The Demko Knives AD-15 Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at a knife that’s completely unique, absolutely nuts, and weirdly compelling: the Demko AD-15.


Knife Culture USA says:

I made a video called I have a problem, witch explained how my knife addiction has grown and how it got to where it is now. I just wanted to put out a challenge to you, how did it start for you , and what have you bought that you never thought you would?

Bob B. says:

Nick…did you forget to take your medication? This knife is clunky, gimmicky, over-complicated and needlessly expensive.

Sean Evans says:

Not a fan of the design. But good on ya to the design… I guess…

Carlos EDC says:

Something pretty unique! I really enjoyed this review

David Lawman says:

Teflon washers does not corrode.

Micah Knepper says:

Six hundred and seventy-five bucks. This knife is dead to me.

lucidtraveler says:

U gotta review Cold Steel Recon 1, American Lawman, and AK-47. Do all 3 in one.

Bob Mc big mac says:

The last airbender reference?

TheKillerKlok says:

Someone who claims to hunt Gem’s has yet to find the American Lawman or holdout 3…
yet has reviewed the espada XL and 4 max…
That just seems wrong to me.

Gabe Sailer says:

I was lucky enough to get to try one of these AD-15s at blade show this year. I’m really regretting not buying it then because of how crazy it really is. If you get the chance to buy one, don’t pass it up, jump on it. You won’t regret it.

Josh W says:

Some people prefer teflon washers especially on hard use knives, hence why you frequently see them on Hinderers. There are claims on the forums that, among other things, they run better without lube and don’t wear out the metal they run against as easily. You can take those claims for what they are worth.

hothamandfauri says:

Just got a CRKT Swindle from Amazon today and i love the knife, but i dont recall Nick ever doing a review for one. Maybe im wrong?

korling99 says:

I want a sage with that locking mechanism

Clinton Lewis says:

Way to expensive, no go

Sir Galath says:

phosphor bronze rusts.. there you go nick

kerryrwac says:

Kevin gets associated with Rambo , nice lol . Kevin did have an AD15 but had to sell it .

Bruce McIntyre says:

Is that some rustitivity in the jimping and lock-notch?

Bradley Hannah says:

that blade is so ugly that it is oogly!

JohnFrumFromAmerica says:

A full titanium version of this would be nice.

Tony Hutton says:

Somebody’s making way too much money from their YouTube Channel, if they’re buying this one…. LOL

DarkFox717 says:

I’d love to see a smaller, production version of this knife!

David R says:

I have one. Actually, the wife took it so I kind-of have one. This is an odd knife I should not like as much as I do. I generally carry a Native 5 or Chaparral. I’m fine carrying this thing. No idea how or why that is. Carries well and feels great in the hand. Many qualities of this knife should be repellent to me and aren’t. And yes, it’s expensive and may be overpriced.

Joshua Burkhead says:

I actually Wouldn’t want the secondary lock. I wouldn’t have got mine if it had it. It’s an unnecessary additional lock. The scorpion lock is strong enough for my purposes.

Kris Kyle Edc says:

After following you for some time I’m still not convinced you aren’t Seth MacFarlane that has taken on a knife and gear nut alter ego. All jokes aside I really enjoy your content!

Carl B says:

So are you carrying the large Espada now?

Josh Starkey says:

This is to a lockback what a framelock is to a liner lock

devjock says:

All the good Coldsteel’s are probably from Andrew. And in XHP as well. Woah. That kind of makes up for the steep pricepoint.. Although, I’ve had 3 double whiskeys so I shouldn’t be making purchasing decisions right now..

Joshua Burkhead says:

I haven’t been able to get mine out of my pocket since I got it honestly. I was bored with the flipper framelock of every knife I came across. It’s a breath of crash air for sure.

Chris Allison says:

I see a 4 Max in Nick’s future.

Joshua Burkhead says:

Annnnd mike free drops even even with the scorpion lock against the tang of the blade. With it lifted up the blade is like a pendulum.

Paul Helm says:

A gem, from the alter of Lord Demko. Strange days indeed.

N weezy says:

Nick kinda reaching these days for bad points.

amo757 says:

I would not want a secondary lock, it doesn’t need one. I like the cleaner look as well.

_aaaa says:

7:00 for the lock discussion

Mountain Man Watch Reviews says:

I wish they’d make a 4 max style with the regular triad lock but more that size cause the 4 max is too crazy to carry.

Chris Allison says:

If you’re on the fence about one of these, just go for it. It’s crazy and has one of the smoothest actions you’ll find on washers. It’s the frame lock version of a back lock which is just cool.

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