The SOG Salute Mini Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

The SOG Salute Mini is an interesting knife, with about as many “Cons” as “Pros”. Although it’s surprisingly nice for a tool-company knife, sadly, I still can’t give this guy a full Salute.


cloudcleaver23 says:

SOG’s habit of sticking their name on everything in such obnoxious ways is one reason I’ve stopped buying from them. They had one model a while back where the handle *WAS* a giant “SOG.”

Ken Livingston says:

U must have really soft hands dude,Man up!

D C says:

I hope that gauntlet of yours didn’t render your hand quickly covered in oil.

Tim Chan says:

This was my second knife… was not impressed.

Jack Paris says:

I’m not a big fan of logos in the first place, but if SOG wants me to walk around with that billboard hanging on my pocket there’s gonna have to be some kinda sponsorship involved.

Nazgoroth says:

Never was a fan of SOG. I’m alright with branding on a knife, but there is a limit.

Stuart Sharpe says:

Please review the SOG Flash 2!!

olmmedic says:

I bought one when i took a trip and didnt bring a blade in my luggage. I also got a deal on the display model. It is my beater for car stuff or home repairs. I actually just used it twice this week. Had to scrape metal off a window frame to replace the glass. I also lent it my wife so she could do yard work ect. Afterwards i cleaned it all up. No damage ect. I did thin out the bevel on my wet stones. Made all the difference

alan4657 says:

I just picked this knife up today at their HQ for $18. So far, I am ok with it. Time will tell. Thanks for the review.. Btw I have had excezma since I was a baby. It sucks. But for me, wearing gloves makes it worse. All that trapped heat flair’s me up.

Ricky Romero says:

I have the exact same knife but I cannot open it one-handed like he does in the video my knife is very sticky in the beginning what should I do

ShoeBakka1 says:

I own the full size version of the salute in all black. The SOG name appears only on blade due to different pocket clip and scales. It’s really not a bad knife. At least the variation I own isn’t. I haven’t carried it in years.

Chris Elliott says:

im selling one of those

sniperhat1 says:

So,who makes the knife? Heh heh

cameron utt says:

Surprised you gave it as many good points as you did, I thought you were gonna tear it a new one for sure. I’m still not a big fan of SOG and I don’t think this changed my mind.

P.S. that clip is all sorts of terrible, all the people that complain about ZT’s branding need to look at that abomination and see that it could, most definitely, always be worse.

Thomas Landers says:

I’ve had bad eczema since I was a kid in the 60’s.. Weird but I never had it on my hands until the past few years.. I’ll scratch my hands so bad at night, I wake up with them bleeding..The 1% hydrocortisone cream (hate the ointment) and a good skin moisturizer usually does the trick but I’ve had to get prescription creams too..
Back to SOG.. Yep, they make a lot of crap..I have the Visionary 2 in VG10 with the arc lock.. It has a foolish slight recurve but no big deal.. It’s actually a decent knife..

Ulfric Stormcloak says:

Sal-you-tay, you say….

Strangely Brown says:

There is the foundations of a decent knife at a great price here. Love the movable thumb stud idea. Looking forward to the 2.0 version in a better steel with the short-comings fixed.

Grimm Swords & Knives says:

I like that knife’s drop point design, you always make good in depth reviews

Justin Puckett says:

Who makes this knife again?

Wpieter 24 says:

Nice video, MC Lil’ Bitch Hands. I will stay tuned for your next soundcloud album.

Sandor Andras says:

I always hear that backlocks can’t/ aren’t/ are difficult to make smooth. I get it and it’s true. At that price it’s hard. The only reason i commented on this video is because i would like to suggest trying out the Steel Will Gekko. Its a beast of a strong knife with a backlock that’s marvelous. (Mine at least) Plus it has a uncommon way to do the backlock. Thanks for the awesome videos l, keep them coming your doing good. Congratulations to your wedding!

slidetek says:

Yeah, Nick’s been moonlighting as a Urologist, and forgot about the glove until he started the video. I bought one of these years ago, gave it away years ago. There’s better blister pack knives that have come out in the last 5 years.

D BT says:

regarding the thumb stud, saying “i’ve not seen this before” … remember the recent hinderer slippy?

sam A says:

picked one up at walmart for $2. No I didn’t steal it.

J. Michael R. Reed says:

Nick – I wear black gloves when I have an eczema outbreak. I highly recommend, as they provide much speed and little drag.

Ken Livingston says:

Good review though,thanks Nick for the knife flick,get it?

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