The Hawk Deadlock Automatic Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at what is simply the best out-the-front automatic knife ever: The G&G Hawk Knives Deadlock.


TheMawsJawz TM says:

Merry Christmas, Nick!

just maintaining says:

Merry Christmas to everyone and may God bless you and your families and keep up the great reviews nick shabazz

dezent says:

Idaho made on Sebenza is also in comic sans :/

Aaron cammon says:

I am a jealous man right now. Merry Christmas

SuperArtarded says:

How the hell is a 3.5 blade huge?

ratride1 says:

I work on a farm and encounter many one free handed situations. Between the double action OTF and a auto side opening knife I prefer the OTF. I own each and as far as a useful tool the OTF wins. While side opening knives open with one hand, closing is a two handed affair. Not so with a OTF double action. To bad our archaic knife laws prevent legal carry of autos.

Dion St. Michael says:

Lol! I watched just for the commentary. Wasn’t disappointed. Lol says:

You’re not kidding about illegal: in the UK it’s illegal to even *buy* that thing, let alone *carry* it. I think if you already owned it and had it in your house (somehow) that would probably be OK (although it’s very much in the class of banned knives so don’t quote me on that) but you’d get into trouble for importing it in the first place. For this reason I’ve never shown much interest in automatics, because there’s just no point. Still, I have to say, if it were possible for me to own an automatic knife and I had a massive pile of cash to spend on one, it would definitely be this one. Really impressive piece of work. Thanks for taking the time to review it.

TheMawsJawz TM says:

Still waiting for the Nick Shabazz fixed blade review.

(Other than the hotel butter knife)

Magic Smoke FPV says:

That font wasn’t ComicSans MS

DrakeDragonheart says:

…itt iis a top-button OTF. You’re wanting a side release one lol 😉

Evias The Nine says:

Restricted, i can’t even own one

TrilobiteTerror says:

There’s nothing wrong with propriety hardware if the tool comes with the knife (in fact it’s a plus over standard torx etc.)

Randall Wessar says:

Looks like an overpriced, double edge mini sword

Hayes Muiderman says:

I mean rhodia paper isn’t exactly normal unless you like fountain pens

Edward Mass says:

0:41 This is not a big knife. Ti Lite VI is big.

Herb Toker says:

I really wish they made the model A more, this model B is just smidge too small.

Batscat says:

I’m jealous of the knives you get for free from famous makers.

RaggedsEdge says:

Nick I was lucky enough to get one of these. Yes it hurt the wallet until I look at it this way. I bought this as my first OTF so I skipped right past the all the others and so therefore have not wasted any money going that route.
I agree I would have much rather seem serialized instead of the patent # too.

jedslather says:

Nice I’m gonna buy this one thank you for review this one.

EDC Hub says:

I wish they would collab this with one of the high quality Chinese factories.

Ronin Graves says:

Great review as always Nick. This knife looks like a Benchmade Infidel and a unicorn had a baby. The Microtech Combat Troodon is pretty solid for an OTF.

JacksonKnives says:

This is comic sans:
I’d guess they’re using the default lettering on whatever CNC they have. (Haas G47?) Not a good excuse for a goofy typeface, but it’s not as bad as comic sans.

Bryce Parker says:

Yea ok that otf looks really badass. Never a fan of double edge tho.

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