The Spyderco Amalgam Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at a big knife, with a great blade, and a pretty unique style, the Spyderco and Brain Lai Amalgam.


Castle Incorporated says:

really do like the look of this one..

TruckGuyHD92 says:

I am anticipating the drop on this knife. I hope they fix the detent on it if not o well. Hey nick are ever going to review the 5 bladed case knife.

Tim Gannon says:

I want one. I like big knives, even though I am not supposed to be carrying them where I live. I am not always here in the city, and when I head out of this city, I can and do carry a bigger knife. Pretty classy looking edition from Spyderco. The detent is standard Spyderco. My PM2 and Manix 2 and even my Para 3 all can be shaken out. Unless you get one of their back locks like a Delica, you can pretty much count on the detent being weak. I really would like to see them correct that, but I won’t hold my breath..look how long we have been asking for a sharpening choil, to no avail. Spyderco is going to do what Spyderco does, and I guess they feel they sell enough of them that they don’t really give a shit what we would “like” to see.

Pg R says:

It looks like the relence

Randy F. says:

Waiting for the Smock!

Matt Baker says:

Like it. Rather just be g10 and 150$

らす says:

Some of your puns are so bad, haha! Great review as always 😉 <3

Matt Baker says:

First time I’ve heard the shake test law.. Where is that at?? Weird law if yah ask me

Chris Marcojos says:

Nah, i just dont dig the look. It looks ugly to me. Not for me

David McLaren says:

Overall shape resembles the kizer vanguard dukes.

Howard Sheppard says:

This knife is the Bigfoot of Spyderco. Everyone has heard of it yet nobody can find it. Yes. I’m impatient.

Mad Man says:

This one interests me, appreciate the review. I’m hanging out for the Kappara, please get one of those on the channel asap, you’ll love it Nick, I’ve handled a few of Alistair Phillips customs & it is a truly awesome design. Thanks

Chris Mccarthy says:

Does anybody know when it comes out? I have been on the pre-order with Blade HQ for quite a while now.

Chris Lacosse says:

I smell flipper tab delete mod!

hovan2yourknives says:

Yes….Thaichung needs some detent coaching from the boys in Golden. The Sage 5 also suffers from the same issue and has plenty of ‘detent slop’ to boot.

Dobrin Sabew says:

That ping it makes when it closes gives me the same feels a Zippo lighter’s opening sound. I love it.

N weezy says:

Come on Nick weak detent is 100% ugly. This is nothing new with spyderco that they have yet to address. It’s not clear they are working on it. Gotta call a spade a spade. Spyderco “CQI” ? Lol

FlamQ Dbltap says:

A very unobtrusive pecker. But has serious Norseman bounce. Really weak detent is unacceptable. Thanks for reviewing it Nick.

Nut Goblin says:

This is $175 for 3.8 inches of s30v, and the Brouwer is the same price but over an inch less s30v steel… brouwer should be $50 cheaper

Nicholas Coulter says:

How does the amalgum compare to the PM2? Might get this over a PM2

Paul-Antoine MUGUET-ROBBA says:

Nice review and all but I’am surprise by your take on this one Nick, it is after all a freaking huge knife, you once compared the PM2 to a montain 😉

Josh W says:

So you’re telling me someone at Spyderco needs to be sent to detention?


I luh uh uh uh uhved the video

Thomas says:

If Hinderer ever collaborated with Spyderco, I’d expect the results to look a lot like this. I’m not a fan of a lot of Spyderco knives, but I definitely want to check this out and see if the ergos are better than their other offerings.

Bruce McIntyre says:

If I showed a folding knife that size to my fully sarcastic and skeptical daughter, she’d say, “Dad, that is so ULTRA.”

Dylan Lambert says:

That’s really nice, defenitly getting one.

Daniel Baxter says:

It would be nice to see a little smaller blade and maybe m390. I would be all over that. Still I think it’s a nice piece from Spyderco

Old Ben says:

Blade shape reminds me of a hinderer you just reviewed. With a different grind.

2001Bobcat says:

Mini amalgam?

Moshe Rogoff says:

I assume you are not including the compression lock knives out of Golden? Meaning the PM2 and PM3?

Ben kelsey says:

Hey Nick! I was curious if you were planning to look at the Spyderco Tropen at some point? I know it isn’t your normal style, but with all the controversy regarding the exposed edge and stuff, I would love to hear your thoughts on the knife as a whole.

E Creacher says:

I’m so happy to get a good look at this great blade. Want this thing soo bad. Usually can only afford 1 maybe 2 knives a year so this is in the running!

ApexEDC 88 says:

Dang… You flipped this knife like 100 times in this video… It must be awesome!!

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