The Kizer Feist Reverse Tanto Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at a new revision of an interesting knife, the Kizer Knives Feist, here in the Reverse Tanto Configuration.


Toadstkr says:

I would like to see the exact knife with a back corner flipper

LoneRiderz says:

I still think front flippers are a dumb idea.

Hayden says:


Louis S.W says:

Please convince me not to overpay for this kizer

RamZar says:

The price of both Feist models have always been $168 not $145. My Reverse Tanto one has been without issues from day one in November 2018. Love these slim folders and the Reverse Tanto blade makes it more useful for most EDC tasks.

Tryambakam108 says:

I just don’t like front flippers. Regular flippers are my favorite. The PP never bothered me.

jeroengerritsen says:

Nick, have you seen the Böker Wasabi: a frontflipping slipjoint with a 3 inch -ish blade. Great fidget knife

mph seti says:

This version of the feist is near the top of my knife wishlist. Although, and this is just my pet peeve, I wish they’d stop calling this style of blade a ‘reverse tanto’. If it were really a reverse tanto, the tip would have to be sharpened on the wedge too, thus giving it two edges like a tanto has. IMO, this shape is a truncated warncliffe, or sheepsfoot.

iBurley says:

It’s funny that you mention how plain it looks as a negative for you, it’s the absolute number one thing that makes me want a Feist. I’d even still love the first version but with the pivot screws from this one (as opposed to the spinner rims on the original).

mus0u says:

i have the spear point / “modified drop point” feist, one of the new ones with the plain pivot. lockup on mine was very late, and i had to take the lockbar insert out and gingerly bend it out a bit to get it closer to 40%. now it’s almost perfect… but i wish i could get this reverse tanto blade shape. i’m actually thinking about trying to get one of these and see if i can blade swap with my old one.

keifer225948 says:

I should have let you keep the metamorph for review.. oh welll.. this one looks very compelling to me… i would love to check one out… thanks for sharing !!

pepito protacio says:

ounches 😀

Pacific Standard Time says:

This or the MBK EZC? I know the flipper configuration is different but the aesthetic and form factors are similar. I was going to wait for the restock of the Massdrop/Laconico Keen but I think it might be a bit large for my use-case.

Lari Vasara says:

Well you coud say that the first model had a

Imidiate regret

Scott Putman says:

You seemed a little more “feisty” in this review

Average Joe says:


Viva Piñata says:

Ay nickkk

shotgunbowen says:

I won this knife in the raffle, it’s weird watching this video. It suprised me how well made it is, I might buy another kizer down the road.

Brian F says:

The Best budget front flipper out is the Real Steel Metamorph for $60 . If you want to try a front flipper first , before breaking the bank , then Metamorphic is great , it has an aluminum handle and super smooth bearings.

jacob daus says:

Mine has some grit in the pivot that I cant seem to get rid of even after a disassembly maintenance

Andrew Romig says:

I just got a Real Steel G5 Metamorph Mk. II a couple weeks ago. It’s the first and only front flipper I’ve ever handled, so I have no idea where its action fits in the pantheon of front flipperdom, but it feels to me like the detent is too soft. The only way to get reliable thumb deployment is to position your thumb so it sweeps the flipper along as much of its travel as possible. On the plus side, the roller bearing pivot system really is as incredibly smooth as the hype suggests, so once you find the right technique, it works pretty well – it’s just very unforgiving. I intend to try a Boos Smoke when available before writing off front flippers entirely as a low-functionality gimmick, but the fact is my Metamorph requires an absurd amount of concentration for deployment, and when I’m just pulling out of my pocket to use it quickly, it’s proving to be substantially more trouble than it’s worth.

To clarify the old vs new model, the Mk. II (new model) differs from the original in that it has a deep carry pocket clip (shallow carry was a common complaint with the first model) that works very well and “texturing”. I put texturing in quotes because while the texturing is very visually apparent, the outer finish is still so ridiculously smooth that it barely has an effect on the handling. It’s a light duty knife, so I’m not too bothered, but if you had trouble with the Mk I being too slick, the Mk II will NOT satisfy you.

I give it a 7.5 out of 10. While its raison d’etre (front flipping) definitely falls short of my expectations and the body of the knife is smoother than I’m really comfortable with, the ergonomics are much better than you’d think and the blade’s design and grind is a legitimate slicing performer (something I always worry about with narrow blade profiles). Also, the Intense Blue version I purchased is drop-dead gorgeous.

It’s selfish as hell, but I’d like to see you review one just to know where you think it stacks up with other (hopefully better) front flippers.

Nerd says:

I like the design, a bigger version of the quiet carry iq.

OcOmega Shadow says:

Nice knife,

Enbysk says:

Another name for “reverse tanto wharncliff” would just be a seax blade. It’s a Viking/Norse blade shape.

Christian Williams says:

I really think that some sort of micarta or carbon fiber inlaying would help make this knife pop.

Will EDC says:

In the back of my mind I’m wondering if they cherry picked this one knowing you would disassembled it. Shrugs

MJC 777 says:

Thanks for yet another great review. I enjoy listening to your reviews so much, I listen to them about knives a will not buy because I am a lefty. This is another non lefty friendly blade which most, if not all Kizers seem to be. The only one I have is the Dukes because I liked it that much and it is a cheaper blade. Now it is a totally different animal, but the Spyderco Smock is an awesome front flipper and in the few days I have had it become one of my favorites. Keep up the great work. Your reviews are all gems!

RicedFg2 says:

Wish they would of released a version with blue anodizing to give the plain jane look some pop

pendulousphallus says:

Is he gonna make a bread joke? Is he gonna make a kaiser roll joke? Will he engage in some baker humour? Will he partake in a pastry pun?

David Sh331 says:

Does the handle drilling designate a NEW model? Or is it the plain pivot that’s the give away?

D C says:

Great looking knife- I think it’s just a bit hard now to justify another titanium frame lock flipper unless it really brings something special- being a front flipper I suppose this qualifies but I just feel like I have handled it many times before.

Louis S.W says:

Dear Nick Shabazz is this knife worth $225? Online distributors in Canada are charging $300 For this knife 🙁

Mitchell Delmar says:

Wait for it… “feisty.” You never disappoint, NS.

Karl Meyer says:

Just a heads up, all new productions of the original blade shape Feist now come with the plain pivot, so if you get one with the plain pivot you know you’re good to go machining wise. Absolutely love mine!

kerryrwac says:

Did you see the Feist prototypes on their IG ? Liner locks with micarta handles . They looked nice . I actually prefer the detent on the Smoke over that of the Busker .

Bruce McIntyre says:

I’d call that a modern lambsfoot profile. Like the old school Sheffield slippies… as always, well done, Nick.

valebliz says:

I own a 2nd gen regular blade and tbh I love It. Great action and fun to flick after a little training

OspreyBravo18 says:

G5 Metamorph?

Matt Chapdelaine says:

Price isn’t $145. BHQ is selling it for $169

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