The Real Steel H6 S1 Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

The Real Steel H6 S1 is a nicely done little EDC knife from a relatively new Chinese brand. It’s got some good, and some pretty serious ugly, and the price is just fine. So, if you love the look, go for it. But otherwise, it’s not worth going out of your way.


Lars Marten høk says:

i have seen 14c28n outperform vg-10

dfailsthemost says:

That’s a $35 knife tops imo. What about it justifies anything more than that? Aesthetics? Nope.

Mike Joseph says:

By the way as we all know Spyderco sells a few of their with Carbon fiber also and they cost alot more.

Stoney Lonsome says:

Also- Real steel made a VG10/Ti version of this knife that runs about 130-160 bucks- a little much for what you’re getting imo- should be about 100-125 I think- but there you have it. They also made a production version of Carson’s Boiling flipper- runs about 200 bucks. Thing is- about a year or more ago I was tempted to buy a boiling on the secondary market and I was going to get it for about 200 bucks as well- so… The reason I didn’t buy it was because the guy selling it also dealt in high end clones- and man these things were perfect copies, I couldn’t tell which was the real thing and which wasn’t so- left it alone.

Mátyás Türk says:

Real Steel is SanRenMu’s brand, and one of their main markets is Germany that’s why many have removable thumbstuds, and/or nailnick versions. They are also have a better value here in Europe, compared to US brands.
If I remember correctly, they have some sort of warranty information on a paper in the box, I’ll look it up (though I’m not suggesting there’s any kind of great warranty department, just that there might be something 😀 )
Also I just don’t understand why 14c28n get’s such a bad rep. I used it in many folders from Kershaw and Real Steel, and I love it. In my experience edge retention is somewhere between VG10 and N690Co. I definitely prefer it over D2, because of the better edge stability and much much better corrosion resistance.

Miguel Gonzalez says:

Knife is decent, just a lil to busy for me.

George Pruitt says:

the scale is probably G10 like their H6 Model with the liner lock!

MangaMiyn says:


mazzy19740 says:

Never heard anyone compare 8cr13mov with 14c28n before.??? very strange

USA Design says:

You should do a video where you put all of your tips into practice. For example, you could do a disassembly of one of your own knives where you polish the washers, chamfer sharp edges, fix a sharpening choil etc.

It seems like you suggest these, but we have never seen them in action.

Scott G says:

I fully agree about the RAT 1 in D2 and then some; better steel, lower to equal price, equal or better construction quality, optional colors, finishes and edges, optional scale materials, aftermarket, better pocket clip with 4 way carry, easier to disassemble, a genuine warranty, not commie produced for those who care. (Taiwan), ….

Dapdoi Ardon says:

Nick, you’re full of shit here. They do have a warranty. That’s a very good steel. 50 bucks is a good price.

Bruce McIntyre says:

I believe the accepted made-up word is “gription”, as in “increased griptious qualities”.

Charles Collier says:

I also like the look of the knife, but like you, I don’t quite see the value at the price point. In that price range I can get a Spyderco Byrd Raven with BD-1 steel, an Ontario Rat-1 with D2, or even a Cold Steel Large Voyager Clip Point with BD-1. What’s worse, I can get good quality, attractive, Chinese frame lock knives with the exact same steel for as much as $20 less (Ruike). Pretty knife. Not a good value to me.

Nick G says:

Would u say that real steal is better quality then a ganzo?

seversebastian says:

I’ve wathced a lot of your vids and a question always comes to my mind. Why do you cock your wrist and then flick that much when opening the knives? It’s pretty much an efortless action of the thumb and no one can doubt the smoothness of your knives. I mean to say that if you can flip a coin, you can flik a knife. Cheers!

Ant Wolfe says:


nlmaster98 says:

Real Steel is really popular in Germany

Ernie Pl says:

Good review Nick, but apparently I like 14C28N way more than you do. I think it’s definitely better than AUS8.

96wx3 says:

How about reviewing the Cutjack next?

Winchester Model70 says:

14C28N is a damn fine blade steel. Way better than 8Cr13MoV. Takes a sharper edge and hold it much longer. It’s also better than AUS8. Other than that, pretty good review. Real Steel seems to be doing things right and I hope they catch on here like they have in Germany.

Mountain Man Watch Reviews says:

Agreed about price. At $35 this would be perfect. $50 your competing with a lot. But it does look “sharp” if you will.

Mark Turnauckas says:

Thanks for yet another great review, Nick. Real Steel must be listening, they added a warranty page.

Mike Joseph says:

I think that these are great knives for the money. I have three of them and the action is great on all three. I rather spend $50 on Real Steel than $100 on We knives low end. By the way they make another 4 or 5 models of the H6 all in G-10. If you look at their online catalog you will see the contacts for service. I have had 1 issue with them and they were very good about it. I think these are priced better than Kizer”s Vanguard line and the steels are more or less similar, 1428 vs VG-10. These Chinese companies are not catching they already did. American companies are the ones that taught them how to make manufacture these knives. Either U.S. companies start to consider this a big threat to their business or they will go the same direction as American car companies.

Chingus696 says:

The manufacturer does say the bladesteel is made by Sandvik. I just got this knife (g10 and not cf) so I can’t say for sure but my Kershaw Skyline and Blur sport the same Sandvik steel and they hold a great edge for a long time. Being a Chinese manufacturer I’m not sure if everything they say on their website is true but I’m going to believe them on this. The thumb studs are missing their g10 rings (or maybe the cf version doesn’t have them.) Perhaps they were removed during sharpening and not reinstalled? Great review though, Nick! I’m subbed keep em coming.

The Dude says:

There is a version of this knife with G10

Mike Joseph says:

I have fallen for the H6 series. I have a H6 Blue Sheep, h6 plus and the H6 S1. I do admit that the S1 was not the most intelligent
Purchase but I am not sorry I bought it. The steel is easy to sharpen. To me they replaced my Rat series of knives. I usually carry one of them as my user and the other knife I carry is usually a Spyderco or a steel will. The steel is not bad and if someone wants To spend less and really They can get the Blue sheep ( liner lock ) or the H6 Plus ( frame lock ) there is just something about this knife that feels like quality. I’m not talking Spyderco or Steel Will ( Italian ). For some reason it feels better in the hand than the Rat one And I thinks it looks better too. Also I’m not sure if you have reviewed the Steel Wills or not but they are worth looking at. The Gekko series ( Italian ) and the Apostate ( Chinese ) Surprisingly well made. I always look forward to your reviews as well as Birdshot IV And Canadian Kevin Cleary. I dont usually buy a knife before I read your reviews. Very informing and accurate. I want to buy a Razel because you like it so but I just can’t wrap my head around it although I did buy the Bowie on your recommendation and am ver happy I did. Thanks again. Mike

doug bulldog says:

Gimme Ganzo 440C $15

Dapdoi Ardon says:

I have their megalodon 2017. Best folder for the price bar none.

Eric Shan says:

CedricAda’s cut test shows 14c28n is very similar to vg10, far better than aus8 or 8cr13mov.

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