The Jason Guthrie Scout Pocketknife: A Quick Shabazz Review

Today, we’ll take a look at an interesting custom knife, the #TravelingScout, a JG Scout a custom knife with a lot of a greatness, and only a few downsides. Although this little guy had a bit too much wear and tear for a full review, I just had to put it on camera and show it off.


ASKARIwest says:

Lekker knife review Nick.

KnifeFool says:

In my opinion customs by definition should be the smoothest among all existing knives…extremely smooth in their flipping action, but smoother in their closing action (actually drop close) while no blade play at all and with extremely good ergonomics and design. That is what you pay for….now, teflon washers will never make a custom behave like one…only ceramic or stainles steel bearings can achieve these features. Anyway, there is market for everyone. Thanks for your video Nick.

Nasohi says:

Nick, play you videos at .25 speed.

John Bowen says:

Anyone who has owned a “Knifestyle” brand modern Higonokami (usually available from Amazon for approximately $40 in D2 steel) knows that teflon washers can be smooth as buttah. The problem with most manufacturers is that they use teflon that is way too thin and weak. Such washers deform in a ripple pattern during use. If those manufacturers would just use the good washers, this wouldn’t even be a topic for discussion.

Jimmy Grey says:

Is knifemaking the only occupation in South Africa?

Alice Cullotto says:

Would’ve been a pretty flipper

hehoff33 says:

Nick, I had a dream last night that you were brought in as a pitcher in an MLB game. You were a southpaw with a nasty eephus pitch. You also had a strong jaw and a marvelous beard.
I also dreamed that I (a man) gave birth to a baby.
It was a weird night…

Nirrith says:

It’d be really nice to know if that clip was abused. It looks a little more artistic than practical

Aaron Rowe says:

Breaking your own rules!

John Bowen says:

If he’s going to make the sharpening choil that dang big, why not just rework the handle a bit and add a forward finger choil? He’s halfway there already!

whitelabelz says:

$725…damn son

MrATVJunkie1 says:

Hey Nick. I like turtles. Thanks.

TFSpider says:

Hey Nick. I was part of this passaround months back. This is a wonderful little knife and I’ve been waiting to see what you would say about the nylon washers. I love the knife so much that I bought one for myself (marbled CF with orange liners) and I’m on Jason’s list for a custom. Let me know if you’d like to check mine out.

Thomas Landers says:

I don’t like many custom knives I’ve seen..I’m real picky in general. But, that a great looking, simple knife without a damn flipper.. Nice..

draco00 says:

I absolutely love mine and I cherry picked mine out from Jason’s table at Blade. I wasn’t a fan of teflon, but Jason showed me how smoothly his broke in so I decided to give it a go and voila. It’s like butta

Doctor Frunkey says:

I’ve got one on order! How would you spec yours out Nick? I’ll send you a new one for review my friend 🙂

ATech Reviews says:

Nick, thanks for the overview!
I’ve seen this knife before and like it’s simplistic and usable design.
10/10 would like to see it in a budget variation with a company that knows how to make good quality 3D G10 handles, smooth manual action on bronze washers and maybe as a linerlock.

slidetek says:

I love me some high flat grinds. Also his Wharnies… I’ve lusted after a JG for ages, what is it with South African knife makers and shear elegance?

boface187 says:

thick in the right places? nice…… ;^)

ᴊᴏʀɪᴄ says:

Fuck you Nick, you little bitch! Love you though ❤

Le Lemon says:

How many lanyards did the designer intend for you to put through that handle?


Are bronze washers so expensive, makers ignore the input of every knife reviewer with any real analysis…….I have no idea why people use Teflon washers

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