The Spyderco Alcyone Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at a nicely made, Sal Glesser designed, more compact knife from Spyderco’s Chinese factories, the Alcyone.



Sorry, I would rather spend a few extra bucks and get a frn chaparral.

The4cp says:

Spyderco really needs to bring the budget value back. That’s basically a tenacious in a different color for $20 more

ItzWolffz says:

So it’s the Ambitious 2.0? Really could’ve just called the Alcyone and Polestar the Ambitious 2 and Tenacious 2.

Probably would’ve attracted more people who otherwise feel they’re just ripping themselves.

Vlka Fenryka78 says:

i know they arent always available but with as successful as they have been im sure massdrop will be doing runs of “gents” every few months or the kershaws in 390 for 15 more bucks and vastly better knives . i just dont understand spyderco anymore

MobiuSphere says:

Let’s be real on the price front, the Spyderco Spider is starting to look a lot like the Benchmade Butterfly. With the recent price hike everything in their lineup just seems a bit overpriced. The Spyderco tax is starting to become a real thing.

davidaxman says:

“Gription” @2:34 You truly are the Shakespeare of our times. Your inventiveness with the English language is awe inspiring!

Matt K says:

I know you picked this knife just so you could make that pun at the end. Two thumbs up.

Rodrigo Teresa says:

I know his tests aren’t the be all end all, but in Pete’s rope test BD1 kicked VG-10’s butt on edge retention. It was actually quite close to his result for Taiwanese D2 in the Rat series.

blitzbbffl says:

“If you like sharpening you’re going to love this steel” — Classic Nick line.

Outpost 76 says:

At the price I wouldn’t even consider this knife. Too many other choices in that price range or less.

Chris Walls says:

Should retail for $45 or less. Nick has reviewed many nice Chinese made knives for less.

John Bowen says:

Someone send this man a Tangram Sante Fe.

Ramon Picache says:

Best way to start my morning hahah

wallyshling says:

got a Polestar a couple weeks ago and am finally getting the chance to put it in the pocket this week. Spyderco has gotten a bit lax lately and the competition is fierce. The 2018 knife game is serious. Steel Will, QSP, ESEE ,NA, Kershaw and even Gerber have caught wind, the “butterfly tax” seems less one sided , while the “spyder tax” appears to have come full circle without much to gain. Its not enough to completely lose interest (like a certain sharpened spoon from the north) but it is enough to cause interest in how others play the field at the same time. Your reviews are about as honest and accurate as one can get and my collection reflects such . Thank you Mr Shabazz. -Ollie

Tony Canniffe says:

Meh. Spyderco has enough similar budget knives. I take a Rat model all day everyday over this. And I’m a big Spyderco fan. If I owned the company, I’d price this really low (like not making a profit low) to get people into the brand.

Jonathan Park says:

Wrote Alycone in the title instead of Alcyone lol

Iammightymeaty says:

I think it’s pretty ugly using a softer steel that you’ll need to sharpen more often without a sharpening choil. It’s going to be frustrating.

Stephen barone says:

Cedric’s test show bd1 having better retention than d2 and close to 154cm. It’s good stuff.

Julio Amaya says:

Great video. Could you do a review on the zt 0462cf?

William Brewer says:

I was looking forward to another shabazz video, but then I got an ad from PragerU douchebags. Ruined the mood.

Chuck Gilley says:

The detent on my example is really strong.

Jordan Madden says:

Could you re review the Chris Reeve small Sebenza because going back to the old video it felt like I was watching a totally different nick. Also would love to know if your preferences have changed regarding the small Sebenza?

paul greenwood says:

I no longer buy knives from the Big Two (Spyderco/Benchmade) because their prices are becoming absurd. My last new purchase was the Shaman before the price hike and it will be the last. I’m now purchasing from internet groups/forums etc and only from long-term trusted members who include the original box, papers, description, photographs and often-times receipt too, so I know I’m getting the real deal. I’m buying near ‘mint in box’ knives for two thirds of retail and sometimes a bit less if I haggle. Small wonder that regularly excellent Chinese knives are eclipsing the quality and value of the ‘must-have’ Made-In-America products.

Allen Lark says:


Ultimate Pixel says:

I like the G10, but other than that it’s not really appealing.

Joshua Burkhead says:

A lot of guys would love a tenacious with s35vn. One with bd1 is very meh. This whole line of knives does absolutely nothing for me at the prices they’re asking.

Dillion W says:

None of Spydero’s knives are pocket efficient.

beau poopoo says:

The scales are motley!

Iammightymeaty says:

Meh, looks like a faded drop cloth instead of handle scales.

zero 4U says:

And the great thing is is that the Glesser’s are watching this!! So the verdict is out Sal and Eric!! Look at all the comments. Your knives are getting ridiculously overpriced. This is a prime example. I have been saying this for 2 years now. I have a lot of your knives too, but I have not purchased your knives since I began saying this. So 2 yrs I have been purchasing knives from other brands that have way better value.

Chris Thompson says:

Um. Yeah. Spend a few more bucks and get a Delica.

Le Lemon says:

Ill always have special feelings for chinese Spydercos because my first “good” pocket knife was a semi serrated tenacious i bought on vacation in Spain 🙂

lrac rellim says:

That’s why I look here first, Thanks

Jannie Janse says:

No thanks. The Polestar is one of the most unnecessary knives ever made, in my opinion.

It costs 20 bucks more than a Tenacious and the only advantage you get is a slight increase in steel quality. Meanwhile, the Byrd Raven 2 also has BD1 steel, the added bonus of a finger choil, and costs the same as a Tenacious.

Also, Nick, I don’t necessarily agree with you that you pay for design. You pay for materials, construction and fit & finish. There are a lot of really expensive knives with great designs, but there are also a ton of budget knives with great designs. Design is too subjective a thing to rate in dollars signs.

As for Spyderco… Yep, it’s been years since I’ve seen anything from them that I consider value for money. I bought the Shaman, because I consider it to be Sal’s masterpiece, but I think I’m done with Spyderco.

brand0nline says:

speaking of official chinese spydercos
step on over to the byrd line
this design lives in a couple of those models, noteably the raven 2 and crow2

7hink1 says:

The part of this knife I like least is the clip/ lanyard hole area. Does anyone even use lanyards? Do I have to suffer because of that? Life is hard.

Andy Richardson says:

At $40 this would be a great knife. At $62 I can’t see any reason to not spend $25 more and get the Chaparral. Better steel, Taichung vs. China, better clip, better in the pocket. Matter of opinion of FRN of this G10 are better. Agree there are many other good Chinese knives that costs less. I’m sure Spyderco thought using U.S. steel was a good idea. No doubt that costs them more money, as does getting higher level fit and finish.

FlamQ Dbltap says:

al-ashy-uh-nee. Third largest star in the constellation Taurus. I would have pronounced it just like you did Nick.

Ondal1 says:

Could you try doing a poll or the like about: Who actually uses lanyards in folding knives? My guess is nearly no one, and those that do just do it, because that’s the way they’ve always done it.

DontBotherNone says:

I’m interested in this knife, so I’m just going to wait until it’s discontinued to get it at a reasonable price. $60 is dragonfly price, that’s too high for what’s there to me.

Wayne Wolfe says:

Thank you Nick, about time someone concedes that $60 isn’t in the budget price arena.

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