The Leatherman KB Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to look at a very small, very thin pocketknife: The Leatherman KB.


Anthony P says:

Skeletool cx is hard to beat. That’s the blade to have as a single carry. Has a cf sliver and blade is from 154cm. Modified sheepsfoot super slicy

Le Lemon says:

I dissagree about the steel. This is made as a small, extremely cheap backup knife. Improving the steel would up the cost making it a less viable as a knife to throw wherever. 420HC is adequate here.

AR-MD says:


Kilroy 95 says:

Dude!! 2018!!

Brad Griffin says:

What? No pun?

Jurriaan Van Kampen says:

You should look into The James Brand

Bryan Stone says:

Dupliumab. Opinel #6

EDC elephant says:

Throw it in a first aid kit. So when you cut yourself one handed opening it… you’ll have a first aid kit…

keifer225948 says:

Holy crap Nick. Its aug 2018.. ha ha ha ha ha.

ItzWolffz says:

420HC is just fine, any steel is just fine if you don’t constantly use your knife. Will do fine for tape or the occasional box, if a knife with standard 420 can cut a few food boxes this will do just that too. It’s only meant to be a back up not a total edc.

Pinki2019 says:

The Buck Apex is probably a better choice for this sort of lightweight knife.

Chris K says:

Does the top corner of the blade scrape your hand when reaching into the pocket of your aren’t careful? I have the multi-tool version of this knife with slightly better blade steel (identical blade design) and I don’t carry it because it scrapes me how I mentioned.

Matt Ashe says:

While I disagree on the usefulness of the steel, good, solid review. I’ll always think the Dozier will be the best budget small edc knife this entry is kind of tempting. The denim version looks nice but it’s part serrated (of which I’m always a fan) but at this length kind of pointless. Good luck with the move to Cali.

Andy says:

What does anybody think about the gerber US1 knife…..420hc, USA made, at 17$!

subbystyle says:

Lol I thought this was an old video when you said 2017! Had to check my calendar to make sure we’re not in 2017 lol

dezent says:

Time machine?

Mohamed Shwesh says:




Dire says:

Why would you need a 13 month backlog instead of just posting more frequently? How many people are considering buying a knife but your review for it is still in the pipes

Jimmy B says:

Nick never releases a review before its time.

DontBotherNone says:

If Nick gets a 3.5 finger grip on it, that means it’s a 3 finger knife for the rest of us. 😛 Seriously though, I would like it if reviewers would start putting grip length in their reviews of smaller knifes as a standard, just so that the rest of us don’t have to guess our hand size vs the reviewers hand size. We can look up blade length, etc. but grip length is rarely if ever listed. Keep up the great work Nick 🙂

Jarrod Davis says:

Hmm. 2016 corrected to 2017…. get some rest man.

Carter Baugh says:

July 2017? Jesus Nick how large is your backlog. You should upload a few in one day to screw with people.

Bacon SlayerCM says:

So are you going to be calling 8cr13mov completely inadequate luke 420hc now? Cause as Cedric & Adas knife testing has shown leathermans 420 hc is better than 8cr13mov

OldPackMule says:

Ultralight backpacking gram counters will love it. 1.3 oz

Darren Chesterfield says:

Guys relax. Nick has Hermione’s time-turner and a USB. He had to do some stuff that doesn’t make sense to us, but we’re still all here so I think it’s OK.

Eric Holford says:

Please, please, please use a standard (91mm) Swiss Army Knife in comparisons! Every knife guy has at least 1 SAK though may not have any other specific model. This is especially true in Europe where locking knives, one hand openers and longer blades may be illegal. Please?

Brad Hutchison says:

I assume that this is literally the same blade used in the skeletool, which means they actually have tons of 154cm blades lying around the factory that they could just drop in there.

Heikki Pitkänen says:

Please, make a video where you open the knife with your left hand 😀 I’m lefty and it took some time and pivot screw tuning, but now I can flick the blade in my Skeletool open with my middle finger 🙂

Lindsay Flowers says:

Have you heard of a strict adherence to a carnivore diet as a way to prevent eczema?

Ben Galvin says:

Think I’ll wait ‘till they change it to 154cm

David Finkelstein says:

Hand “eczema” is often a form of psoriasis. Talk to your dermatologist as there are new meds that might benefit you greatly.

Xubair Hanif says:

No size comparison with standard us coin 😉

Grayson Varchetto says:

You’re backlog is quite impressive, you must be very proud

Steven Rassmussen says:

This knife could be a great test bed for new blade steels for Leatherman. I would love nothing more than to see Leatherman implement LC200N on their multi-tools. Maybe replace 154CM with LC200N, and replace S30V with something even better? Might be worth trying those steels out on this knife in order to minimize cost?

Stoney Lonsome says:

I never use the knife blade on my Leatherman- I only carry it for the tools, so something like this is not for me.

Cooper Evans says:

Is August 2018

Robert Tickle says:

Lots of better small knives out there for ~ $25.

tolga1cool says:

Wait what? On the skeletool (the actual tool) I have 154 CM?? Why didn’t they just reuse that steel/blade since it’s the same

CountSmackula says:

Interesting concept with mediocre execution.

Howard Sheppard says:

It does bother me that Leatherman insists on using lame steels with so many better options available.

Peter Spadotto says:

July 2017? We playing with physics again?

Mohamed Shwesh says:

leather man skeletor

Andy says:

If it was 154 the knife would be 40$ and nobody would wanna buy it!

ThisIsAPrettyLongUserNameWhyTheFuckWouldHeDoThatSoThatEveryoneWouldThumbsUpIt says:

Just buy a ka-bar Dozier and save $5

Scott G says:

It is simply the multitool without the tool.

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