The Kershaw Ken Onion Leek Pocket Knife Review. With Woodplay and Beer. Made in USA

The Ken Onion Leek by Kershaw is a folding pocket knife which I’m pretty sure everyone owns now. This compact folder with Speedsafe assisted opening, is a great compact EDC knife that uses Sandvik 14c28N steel, for an ultra sharp edge. This review is for the Blackwash finished version, but it’s available in a few other options.
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Luc White says:

What do you think is the best Tactical flashlight you own? I’m talking about about a bulletproof quality flashlight. I just ordered a Nitecore p16 about a week ago and have not got it yet, I’m deciding if I should send it back and just buy a Surefire light. Since you review a lot of light which is the best tac light?

Nothing says:

wait the model you have is a frame lock

only the aluminum handles have a liner lock

:^) guess your entire review suckS :^^^)

K J says:


B O R D E R L I N E - A R T I S T I C says:

Maybe review a Benchmade 940 if you have one I may buy one. Or maybe just your two cents. Or ignore this. But the first two would kick ass

Doğu says:

Why no batoning dammit!

kevin auman says:

ivehad2 or 3 of theseand after a few mos of edc and constant playing with it (open/close-open/close) they seem to ware out or loose the spring tension making the knife require a lil wrist snap assist in order to open…. otherwise great edc

Andrew Estabrooks says:

You got jokes! Ahahaha! Great review!

Iron Shaft says:

I was debating whether to get a thumb stud or flipper knife… Now I know I dont have to choose 🙂

Jake Riley says:

On sale for $29.99 on Amazon currently. Cheapest I’ve ever seen it.

Grant Miller says:

Deadpan humor and flashlight/knife jokes. Perfect.

Tardus89 says:

Have you ever reviewed a knife sharpener or have a pref?

Omnipotential says:

Somehow I missed this review last year. I literally laughed out loud at the GoT/LotR goof. 10/10, would nose snort laugh again, nice work.

mxpackard says:

Boulevard beer FTW!!

ZEUKI1 says:

What !?! you did a knife review but used a BOTTLE OPENER instead of the knife to open the beer ……. forshame : )

Bullion Forever says:

This channel is really unique for knife reviews like it a lot! Have the composite D2 black wash, just reprofiled it with the lansky twice, solid edc for easy tasks.

lowwkey91 says:

Was that a spoiler alert about Frodo coming to Game of Thrones and using Arya’s sword the Needle? Should have known with your growing Youtube Cred that you would be in the know about such things. Thanks for the review Knife Bro

Texas Leprechaun says:

OK steel, but definitely lightweight and nice deployment. I have to use the lock, kinda get excited around knives. Damn it, have to change my shorts again.

Ryan F says:

Backwashed blade. The best

Andrew Hutton says:

Frodo is not from Game of Thrones. Major nerd foul

alisha rivera says:

Never thought of using my karambit to mow the lawn

SirTickleTots says:

I heard the cutie in the background.

jacob manalang says:

ive been happy with my leek for a couple years. great utility. i carried it a lot when i was in the phase of carrying a “tactical” blade and a utility blade. its now just my backup light carry jacket knife and i stopped all that tactically tacticalness.

i havent broken the tip off of my leek but i hear its pretty common. the leek feels very solid and i think its a good buy. mine was a christmas present. that lock was usually on when i went to draw it from my pocket. kind of annoyed me.

the crkt ripple is pretty nice too and a ken onion design. i think it was a collab with h.r. giger cuz the handle scales look like a xenomorph. ball bearing though so opening is nice and smooth, pocket clip sucks and only one position too.

the leek is cool. theres a bunch of variants. wish mine wasnt partially serrated but whatever. probably gonna grab a purple or rainbow bullshit anodized one for my friends birthday.

RideForLifeCR250R says:

How is the Leek the newest K.O. knife.. I know the first I became aware of it was in 2012.

larry goss says:

I bought a Ken Onion Kershaw knife with a lock on the back. With use the lock broke. I sent it to Kershaw for repair and they sent the parts and the still broken knife back. Poor customer service. Won’t be getting one from them again.

Shawn Mullins says:

Nice video, good beer choice as well.

Knife Life Australia says:

Great info! Check out our Pocket Knife review too

Josh Johnson says:

Aaaaaahhh, Boulevard. Outstanding brewery

Rindex778 says:

I own this knife and you might think the speed safe is hard to activate because your Kershaw Leek is brand new if you use it for a while the speed safe will only take a little pressure.

Lefty Hook says:

would be glad to loan you some to review… i collect them and own well over 100 Spyderco’s. I’m sure I have some you would kick unicorn ass if you reveiwed them? let me know

michael koncal says:

This is not a new knife. I have this knife dated aug. 02.

never more says:

Just found your channel and loving everything so far. Great videos that are full of info yet short and to the point (no pun intended). Also like the dry sarcastic humor lol

srg914 says:

So a flipper tab is now a blade protrusion? So I guess my penis is my reproductive protrusion?

paul greenwood says:

Had one of these and the assist-spring broke after about 3 months of very light (peeling fruit, sharpening pencils) use. Replacement spring came from factory within about one month (FOC) but allied to the flimsy blade tip I was put off the knife and gave it to my son. If you want small and light just splash out a little extra and get a Spyderco Delica like I did.

Ruster Kat says:

I bought this a while ago in D2. Great knife. Really.

Cuts jeans really well. Ask me how I know… okay, since you insist, I’ll tell you. One day during some intense EDCing (walking thru the parking lot at work) I suddenly felt a bit of a tug at my watch pocket where my (not so) trusty Leek was ridding shotgun. Uncharacteristically curious about random tugging near my crotch region I decided to look down and OMFG: my unlocked Leek had partially ‘deployed’ and was busy snacking on my (literally 2 day old) jeans. Lucky for me I am well trained in EDCing so I didn’t immediately panic and ram my hand into my pocket or hyperventilate and sit down so the point could jab deep into my femoral artery (either of which would have been quite humorous and impressive to the ol’ boss and co-workers). Now I carry the sneaky little bastard with the lock on at all times… well, unless I’m using it for something like cutting shit up, etc. My EDC blade deployment time is slightly slower, but somehow it just feels like the right thing to do. My crotch reason agrees. Still like the knife and carry it often. True story.

Grant Aldrich says:

Own it, like it, need a 3.75″ version of it.

Dont Tread on Me says:

I have loved kershaw since my first one in the 70’s

Nik Baret says:

Love this blade, mine has the rainbow (paint job)~ jk, the anodized effect

Matthew Boe says:

Leeks are nice. Normally I not a fan of assisted openers, but it works fantastically well with this knife. Operation is practically the same as an auto. My only gripe is the lack of traction.

Dano DeMano says:

My wife likes my Leek so much I bought her one so she’d leave mine alone! I have the Tac-Ti-Cool Black version and sadly it doesn’t make it any better than the other versions.

Canadian Cutting Edge says:

Another solid review. I always wonder how they came up with the name “Speed Safe”. It is because men like anything that is fast and dangerous, errrrr safe? Ok, maybe i don’t know what I am talking about, it’s just a weird name to designate at as an assisted opening blade. Anyhow, now I want to buy an Onion for myself.

SailfishSoundSystem says:

I picture Ken Onion slaving away all day in a Chinese sweatshop. Then when he’s had it all with life he jumps out a window only to be bounced back into the sweatshop by an elastic net only to make more leeks.

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