The Rockstead Higo Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

The Rockstead Higo is an incredible piece of knife production, with a great polish, a stellar edge and a beautiful handle. Unfortunately, it’s also very slippery, very expensive, with a very ugly clip, and an even uglier warranty. So, this is a beautiful knife to fondle, but ultimately, it’s better in the safe than the pocket, and probably not the best choice for EDC.


MrRPM110 says:

With that edge grind (scandivex?) How would it ever be sharpened without ruining the DLC coating? Even at the factory they gotta take something off, right?

jon lipton says:

My 150 dollar Spyderco Manix 2 S110V G10 they didn’t even cheap out on. Not worth.

mark messore says:

I’ve long lusted their stunning blades but yeah, couldn’t agree more, the clip is rigodamndiculous…they do offer models with a stingray inlay around the pivot which I’d imagine would help with the slippatude. Those blades though…steelgasm!

Stephen barone says:

Kershaw is great with service. I live near the factory and have had service done on factory seconds with no questions.

Alex Tissot says:

I’m really happy you made this review… I’ve been looking at these for years and never saw a great video on one… great review nick! I really enjoyed this one.

Nicholas Wilson says:

$900 and RockStead aren’t even competent enough to add left hand carry to the left hand thumb stud? Not that anyone daft enough to buy this will actually carry it, people buy $900 knives so they can tell their friends they bought a $900 knife and never carry it because it’s a $900 knife.
Just on the curve of diminishing returns I’ll stick with my Maxamet Native as it’ll do everything this’ll do plus I can hold on to it with wet hands for £160 with tax & shipping.

Brandon Purcell says:

It’s about damn time you got to a Rockstead nick. Bravo

Kerry Johnston says:

You better start hanging with a better crowd Nick! Batman is following you around!

Andy Richardson says:

Good review. “it does cut things” is hysterical. Beautiful polish on the blade. When I want I want jewelry and something to fondle I prefer to buy jewelry for the wife. She uses it and I get something to fondle.


Knifecenter has it for 760. Anyways pretty but I would be angry with myself paying that kind of money for aluminum.

Iammightymeaty says:

I’d be terrified of tainting the perfection of that finish.

FlamQ Dbltap says:

Curious about the big smudges on the non-mirror polished section of the blade. Are those fingerprints that won’t come off? Did someone cut a lemon and not rinse it off? Thanks Batman

kerryrwac says:

Higo is a Nogo for me . The ones with Ray Skin inserts probably have better gripitude . Supposedly , Rocksteads are scary sharp from the factory , can you attest to that ?

Jniwx says:

Always been on the edge (hehe) for a Rockstead but the price and warranty are really holding me back. For 500 to 600 bucks I would be all over it, but if you want something fancy like ironwood or ZDP189 you’re well in the 1000$ and that’s just too much for what’s proposed here.

the central avenue gunslinger says:

Dang it when I seen rockstead I was like oh time for an accidental face reveal but no you have to be smart

Brian Taylor says:

Looks like a nice knife to leave on your desk and look at occasionally to make sure evil-doers don’t sneak up on you while you’re working.

shallmaneser says:

Nick, I have a question:
– Are you Batman?

Timepiece Perfection says:

Beautiful knife

Kevin Weaver says:

I would buy Two, did I say Two or even three Chris Reeves instead. A much better value. The Higo is a rip-off particularly when you point out the embarrassing warranty which is essentially “FU” and your whole fam damily.

Nerdism_EDC says:

Great review Nick/Batman!
The warranty bit isn’t completely correct. The folks at Rockstead do know how the knifemarkt works. Knives change owner and they do adjust their warranty to that reality. There is this myth that, after sending your knife in, Rockstead would consider a knife “stolen” if you where not the original registered owner and they would simple keep the knife. I own a Higo X with Ironwood scales that i bought from the secondary market and contacted them about the warranty. It was no problem sending it in to be sharpened/serviced,. I only needed to pay the shipping (which in insanly expensive! that’s why i held of that time). I have mine in my rotation and really enjoy using it.. so one day i’ll take them up on their offer and ill see if those myths are true.

Brian Taylor says:

Very pretty. But I’m with you – too pretty to use.

marrenmiller says:

Nah. Duralumin or not, it’s still an aluminum alloy, so it is still capable of experiencing fatigue failure if you open it enough (ie. Fidget with it). Plus, the strength of the material isn’t the real determinant factor in the frame lock’s strength because proper frame locks fail in buckling, which is dependent on the modulus of elasticity (which is 1/3 of steel for this alloy). I know nobody is going to use these things seriously or ever abuse them, but I wouldn’t trust it like a Ti or steel frame lock.

marlon chin says:

67 Rockwell??? That is prone to chipping like wow.

Mountain Man Watch Reviews says:

Cutlery lover just did a review of one of their neck knives which are about 400 bucks. Pretty blades but hard to justify the price.

Deny the Zeitgeist says:

There’s zero reason to buy that thing. Not $900 worth of pretty, still made in Japan, bad warranty, and aluminum? No way. That’s at most $200. Want a fancy wavy looking knife? Get a Brian Tighe and friends. Way too plain of a blade.

Rick Temmen says:

The description and warranty info made this sound more like an expensive Swiss watch lol

Batz says:

Looks like polished hematite or onyx. So beautiful.

stark Parker says:

How does it cut?

Jim Boutilier says:

Nick, the “made in japan” clip is an anti theft device – who wants to steal a $5 gas station knife 😉

Brogan Marcotte says:

Foiled again.

_ says:

Oh my god, the batman mask. I think that’s the first time I’ve laughed out loud at a knife review.

slidetek says:

LOL! Those _super hero costumes_ can be a bitch to keep dry-cleaning all the time, surprised you find the time. You hit on every gripe I’ve got on this – plus you need to wear your bat gloves all the time to keep it looking good and to use. As a lefty, it’s totally out. I LOL’d when I saw that clip. _Must be an inside joke._ Well, that’s the same warranty as Ferrum Forge, so… Still, $900 I’ll take a Thorburn, Grimsmo, Brown, Shiro, a JD van Deventer Gold and a heck of a dinner out…

azraelsblade says:

Nick is actually Bruce Wayne= Confirmed

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