The Kershaw Skyline Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to look at a stalwart of the EDC pocketknife world, the Kershaw Skyline. Although the materials aren’t so impressive and the quality of the detent can be pretty variable, it’s got a nice blade for slicing, and when the action’s dialed in right, this can be a very compelling made-in-the-USA blade. So, if you get a good one, you’ve got a great knife.


Shaked Tollman says:

It’s sad to see that the Skyline has some major flaws, especially since everyone and their mother is singing nothing but praises about this knife. Blade-wise, this is a slicer’s dream (or at least my slicer’s dream), it could use an upgrade in the form of a sprint run or an update (but I think that website specific promotion is more Kershaw’s style). I swear that I have seen this run for 26$ THIS past year, and it would have been my go-to budget choice (sorry rat 1).

Josh W says:

This gives you a good slicer with materials and fit and finish that are on par for the price. It would be great if every knife flipped open 100% with no wrist but you often don’t get that with $40ish flippers. Even with the problems with the action I don’t think the Skyline is a bad knife for the money, though it might not be a screaming value like the Cutjack.

Silas Owen says:

Nick you should try out the CRKT Remedy. It’s another $40 knife with what is in mine, a great action.

CARBiNOX says:

Review the leek please

Micah Knepper says:

I love this knife 🙂

Shrabsters says:

Have you tried having a dedicated knife pocket? It has made life a lot easier for me.

Toby Quach says:

Even 40 bucks is over my budget ._.

Syafique Sharif says:

i would rather carry a knife tip down than having quarter of the knife sticking out of my pocket.

S.M.P says:

I bought a Skyline about a month ago, and do not experience any of the horrendous play found in your knife. Seems like a major defect on that particular knife you have. I have very small hands and this knife locks in when either my pointer finger or pinky is in the groove. Never have an issue when using my pointer finger to open the knife. Opens up probably 98% of the time on my first try.
Luckily, I think your experience is a little off Nick. With the product you received though, you did an excellent review. Thank you.

EDC with Aaron says:

Never owned a skyline because it always seemed very over hyped, I wouldn’t mind trying one but its not really worth the effort of hunting for one that’s halfway decent when there are so many other awesome knives out there. Great video as always!

Mikael Andersson says:

Where is the review of the best budget pocket flipper the Kershaw Leek?

Nazgoroth says:

Whenever I show up early to a nick video there’s always already 1 single dislike. Consistently, every time.


TheMawsJawz TM says:

Kinda looks like a bird when you pecked your hand with the flipper tab.

PK Player says:

calling it bad that a 40$ knife does not fall shut? Nick please..

blitzbbffl says:

From the very first moment I saw the Kershaw Skyline – the “design” completely turned me off. Something about the blade looking like it just came off a stamping machine.

Timothy Allen says:

I liked it, just never loved it. Maybe they will toss in some m390 like the link and put some QT in the QC.

Rodrigo Teresa says:

At the Brick and Mortar sporting goods store where I live they charge $100 CAD before tax for this.

paul greenwood says:

I recall seeing the damascus version of this with custom made copper scales and it looked really nice. Probably four times it’s original weight though…..Lol…

The4cp says:

You just saved me $40

JS Krawz says:

You can get better knives for the money from Spyderco… Tenacious, Resilience, Byrd Cara Cara2… Only issue is they aren’t made in the U.S…

Iammightymeaty says:

So, what you’re saying is that they’re just as good as a typical Benchmade?

Steve Brule says:

I like my skyline way more than my mini grip, but it still won’t take precedent over my delica. Also, please try to carry in the pocket, you would be surprised how most knives carry much better that way.

sjoerd stok says:

Finally an honest review of one of the most overrated knives

B Jovel says:

Nick I love your work! When you can…may you review the benchmade mini loco 818? Thanks!

William Burke says:

LOVE that 14C28N! With very little effort (a “sharpening” steel or ceramic rod) you can put an edge on it that will make your heart do the Ramayana Monkey Chant! Careful, though, it’s very easy to put up a significant burr with a ceramic rod. . .

Blue fire31 says:

Can you review the CRKT crossbones

Angus Van Halen says:

I’d rather have a rat2 than a skyline

Mark Tyler says:

Great review!!!!!

marshalllaw123 says:

Have to disagree with you on the ergonomics Nick. I find it to be one of the most comfortable and lightweight knives in hand myself.

kerryrwac says:

The Skyline burns and the puns fly as Nick seeks an equitable Detente . A very cutting review .

BornIn1500 says:

$40 seems way overpriced for this. I don’t see why anyone would pick this over the Link for that price.

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