The Spyderco Endura Pocketknife: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

The Endura is a huge Delica. The Delica is a shining gem. Thus, the Endura is a huge, shining gem.


ogenmatic says:

Not built for heavy use? But…ZOMBIES!
(I make apocalypse jokes like there’s no tomorrow)

Aidan O'Callaghan says:

“Laterallity” is not the word you were looking for when you were talking about the symmetry of the knife; the word would be “chirality”, to indicate that it does not have the property of “handedness” as in left or right. Just thought you’d like to know!!

kerryrwac says:

Well I didn’t have to Endura many puns this time , i think i’ve been short changed .

Knifewizz says:

The tip on my Endura broke a month after I got it. Also, vertical play in the blade. IMO, these knives suck. Now it lives it’s life doing yardwork.

Stuart Harvey says:

Surprisingly, for a big folder, the ergonomics on the “Endura” are terrible for those of us with extra large hands!

Thomas Landers says:

You left out some good with a back lock.. No worries about a weak detent due to the strong spring..
I read or heard 100 times that the Endura is great for XL hands.. I have at least XL hands and it’s uncomfortable.. The finger points (grooves) on the handle are in all the wrong places for my hand..The forward finger point digs into my middle finger.. I have to hold the knife too far back (unwieldy)) or too far forward (unnatural) to be comfortable..For some reason, the Delica doesn’t bother me so much.. The handle is just large enough (barely) and it works..
Many come off center, lock bar not flush, bad edges/grinds.. But, if you get a good one, they are great knives..

markalexander774 says:

This is the first review I’ve watched where I had the knife in my hand while watching it.
I agree 100% about the black clip, it looks way out of place on my gray one as well, maybe if the handle was the same black as the clip, it wouldn’t be bad, but other than that, there is no reason it shouldn’t be silver.
Mine has no hot spots on the interior at all, it’s actually kind of smooth, I wonder if there is just a variance to them.

Mike Cecconi says:

I went into these comments waiting for mall-ninjas and rednecks trying to argue “NUH-UH, TACTICAL SITUATIONS ARE EVERYWHERE, BRUH! MUSLIMS AND ROBBERS AND STUFF! I LONG FOR AN EXCUSE FOR VIOLENCE AGAINST OTHER HUMAN BEINGS!” and I was sadly not disappointed.

M.S.M. says:

Spyderco’s Endura sales just spiked significantly… Excellent job as usual!

Sea Salt says:

mines coming in the mail tomorrow, same color and all lol

Matthew Gray says:

Can you sharpen knives on camera? please

CVN71 OU812 says:

I love the flickcosity of the smaller knives too much. I think the Tenacious a try.

Jay c says:

I like the painted clip, as i usually wear black pants.i have a fully murdered out p3.and it is virtually invisible even without the deep carry clip(wich is on the way).im a newb and i got the delica first then the p3,and you explained it perfectly the delica/endura are more of a sporty knife..the p3 is waay more of a serious peice of machinery

Moshe Pippik says:

I use my endura as a letter opener. Much better than the delica

Black Hills says:

I have the Endura 4 in ZDP 189 with a custom deep pocket clip and it’s a gem

Nazgoroth says:

Some of my colleagues already panic when I open my dragonfly2 to open a box… This would likely flat out get me fired.

G. Graham says:

Now that the warranty has changed, do you think they will change the interior design to facilitate easier disassembly?

Dennis Johnson says:

favorite edc blade. just wonderful.

Adam Woody says:

Love lock back knives but the main turn off for me carrying it in my pocket i get lent build up where it locks up. Its a pain to clean out the lent all the time to get it to lock. Other than that both the endure and delica are some of my favorite knives. They need a collaboration on the benchmade axis lock on these knives or put the compression lock on it somehow and it will be the perfect edc knife in my opinion. Oh and have s30v or 154cm steel but that would up the cost 🙁

Where's my damned keys says:

Loved my Endura. Yes the larger copy of the very old ATS-55 Delica which resides in my pocket at the moment. However, having made the fatal error of having it in ZDP-189 one day decided, rather than the arduous (for me) task of getting the blade just so, to send it off to Spyderco for their sharpening service. I Just got a call that they examined the knife and unfortunately they felt the locking mechanism wasn’t up to their safety standards. Since they no longer offer the model in zdp-189 with a combination edge they offered me either a replacement under warranty with a plain edge in that metal, or the equivalent credit of the MSRP. Not yet sure what direction I want to go with this . I’m going to miss that knife but at least glad they are addressing it under warranty. The problem as always is that in such a situation the question is to spend a few more bucks and get something different. At this point I may look at a different selection of Endura with a steel I and my bench stones from granddad (well, that and a few ceramics from spyderco) might get along better with. Then again, I’ve had my eye on the Opus lately. I don’t happen to see a review for the Opus yet. I welcome any thoughts. Oh, by-the-way I never had any problem with flickatude.

mountainhobo says:

I own a Delica and an Endura. I have large hands and long fingers. I much prefer Delica. In fact, I don’t think I have carried Endura once in the last few years. Here are the reasons: (1) I find Delica ergonomics better including opening and closing. (2) Endura is big. It is really big and takes a lot of room to carry. (3) Delica is a better slicer and easier to manipulate when using it. (4) I just can’t find a task for Endura that wouldn’t be better served with a fixed blade knife if I really need something of that size.

cesare mantovani says:

I like the knife, i like the dimension and the locking mechanism but i absolutung don’t like this blue and Black color combinatiin….it remember the f#@#¥* clours of the seconds soccer team of Milano.

Stoney Lonsome says:

I hear people say that a lot, that fiberglass or G10 is nothing you want to be breathing in- and man are they right. I didn’t know it was bad stuff and I’ve been working with it for years (mostly fiberglass- the kind you make tubs and sinks from)- and now I’m paying the price. I’ve worked G10 for about the last five years or so making fixed blades- as well as micarta which also isn’t great for your lungs. Even a lot of the exotic woods I use are toxic to your lungs- black walnut especially. I have copd at 45 years old, I wake up coughing up horrible stuff and have respiratory issues constantly. I stopped smoking because of it about a year ago- yeah, I smoked for almost twenty five years on top of breathing all this junk in. I will be tremendously lucky if I don’t end up with lung cancer or something like that. I use a breathing apparatus now- and it’s not one of these paper masks either- don’t waste your time with those. They are better than nothing but, that’s about all they beat. You want a full face breather with the charcoal canisters on it- it’s not cheap but well worth it. If I could go back I would give anything to have started out wearing one.

TheKillerKlok says:

I always wanted spyderco to adapt the Finger choil on this knife like the byrd…

Angus Van Halen says:

I’ve had a Delica for a couple yrs & an Endura I guess about a year, & never carry either one, mainly because of ergos (I have big hands) which, to me, are horrible. & the back lock, not at all a fan. & they just feel…really cheap, imho

Jameson Cross says:

This is a great knife if you are wearing gloves or you have big hands. It also can be a better defensive knives than the delica. That being said, I wish they would make one , size wise, in between the delica and the endura. I carry the salt series of these 2 knives and I like them a lot. I don’t worry about getting them wet and rusting for everyday carry.

olmmedic says:

Nicky, the world is filled with tactical pretenses due to sone crazy radical idiots. Unfortunately its a fact that you may need a force multiplier to save you or your families life. The fact is, ya never know. Its the ugly truth and yes its ugly but i wouldent say the words “ you never going to need” or “ not going to happen”. Cause it could happen. I still love ya Nick. I love how peaceful you seem to be but i guess i have seen to much in my life. I have seen what can randomly happen. Thats what happens when ya work as a medic for the fire department and police department as i have. Probably also cause i have kids. I am crazy over protective. I am a super nice and peaceful guy, yet super realistic. The words wont or never are not realistic. Anyways. Good vid as usual. Keep it up broham

Wishkah_outdoors says:

I liked mine in the kitchen but that’s about it if it had a forward half choil it would be much better.

knifebitten says:

I absolutely love Spyderco, and Endura model, but I just hate the way they engendered that blade ending, where blade meets the ricasso, that unsharpenable little curvature is almost unbearable to me, and it is on majority of their models, no matter how I look at the knife my eyes always focus on that ugly, ugly thing, I don’t think that sharpening choil would be nice to look at, but it must be a way to make it sharpenable symmetrical to the end…

Stutterin` Bob says:

Wow! Nice new model!!! Oh wait, I typed this comment a year ago

VicariousReality7 says:

Broke two of those locks

Kyle Miller says:

Does an Endura really need oil in the pivot?

James Riley Strong says:

my first spydie

Scott Cameron says:

I liked the older generations of delica/endura, just never connected with the current generation. They don’t have any personality, or “it” factor, for me, for some reason.

Alexander Aronson says:

Nick! I nearly replaced my trusty Boker UrbanTrapper with one of these but couldn’t make myself like the “sporting goods” look, as you rightly call the aesthetic of this knife. Thoughts about an updated Urban Trapper review?

JoshSethG says:

This review is making me worry that the Z-Hunter may–just may!!–not be the best EDC knife, anymore. Need. to. process.

Rodrigo Teresa says:

This costs $100 CDN. I bought it before I knew too much about knives, loved it, and still love it, but I think I’d have bought something else with that money if that were me today.

blitzbbffl says:

Another addition for the Shabazz Thesaurus: Laterality

TheMawsJawz TM says:

I’ve watched a man cut down a 2inch diameter tree with only an Endura. I would confidently take a baby blue/orange/pink etc. Endura into combat any day.

Fiesty Taquito says:

I have a green vg10 endurs that drops to my finger when I pop the lock, and I can spydie flick it. When I first got it in my pocket, I was in love with then light-a-tude and how well it carries, I am a bigger handed guy so I like the endura a lot, but I haven’t gotten a delica in hand yet.

Nicholas Foster says:

Grabbed my endura to check out the lanyard hole, I had no idea it was there.

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