The Hinderer Knives MP-1 Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at a very interesting knife from Rick Hinderer: The MP-1. Worth noting: This was recorded nearly a year before the XM-18 Tri-Way was announced. It’s a bit out of date, as such!


Gary Mercer says:

$700!!!???? Whhaaaattt

Nick Shabazz says:

Reminder: This was recorded nearly a year ago, back when the Tri-Way pivot was just a twinkle in Rick Hinderer’s eye. The price would still be high, but given the new pivots, new consistency, and new detents, a Tri-Way MP-1 would be much more reasonable.

Beau Poopoo says:

Bro this looks like what hardware store knives aspire to be

MrAliaspostmortem says:

That price is pure comedy. Next knife…

Jack Nemo says:

a wildly overpriced Griptillian rip off. pfft.

ladyeclectic says:

Was this review just for supporters? I didn’t see this on my Subscriptions page until I followed the Patreon link (plus at only 58 views that’s not normal for your usual review videos, especially on a Hinderer knife).

Fallingout EMS says:

That price is a joke. If ZT can make this for $200-250, why is this almost 3x as much?

Somebody 75 says:

$700 is incredibly expensive? Cries in Eu.

Gary Mercer says:

That makes the europium knives I’m looking at seem more appealing!!!!

Matt says:

That was a bench made 940-2 in the comparison

Professor Edge 86 says:

Wouldn’t you want to sharpen it all the way to the heel so you loose a little steel which would in theory take it farther from the exposed back of the knife? I get that it’s still a mistake and a dumb one on the makers part I’m just playing devils advocate.

Adam Szuszkiewicz says:

Scales make it look like a knife made by Usa

Daniel Reyes says:

Every time I watch one of your Hinderer reviews it makes me want to buy one…..until you get to the price. Ouch. Someday.

And, while I’m not a fan, the point of Teflon washers is this; on a knife that isn’t serviced, maintained, cleaned or lubed, Teflon washers will provide a better, more consistent action long term than PB and they won’t corrode

Matt Ebels says:

Your “940-1” looks like it has G-10 and S30V but that’s none of my business (frog and tea emojis)

Scott G says:

This shows a lack of respect for customers. It is no wonder the Chinese brands are making such inroads.

The4cp says:

Love the charity donation with the sale!

UsernameInvalidTHIS says:

6oz? wew lad

Gpie412 says:

$700 for a semi reliable action on teflon washers.? When I think about what else $700 can get you in the knife world today, that price is insane!!! Zhunter in one pocket and $695 in the other is a better option.

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