The Spyderco Caribbean Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at a new pocketknife from Spyderco’s “Salt” series that’s both very, very rust-resistant, and very, very good, the Spyderco Caribbean in LC200N steel.


TheMawsJawz TM says:

Holy hell I want a spydiechef.

FlamQ Dbltap says:

Take that knife into tropical waters and you’d be lucky if a barracuda didn’t try to snatch it out of your hand, which could be very dangerous. People in the tropics who clean barnacles and such off of boat hulls never use tools that are reflective or colorful if they are smart. Not as easy to see if you drop, but flat black on flat black would be better.

rocky balboa says:

I wish I could afford this knife to get it for my dad for xmas. He loves the Salt Series for some reason, and this would be the crown jewel of his (small) collection.

Dylan Albrecht says:

Hopefully they make a mini version of this knife.

Leon says:

There will be a Native5 with FRN and LC200N coming soon! I’m waiting for that one

Eric Schon says:

The wasp country club comment had me rolling on the floor.

Pinki2019 says:

Maybe I have bad taste, but I think the bumble bee look is cool!

Benjamin Poirier says:

Nick, I think you could do stand up comedy.

Travis W Rigg says:

The Spyderco Bering Sea needs to be a flipper on bearings. Now there’s a design challenge. Fully rust resistant flipper knife. Who will pull it off first? The Hawks or the Glessers?

HammerHill says:

Re: the color – I recall a post from Sal on the forums where he & Eric did dive tests with color samples and found that basically everything but electric yellow lost its hue and saturation after just a few meters down

Robert Douglas says:

Im just an old kid, 60. never had a bad spyderco.

Matthew Forrest says:

Frame lock makes more sense for a water knife. It will wash away the lubrication. The Caribbean and its compression lock will be harder to close one handed than a frame lock if the washers have silt or are just unlubricated, depending on pivot tightness as well of course.

cidi349 says:

What are the screws made of? Could they rust?

bigpoppa578 says:

Nice review as usual. But how can you say it’s the best salt knife if you haven’t tested it in the water?

The Avid Picker says:

I have one of these Caribbean sheepfoot blade and I am in love with it and especially the LC200N bladesteel and liners. I love the blade shape even though it is larger than I usually go for. I am going to use it as a pack knife when I am backpacking the very humid and hot Tennessee trails. I’m very happy with it and I highly recommend this knife.

Castle Incorporated says:

First Spyderco I “had to have”. grind goes all the way to the bolster w/ no choil!

brand0nline says:

a thing that is a thing, so some type of thingy-thing

TheStig ZeroZeroZero says:

I think the bright scales make sense. What if you drop it in the water? Will be easy to find if you need to dive in and pick it up.

Jonathan Metts says:

I mean, I’m in the Navy so this kinda works for me. I really need something with some serrations but i think this will be my everyday carry

Clay Earnest says:

We need a drunk live with the nick…just sayin. Grab your drink of choice and lets critique some zombie hunter

toxic flipper says:

I really really want one of these. I’ve wanted one since they announced it. but I hate the scales!! I don’t like them at all. I want to get one and just replace the scales on it. great video nick

Shadow Predator says:

Great knife, but disgusting G10 colour

Steven Thrash says:

Waiting on the native salt!

Louis Meluso says:

As you say, it’s job specific: sea worthy. On the water, the size is an advantage and the pocketability is less of an issue. A great looking fishing knife.

Mark Tudor says:

Besides the price (this is actually a $125 knife) I would change the black patch shape to mimic an octopus eye shape, heat anodize the clip bright blue and call it a gem.

House of Jello Productions says:

Nick, when will she see a review of that GEC Oregon Trapper you grabbed? (Yes I was stalking your Instagram)

shallmaneser says:

are the screws rust proof?

Matt K says:

What are the screws made of?

FlamQ Dbltap says:

Spyderco: Please make a mini Caribbean. 2.95 in.

N001 says:

Reminds of the doppler effect

secretseventyseven says:

Nick the larger size helps to cut bait. Here in the Northeast and other areas it’s common to cut up Bunker Fish when fishing for Striper. I have the old Spyderco Salt with serrations for bait… and I have a plain edge Salt for cutting monofilament, braided, and other super fishing lines. The old Salt would dull rather quickly but it’s very easy to sharpen.
Thanks for the great review. I forgot to add… IMO it’s the best folding fishing knife on the market and the bright colors help you find your knife among all your other fishing gear particularly when fishing late at night or early in the morning.

TheStig ZeroZeroZero says:

What’s the big difference with this new alloy? Better cutting performance?

Rafael Reig says:

Aquatic Jackass here! I love the sheepsfoot blade, I can’t deal with the bumblebee scales though. Plain yellow or Orange FRN like in the new M4 sprint run of the Delica family will be great

Scot S says:

Where’s a good and easy place to sell knives???? I have a few I need to offload

Nils Berg says:

Does anyone know what the screws are made from? Are they going to be 100% rust proof as well?

Trevor Fulks says:

Hope to see an Enuff in LC200N; it’s my perfect dive knife

OcOmega Shadow says:

Really nice knife!

Alex Miller says:

The handle looks unfinished, I just can’t stop looking at that black patch in the middle thinking they could’ve put a spydielogo or something else there instead of rushing it and just carving out some random bee pattern.

TheJagermeister917 says:

Did Nick have a couple Red Bull’s before filming this. His pace seemed like fast forwarded!

Advice from pickle says:

Absolutely love everything about this knife, from the size, the shape, the materials, now if it would just come in black or brown G10 instead of that yellow, it would be so epic!!

guerillamike5150 says:

I’m not sure why Spyderco’s rust resistant knives are only marketed to sailors and divers. I live in Buffalo where there is a minimal amount of salt water but in the winter the whole city looks like a mall pretzel. I’ve lost a lot of metal tools and knives to the “Buffalo patina” and would love to know how these would do here. Also, instead of “pirate’s gold yellow”, try a nice “chicken wing orange”

Tom Faranda says:

How many times did u need to repeat this is a great salty knife ? Could have done this review in half the time

magic says:

This knife is for the bees; badumtss. Good solid knife but does it come with its own bee colony too? *bad jokes intensify*

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