The “Faithful 5” — My Most Carried Everyday Carry Folding Pocket Knives | EDC Pocket Knives 2018

The “Faithful 5” is a term I coined denoting the 5 EDC (Everyday Carry) pocket knives that I carry the most! These EDC folding knives are at the core of my EDC knife rotation which makes them truly my 5 best everyday carry knives going into 2018 (in fact, I’m carrying EDC knife #1 as I write this). AMAZON LINKS FOR EVERYDAY CARRY POCKET BLADES BELOW:

EDC Pocket Knife #1:
EDC Pocket Knife #2:
EDC Pocket Knife #3:
EDC Pocket Knife #4:
EDC Pocket Knife #5:

Endura 4 Everyday Carry Pocket Knife:
Para 3 EDC Folding Pocket Knife:
Kershaw Dividend EDC Flipper Knife:


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TheLoneRideR says:

Some nice blades there! Mine are simple and bot all that nice… In order: CRKT Squid, Ontario Rat 2, Spyderco/Byrd Meadowlark, Kershaw Knockout.
I want to replace the Meadowlark with a Spyderco Delica or even a Native when i get the $$$…lol.

Potpot Camz says:

Cold steel B098 and spiderco CPM S30v FA35

aroquia vijay says:

Can anyone help me to find a best fighting knife for edc?

Giosaurus Rex says:

I just have an Ontario Rat 2.

Yaw Life says:

Docp91b hates all these knives

william hollar says:

Spyderco Delica
Spyderco Para3
Benchmade mini griptillan
Benchmade mini Barrage
Emerson mini CQC7

Boxxy says:

1.Sebenza 21 Cape buffalo
2.Frank B 11″ Italian Stiletto Automatic Knife Abalone Gold
3.Microtech Ultratech t/e
4.Paragon warlock
5.Spyderco para 3

Orion says:

my faithful 5 are all M390, titanium flipper frame locks, first and foremost and my favorite EDC is my Reate Horizon D (with a 25BESS edge), and the rest are a Reate Torrent, Reate blue Wave, WE 704CF and Real Steel Megalodon Eclipse. They all share similar features (for muscle memory) and are built from top-of-the-line materials. I have 19 folders in my EDC rotation that all pretty much follow this paradigm.

cavtj1 says:

Thanks for posting this Mr. Bugout! My faithful 5 are the Hinderer MP1, Spyderco PM2, Small Sebenza 21 (Incosi) (Micarta inlay), Jake Hoback OSF and the Spartan Pallas.

Subpar Monkey says:

If you said not to listen to you then should I not listen to that. So should I listen to you saying not to listen to you and do the opposite of what you said by listening to you. Reminds me of the SAT

Keith Cronk says:


amt t says:

i carry 1 benchmade 940-2 2 spyderco delica 4 3 minigriptillian in dc steel 4 spyderco tenasouse 5 spyderco pm 2

Emerald says:

I’m a normie and carry a Kershaw Blur

Kohl Knapp says:

Am I the only one who thinks spydercos look ugly?

M Edwards says:

In ascending order
5 Buck Vantage
4 CRKT Shenanigan
3 Kershaw Cryo II
2 Kershaw Blur
1 Benchmade Griptilian 550-1

mrsynix says:

any reviews on nail clippers?

tonyelbows says:

1) Kershaw Tremor. 2) Tekna dive knife. 3) Cold Steel Shanghai Shadow. 4) Kershaw Volt SS. 5) Smith & Wesson HRT.

Genghis Sean says:

ZT, Benchmade, Kershaw, Mtech, M&P.

Michael St John says:

#1 Spyderco Endura 80% of the time #2 cold steel recon 1 for hard use/work #3 pm2 for dresser carry #4 SAK pioneer around the house #5 Hinderer FXM for ccw

mrhi800 says:

1 Benchmade Bugout
2 benchmade osbourne 940-1
3 benchmade mini griptilian
4 Crkt snap lock
5 spyderco bug (on my keys so i guess it could be #1)

Glenn Sosinske says:

I liked my Ken Onion Kershaw. I ran it through my knife sharpener, and it holds its edge for a long time. It’s my edc because it flicks open very fast, and I haven’t cut myself with it yet. 😉

az_sun _n_gun says:

What is the battle box you mentioned???

poacher 1979 says:

Delica first generation??
Victorinox Pioneer X
CS Holdout
CS LG Voyager Tanto
Buck 110 on duty belt.

Chris Kliewer says:

I’m really liking my Spyderco Tenacious, and my Kershaw Amplitude

Alex Cravey says:

Sebenza large 21
Spyderco Military
Benchmade Osborne 940
Benchmade 710
Esee 4

John Villafranca says:

My EDC’s are: (2) 4Max’s, (1) Bushranger, (1) Spyderco Ti Mil in S30V. You can’t beat that for knife self defence and tasks. No way!

Sean Johnson says:

Your knives suck and you’re a nerd

Sodium Hydroxide says:

I wish i could get past the look of the spydercos but they’re just so unbearingly ugly to me. I just cant fold… Ha see what I did there.

Wartstein says:

1.) Endura Micarta Scales 2.) Endura HAP 40 3.) Stretch One 4.) Mini Griptilian 5.) Native 5 FRN

clarky says:

I can see why ganzo laugh i collect knives but id rather reck a chinese cloned knife over a bank breaker.

josh morris says:

What? Seriously? I’m so tired of people eating from the Spyderco tiet! There are no other knives in your regular rotation worthy of a mention??

Melvorgazh says:

Is there a “real” Wootz / Damascus type seel folding utility knife in the market? As far as you know?

jay lee says:

Kershaw Blur

Nicholas Colosi says:

spyderco dragonfly 2 salt ! i spend tons of time at the beach and i never worry about it, great edge and easy to sharpen

BudgetBugout says:

What are YOUR “Faithful 5” EDC Knives? 🙂

Victor Valentin says:

I’ve been carrying a benchmade 275 adamas everyday for the past 4 years also have a contego fixed and a 42 bali, want to get a spyderco manix 2 and a Kershaw skyline

Bamafan1 says:

1. Benchmade 940S-1 Osborne Black
2. Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Knife Brown
3. Microtech LUDT Automatic Knife Tan
4. ESEE Avispa Frame Lock Knife OD Green (3.5″ D2 Black) BRK
5. Benchmade Bugout AXIS Lock Knife Blue

madmax madmax says:

In Germany it’s big problem one hand open knife than I’m must improvise . Maybe my favorite mora clasic ,opinel outdoors , Buck, Bradford,ka-bar tdi.i have always with me Mora clasic and opinel 8 but my mora clasic must been in bag Rucksack alles gute god bless America

Johnny Danger says:

Why don’t you get on your knees and blow spyderco.

muffemod says:

SOG Twitch II gets the most pocket time because it’s cheap, small, and I don’t care if it gets banged up because I can just get another.

Skill et says:

Cadet alox
Kizer feist
SOG Twitch II
Zinker FR Flipper
Spyderco Chapparal

samdungan03 says:

Crkt minimalist bowie, leatherman wingman, ckrt squid, ganzo benchmade knock off, kershaw Ken onion leek

Michael Manalang says:

I own so many and my “faithful five” changes a bit, but this is it recently:
1- Spyderco Sage 5
2- Benchmade 940-2
3- Spyderco Southard
4- ZT 0450
5- Spyderco PM2 in S35VN

Joel Mouton says:

Benchmade 940 Osborne
Benchmade Crooked River
Benchmade Contego
Benchmade Protagonist

All Benchmade because when quality matters.

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