The Quietcarry IQ Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at a shockingly good little flipper framelock, the Quietcarry IQ.


Mitchell Delmar says:

I know how VG-10 feels.

Samuel Burns says:

Legal in most places… Not Chicago 🙁

JS Krawz says:

The Spyderco Delica 4 in Stainless Steel is around $100 and I think that’s a bit over-priced… Quitecarry needs to quietly lower the price quickly… Would definitely buy one if it was around $120…

EDC elephant says:

It’s too expensive for VG-10. I like VG-10 better that you do, but not at $160

No GPS says:

Anyone know where this knife is made? I checked the website and Kickstarter page and can’t find any mention of it.

James Hewitt says:

How is the whole 916 thing treating you nick? Can we get an E.T.A. on the first california based videos?

Brandon Word says:

I preordered the all black IQ back in January. It was supposed to ship in May and kept getting pushed and pushed and I JUST got the email that it has shipped on 8/31/18.

Set says:

That’s one beautiful knife

Kenny Kumar says:

Nick, can you pick up the Tombow Airpress and do a review on it? It’s absolutely amazing. Smooth fine lines. It might just be better than the Fisher space pen. A bit larger, but has a rubber grip and click mechanism.

Bruce McIntyre says:

Wow. An all metal framelock flipper. Those are rare.

Andy Prozeller says:

Okay, but what are your thoughts now (12/20/18) that the knife is priced at $198.00?

Mike Karambit says:

Received my CF IQ in Elmax today and was/am blown away! A truly delightful little gentleman’s folder than can stand head and shoulders with the best. A great little knife that I would certainly consider, “A GEM”

Peter says:

This knife is artwork plain and simple

Sargis Karapetyan says:

i thought this was a portable charger because of those dots

Olibhia Kain says:

godddd this is so hot but vg-10 whyyyy
i love myself too much to use anything that isn’t the caliber of m390/s90v/etc.

XnMojo says:

i dont even carry a knife, but i want one of these. visual design 10/10

Mark Tudor says:

VG-10 gem @ $160? No thank you.

Jay c says:

That looks like a standard “CHINESE” lighter

Andrés Arregui says:

Chamfer fairy! We need you!

Ondal1 says:

Looks and sound like a pretty good deal, but also kinda showcases the issues with small manufactures, as you’ve noted – it’s sold out. It’s a rather dull looking knife being just grey, but I’m sure it’s great for the size and EDC usage.

Ryptahi says:

Just a quick heads up. I ordered this knife on black friday sale and they have changed the steel to Elmax, which is much better than vg-10 I suppose.

Ryan Lohrenz says:

Wait!! M390 and $180? Do you mean like the Benchmade mini grip g10?


I love it when he goes. i i i i.

Josh Younkin says:

I picked one up in dlc/carbon fiber handle with a satin blade. I like it a lot due to the small size. Great for when dressing in a suit or in a pair of shorts because of the compact size.

wordingreenville says:

They are making it in Elmax now for $182…thoughts?

Johny Ricco says:

Nick, can you explain something? At 3.48 the knife fails to fall shut all the way. I’ve seen this happen with my knives but I can find nothing wrong with it. There’s no obstruction and it’s totally flawless when I close it manually. Is this a detent issue?

Rafael Reig says:

It’s not Bazzam!
It’s Bazinga!!!
They are sold out unfortunately. I hope they make the next batch in S35VN

Ken Kelley says:

So Nick why do you have a “standard” US lighter?

BorkMacklin says:

The iQ has been updated to have Elmax steel!

Slick Slicers says:

Have you reviewed the QC West? I can’t find it if you did, but I’ve just ordered one for use in the U.K. I liked this one, but we’re not allowed knives that lock #nannystate it’s not arrived yet, but hopefully it’ll get here eventually!

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