The North Arm Knives Skaha Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at a completely unexpected gem, the North Arm Knives Skaha.

Here’s their YouTube Channel:


Jose S says:

HOLY! Do I dare pull the trigger on this?

Steven Wade says:

I’m glad I bought mine prior to this review. Great job, and I agree on this little gem.

Luis Gonzalez says:

Just purchased my first over $100 knife to start my collection, the Skaha Shabazz special (tan G10 handles with extra rattle). Thanks man.

Lil John says:

Hey nick ever considered a Benchmade 904?

Joshua Yu says:

Nick, my wallet hates you. I have one of these and a boos smoke in the mail

slidetek says:

I love the full flat grind, most knife makers are going nuts on recurves and compound grinds with giant flats and almost no cutting surface. Their kitchen knives look compelling too. We need more random jackasses building knives. BTW, I’m a southpaw but just carry right because that’s reality. Why switch when it will only be a fraction of the knives?

blitzbbffl says:

Thanks Nick. So many “tells” in your disassembly video informed me/us of the future “gem” status!

Patrick o says:

Actually wanted to see this knife reviewed too

Charles R says:

I’m curious to experience an action like this. I have a well-broken in ZT0452 and I don’t understand how this or the Norseman could top it.. once my thumb is off the lockbar, it drops shut without any further assistance.

toadstkr says:

Ugh the rocking detent is what drove me away from the spider monkey it’s a deal killer for me because that only gets worse with wear.

ciderandthorazine says:

tell you what though, the nick: if you live somewhere with 77% average humidity (afternoon) and quite near the coast like i do, any indentations, pits, cnc-lines, stonewashes… anything other than a >600grit satin polish on the blade, and your knife will self-destruct in about 6 months. verified with stonewashed s30v.

CSGraves says:

What’s the deal with Canucks and CNC knife excellence?
No blue handle scale option? Well, they might as well be on backorder then! (harrumph!)
(sigh) I guess I could go for ANOTHER black handled knife. I just ain’t ready for the Geiger-counter green or Ikea Paring-knife orange yet.

Michael J. says:

Random question: 26k subs enough to make a living off of, or do you have a day job?

Krackertoad says:

My skaha has held up to tonnes of hard use and is great shape still. Love this knife

Sir Galath says:

since when 150 dollars is “low end”?

Charles R says:

This would be a beautiful knife in carbon fiber!

Maximus Van Jaarsveld says:

Nick are you interested in buying a benchmade 915 or a trade? Also love your videos

Brian Taylor says:

Nice knife….. and glove. Cut yourself again and too shy to show off your Barbie bandage, eh Nick? 😛

Frank F says:

I ordered one with purple scales. They already sent me an email saying it would be done by August 11th. I really like the 3oz weight. Also the size is like 775″ , that is perfect. For the money it’s a good knife to carry and cut stuff with. I can’t believe that they’re using s35 steel between 59 and 60 R. A lot to like for 170 bucks. They do a bunch of cool videos. The ones you mentioned and also some cool sharpening stuff. They’re definitely a cool little company. Thanks to you and your buddy for sharing.

Monkeybusiness says:

“This brings me joy”….. I could tell you liked this knife by your vocal tone the entire review. You should just buy it off the original owner LOL.

Drew Drawers says:

BC resident here, gotta say that knife is just a beautiful as the lake it’s named after.

Stoney Lonsome says:

Man- this “action” fetish you have is a bit odd- let me explain. I literally have thirty and forty dollar knives that have the same fall shut action as this blade- and then I have really expensive (well, really expensive to me) blades that don’t. The thing is, I don’t think that makes them better blades in any way- in fact I don’t even think the action was worked on until it was perfect- I think it was just a happy accident. Which starts making me wonder if this is really a metric we should be judging knives by. If it can be achieved by accident fairly regularly with sub fifty dollar production knives that just roll off a line- doesn’t seem to mean that much. Am I looking at this the wrong way?

M.S.M. says:

Great review as always!
Graduated to only Ti-handled knives that provide better balance in hand; otherwise – sounds like a nice knife.

Lee Jordan says:

Just got a Rat 1 with the D2 steel and was wondering what your thoughts were about cold blueing the blade.

Old Guy says:

The red one caught my eye. I hope, like you said, that yours is not a fluke and that they are all like this.

Love Ontario says:

Great review Nick! Thanks

Joseph A says:

When is she not going to be a fiancé? And what knife are you wearing during the wedding?

Peter Cho says:

Live 40 min away from these guys. I’ll check them out!

zero 4U says:

like the very defined stamping on this knife and Grimsmo’s do the same.

Joe Palone says:

These guys are a dealer on Blade Forums. They seem like really great guys……very happy for them!!
Trying to decide on a color at the moment.

Peter Pavlovic says:

Classic lines… “Blade Length Monitor”, “Overpants”, “Tactical Maracas”

Peter Richards says:

Which one has the better action the Skaha or the zt 0452cf

DeSousausmc says:

Yeah knifenuts recently talked about blade rock and how it’s caused by a misdrilled detent hole. Wonder if they’re all like that

exoendo says:

that b.c. joke man….smh

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