The Hogue X5 Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

The Hogue X5 is an interesting knife produced by Hogue knives and designed by Allen Elishewitz. It’s an assisted button lock flipper which looks like a stealth bomber, which makes this a really neat, unique knife on my table. But unfortunately, as neat as it is on the able, it’s terrible in the hand and pocket.

So, I love the knife, but I hate the knife. And although I’ve got my eyes on Hogue, I wish they’d done “different” a bit differently here.


jim yocum says:

Wow it started out good I was like wow I can’t believe Nick’s giving this knife a opportunity,,then it went down hill fast as I figured it in would

Daniel Stoner says:

$220? Lol…that’s a $35.00 knife.

Travis rudge says:

Hahaha welp cross this little guy off the list

Stutterin` Bob says:

It looks like a Klingon weapon of some sort

VicariousReality7 says:

Holy fuck these handles are sharp, just spent a few minutes filing and dremeling off the completely unattended edges all over the fuckin thing

Captain Sunday says:

The last five minutes are hilarious. But instead of saying “it’s like hugging a porcupine” you should’ve said “it’s like shaking hands with a porcupine”. Re-shoot the video with the line I suggested.

Ekybob says:

I get the impression that some of the ugly of this knife is going to resurface on the MeerKat, if that gets a review.

Donttreadonme1001 says:

This is NOT an assistant opening knife I managed to take mine apart without any issues. This and the 4 inch model has it’s uses and it’s not for the faint heart

ogenmatic says:

There’s a lot to like about it. I like the button lock especially since it’s good to have your hands away from the path of the cutting edge when you’re closing it. It seems to me if the lock button were better recessed into the handle the safety lock wouldn’t be necessary.

VicariousReality7 says:

The clip mounting on the EX-04 is pretty damn bad as well, digs into your hand

Angus Van Halen says:

That’s a flipper rhino horn

gunner0420 says:

omg this isnt the real nick theres no delica

hovan2yourknives says:

Shit! I wish I sold mine before you posted this. I agree with everything you said. The ergos are definitely painful and I have big hands…I never carried mine because o couldn’t get it in the pocket.

Strangely Brown says:

This is probably your best review Nick… you made me laugh and educated me at the same time and that contributed to me having a wonderful rest of my day. Thank you!

bbnguyen92 says:

Lol, nice intro.

Thomas Landers says:

If the knife was assisted, I don’t think you could swing the blade shut like you are doing. I just have a Hogue EX-03. It’s an integral polymer handle 3.5″ blade with button lock. I have XL hands and the handle isn’t a great fit. The end of handle is too short for my pinky to get a good grip.. It also tapers thin at the end making it even worse.. I’ve handled several other Hogues.. Never seen production knives with such perfect mirror polished edges..

conghelach says:

Cant wait to get one.

cherryfalls says:

Could’ve had 6.66 Ruikes

sniperhat1 says:

It looks like it was built to clip onto your plate carrier while wearing ninja gloves.

Matt Finish says:

I feel like it’s constantly trying to kill me!

Just Mike says:

Batman knife.

James Barisitz says:

Got a couple of Hogue knives the about 6 years ago With “Lava Damascus ” synthetic handles.
The button locks were sticky then too. Wide and chunky . Still, something made me bite. I think it’s the flair of being different in a lot of ways. You have been observant of the Hogue quality of mystery attraction. Good stuff as usual Nick.

Jim Tangren says:

Ps… Houge is not a gun company..

shadyvito says:

I love your voice. How are you not doing voice over work? Great vid.

jojojaykay says:

“Oh yeahhh! That’s lockstick!” Lol. Love you dad

jedslather says:

Actually this looks really nice they got them in 3 and 4” blades.

Mitchell Delmar says:

It looks like a gun to me. Go figure.

Heikki Pitkänen says:

200$ and you don’t see a problem with that? I think it looks like a knife in the Z-hunter series painted black.

American1911 says:

The button lock stick will go away after break-in.

dezent says:

I have a Schrade SMEDY with the same lock function. Works great.

Valkyrie Survives says:

Not an assist. It’s a weird no bearing/washer system that gives it an action that feels assisted but has no spring for you to break

Steven Luke says:

It kinda looks like a batarang. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Captain Sunday says:

The last five minutes are hilarious. But instead of saying “it’s like hugging a porcupine” you should’ve said “it’s like shaking hands with a porcupine”. Re-shoot the video with the line I suggested.

Kevin cleary says:

hey Nick here is the inside of the x5

KamakazeTaco says:

It’s not an assisted knife. That’s their proprietary retention system. That’s why the blade doesn’t spring back up when you push on it.

PkwyDrive13 says:

My hogue ex01 came with a mirror polished edge and a nicer edge than my $1000 custom MSG3. Pretty sad

VicariousReality7 says:

The EX-01 has awful handle rounding as well, reminds me of the Benchmade 810

andiibooo says:

All I see is a ninja shark.

Sergiy Baturov says:

Batman knife

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