The handle texture on the handle are like serrations on a pistol’s slide.

loyal poehler says:

does comes with a satin blade option!

Brad Griffin says:

A very nice little blade.

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