The Katsu Folding Bamboo G10 D2 Steel Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, a review of a knife that’s not terrible, but not really worth a damn, either.


Michael Daury says:

I’d like to have a bigger one.

Mohamed Shwesh says:

nick plz answer me why you dont like soft steels
they love you and have a soft spot in their heart for you

unlike those hard cold steels that hate everything

Danny Bushaw (wormsdroid) says:

I like it but hey im weird lol

Zoltan Von Somogyi says:

Love your reviews, Nick. There are issues with virtually every knife made. You simply state the facts, and from there it’s up to the viewer to decide if the pros outweigh the cons. Reviewing as it should be!Thanks.

Camgig1 says:

Disappointed this one was’t great quality. I have one of their Ti framelocks and it was impeccably built. Drop shut action, and the best value 100$ I have ever seen in a knife. Only complaint is there was abit much “air” on either side of the closed blade between the blade and the inside of the scales. Great front flipper.

The4cp says:

I thought the ZT names were rough.

Crushenator500 says:

I kinda like it…

Ed Stringer says:

Maybe your looking at it wrong , this is razor .D2 makes it tough enough to take down Jim Croce ‘s Big Jim as well as the beard says:

An attractive enough looking knife but seems to epitomise “all show and no go” design. There’s a school of thought that says hipsterism is all shallow cultural appropriation with no substance to back it up. I don’t think that’s a fair assessment of hipsterism but I do think it makes for a pretty good description of this knife. All of which is a shame.

Clinton Lewis says:

Unique looking knife, but looks very uncomfortable for edc or even occasional use.

Some White Person says:

I have seen a few guys on instagram who love this knife. To be honest for a amazon only Chinese made knife I’m surprised it doesn’t come with a pair of fake jordans.

Brian Spath says:

I kind of feel like you’ve been getting too niche with the videos lately. I know you’re trying to move away some of the mainstream knives that everyone else is reviewing… But those $50 – $150 mainstream knives are the lifeblood of the industry and what the majority of enthusiasts own and will likely be swayed to purchase by one of your reviews.

Your reviews are a cut (groan) above the rest, so your channel is the FIRST I come to any time a new knife is released, and I’m sure that’s the case for many others too. I use your videos as the “standard” and then watch other reviews afterwards in case you missed something.

I Need You says:

Jeez…thanks for stepping on this land mine for us, Nick. Saved me about the hundred bucks that I was gonna spend on the Ti+CF one lol.

andy danger says:

Touché to bamboozled!

keifer225948 says:

Poor little knife..

Alec Raimond says:

The Higo would be a good concept for Spyderco’s ethnic series.

Every_Day_Aaron says:

You could call this knife a…

Anton Chou says:

The reason why there’s a tang is because it resembles higo no kami(肥後守 ひごのかみ), so a lot of custom makers and production companies in Japan have kept this feature have kept this feature in their design, though it’s not necessary in a locking folder.
You can make it ride on ball bearings and shorten the tang to make it fire extremely fast and smooth, but then it looks nothing like a higonokami, it’s just another run-of-the-mill front flipper. The “useless” tab (chikiri チキリ)is the Japanese answer to open the blade ambidextrously, while securing the blade in a friction folder. And Japanese take their tradition way more seriously, everything with a name has to form and function in a certain way or it’s something else. Also people who doesn’t live in America doesn’t really care that much about opening action, some even require two hand deployment. Personally I have one made by another manufacturer and it doesn’t even come with a pocket clip , so I put it in a pouch and carry it like the Japanese has done for ages, and the ergo is fine. It’s not a front flipper, not a friction folder(in an European sense where the tang sits flush with the handle after deployment), it’s a higonokami, so the chikiri should be there as it is and it’s perfectly fine.
Some modern higo-styled knives do have detent, in fact two(the other one is at 90 degree so the opening pause halfway) because they don’t want the blade to drop free on the finger while closing, so there goes your front flipper out of the window. Personally I would not buy a higo that have a shortened tab just so that I can front-flip it open, it’s like buying a katana with a crossguard so I can use murder-stroke as a technique. Rockstead Higo might be the only exception but I believe it has nothing to do with the higonokami but for the place’s namesake(Higo as a place that was famous for cutlery in the past).

Alex’s Knifebox says:

I agree with all of it …. but I do like the friction folder thumb tab to keep the look of a friction folder… i like it actually makes a good thumb rest

Kire EDC says:

They make an all Damascus one… like the handle is Damascus too

Erik Richards says:

I owe it to this knife for getting me interested in [actual] high quality production knives. I disassembled the katsu and have left it disassembled because…yeah. The jump from $45 to $200 to $500 can happen quick.

Stuart Sharpe says:

Please review SOG flash 2

Bob Mc big mac says:

Hell yeah Nick you got the feist!

Dr_Rhinoceros says:

Bought one of these a year ago. Will say mine is better machined than yours. Also, my Katsu came with bronze washers and the action is smooth. I can do a little side thumb flick to snap it open every time, a tad awkward, but nothing terrible. Overall, I like it, It cuts well, its reliable, I dont have any issue with the ergos, and I like the style.

kerryrwac says:

You bought an over priced Leatherman sheath and they threw in a cheap knife .

BadComrade 1 says:

still surprised you havent done a bestech review. Arguably more up an coming than Katsu

Bboy kombo1 salsamoto says:

Can you do that Russian voice again?

Zoltan Von Somogyi says:

Oh, and I would love to hear your take on one of the EnZo folding knives, such as the Birk 75. It comes in several variations, for around $130.

lrac rellim says:

Thanks for explaining it to me Nick, I thought it was a poorly designed shaving straight razor!

Polyfusia says:

I have a smaller modern Higo No Kami knife in peel ply carbon fibre and damascus steel. It’s a pretty little thing, but I have the same complaint. Once the liner lock is introduced, the friction folder tab becomes pointless. I consider mine more of a dress knife and it’s much smaller than this one so it’s okay, but it still irritates me. I’d like to see Spyderco make a modern Higo with a Spydie hole or flipper and no extended tab. It would still look traditional but would be functional and modern. I’m surprised nobody has really done this. I think the blade shape and the Japanese design cues are what makes Higo’s distinctive. Not that tab.

EastCoast FPV says:

Nice face reveal about 50 seconds in reflection of the Rat no.1 D2 should have worn the batman mask Nick lol

Mohamed Shwesh says:

i have the best friction folder suggestion for ya

a damn newzealand svord peasant knife

its 10 bucks so its immune to all criticism

mr manatee says:

” im here to take bad so you guys dont have to ” God bless you Mr Nick Shabazz God bless you .

11Shaa says:

Awesome selection, I’ve seen this so many times on Amazon. Thanks

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